Are the ”Vaccines” Working? That Depends on Which Side You’re on, Doesn’t it?

From came this report by XandrewX on Bitchute: Please watch it, and if you haven’t got that poison jab yet, this information could save your life. And as I always mentioned to my kids; “Yes, it CAN happen to you. Unless you make different choices…”

Just notice: in one place, the paramedic uniforms have that demonic occult so-called ”star of david” on their backs…!

And the MP in Finland must be applauded for his courageous stand in parliament, speaking truth that could get him punished. We all need to spread the facts against all the lies the others are spewing!

Our own AHS (Alberta HELL Services) has recently stuffed every mailbox with a large brochure promoting the joo jab, filled with lies and coercive manipulations to get more people to knuckle under and get ”shot”!

Resistance is MANDATORY, folks. You can never undo it if you did it. But you CAN say NO!!