WordPress Censorship Tactics

I’ve been noticing some disturbing things happening on my blog here at WordPress, and am beginning to think they are deliberate tactics being used to suppress the truth! First, and most irritatingly, the “tags” we can add to our posts are timed, and when a blog post is rather innocuous, or not altogether against the “party line”, I can type many of them before the time runs out. BUT, and this is where it gets frustrating, when the post goes completely against the “party line”, like the one about Dr. Hoffe’s interview just posted, I have not even enough time to type one small tag! Hmmmm!?!?

Now I’ve seen another tactic being used to interfere with readership, and that is, even though I have made several postings in the last time frame of a month, the “manage” section of the newsfeed claims I have not posted anything since a month ago! Which has the effect of causing readers not to open my blog… or other blogs with similar claims made against them…

Has anyone else on WordPress been noticing these censorship tactics? If so, please comment. And if you appreciate my humble blog, please ignore the wordpress(titute) claims, and open anyways!

I thank you in advance.

(P.S. I was allowed 3 tags for this one!)