Three (3) and Counting… Arrested Alberta Pastors, That Is…

There’s been yet another Alberta pastor arrested (and quickly released, apparently) for holding church services in the face of persecution and unlawful AHS “rules”. This incident happened just last Sunday, May 16, 2021. Follow the link, Rebel News is covering all these cases, praise God someone is on top of it!

I give the credit to Rainbow Warrior of DidYouKnow for alerting me to this one.

Canadian communism may have a different face than Asian or European communism; but it’s still the same evil beast! And make no mistake, religious persecution for the sake of eradicating Christianity, is the main goal.

Another Alberta Pastor Arrested for Peacefully Holding a Worship Service… (May8/21)

Trying to keep up with current events can be a bit daunting these days, as so much happens in so short a time… But I do want to post what I can find concerning the two Alberta pastors who have been arrested like criminals, for what? Obeying God! This one is the moment Artur Pawlowski was arrested in Calgary, Alberta, China (oops, I mean, Canada!) But really, what’s the difference anymore!??

God promises to separate the sheep from the goats before he returns, and I can see that’s what is beginning to happen. Those who aren’t willing (or fear) to suffer for Jesus will cave in and deny him to avoid it; while those who are willing to suffer for him will stand and be counted…arrested like a common criminal in this case. We absolutely need to know which camp we’re in…but it’s usually in the fire where we learn that knowledge…

Irish Man Who Filmed Garda (Police) Disrupting Mass Arrested at 3:30am., and his Children Abducted.

Religious persecution is rearing its ugly head all over the world due to the “covid pLandemic”, and here is a sad story from Ireland. I agree with the writer; as many as possible should bombard the emails of the concerned entities… I did. I hope folks around the world will step up to the plate and stand up for this poor man who was only trying to expose the evils of covid restrictions.

“Coronaville” Intensifies…

“Coronaville” Intensifies…

We made another foray into “Coronaville” late last week, which turned out to be a little more intense than previous trips. 

Apparently, we here in Alberta have been “rolled back” to “Step 1” of the province’s “reopening” strategy. That means, among other things, that masks are again mandatory in all indoor spaces. I don’t believe they have any intention of reopening, only that these insane measures are being used to get more people primed for, and desiring to receive, the kill shot, aka “vaccine”! However that may be, employees in some places were more vigorous in policing the masking…

First, however, it needs to be said that most places we had to go were still willing to allow us in, and we even had opportunities to enlighten a few folks who were open to hearing some truth. One cashier, poor woman, was “scared to death”, she said, and eagerly welcomed the information I had on the dangers of the so-called ‘vaccine’. I tried to encourage her into trusting in God only, and being willing to say “No”, as well. Others had new thoughts inserted into their thinking, and perhaps they will be able to change their minds about things like masking their children. We can always hope…

First intensified encounter: Canadian Tire. Immediately upon entering, someone demanded if we had masks. My best half saw the bottle of hand sanitizer in her hand, and thought she was asking if we wanted that, so answered, “We have our own.” And we walked in.

In the automotive aisle we were chased down by a very indignant woman who accosted us with a stern, “Excuse me sir!” from behind. My heart nearly stopped. 

“Why aren’t you wearing your masks?!” (Notice how they always say ‘your’ this or that? All this garbage is really ‘theirs’, NOT yours.)

“We’re exempt,” replied my best half. 

“Well, if you’re exempt, you need to tell people, instead of just refusing to wear one!” She was really mad.

I was very quiet, wondering what would happen. After all, folks have been physically assaulted in Canadian Tires for this “offence”. Then she saw the list paper in my hand and added, “And if you don’t have your paperwork, you still have to wear them! It’s MANDATORY in Spruce Grove right now!” Now what did she mean by ‘paperwork’, I wondered? 

Second intense encounter: the greenhouse. Now, wouldn’t you think a greenhouse, of all places, would not be sticky about masks? After all, they have the most oxygen-rich atmosphere of any place. However, that was not the case, and was where I was more or less expelled.

As usual, I simply walked in and quickly began to go about my business without looking at anyone. I began breathing that heavenly air as deeply as possible (I love the scent of a greenhouse!). Not finding what I was looking for immediately, it took some time, I even had to ask for assistance once; and when nobody said anything about my maskless face, I thought I would be OK, and began to relax. Not so.

A short time later, as I was pondering over the type of flowers I would like, the same woman who helped me earlier showed up and asked if I had a mask. 

“No, I don’t wear masks.” I said.

“Well, the law, you know. It’s mandatory right now… Do you HAVE a mask?”

When I said “no” she offered to get me one. I said, “It’s so frustrating because there’s no disease; it’s a political agenda”: and repeated that I don’t wear masks, and asked “what about people with exemptions?”

“Do you have an exemption card?”

“What? You need a card to be exempt?” (Guess that’s what the CT woman meant by ‘paperwork’) “I have religious convictions.” 

That’s when a man appeared, who snootily commented, “Nobody LIKES to wear a mask!”

“It’s not about liking it or not; it’s about my religious convictions. This whole thing is a political agenda, and the more people go along with it, pretty soon they can just take over the whole world! But I’ll leave.”

He replied, “They have the power to shut down the whole store.”

“Yes, I know. So I’ll leave.”

At least they let me buy what I had put into my cart…

The grocery stores still don’t harass maskless folks, but as I was picking a few vegetables, an elderly couple walked past me, and first he turned around to look at me, then she did the same, with a look of disgust on her face. Then she immediately began to whisper something to her husband.  

I begin to understand what it feels like to be a despised minority… Not to mention how it feels to be discriminated against… But Jesus warned us we would be hated of all men for his name’s sake, and we might as well get used to it sooner than later! Because this entire agenda goes totally against God and Christians. 

Until next time…

Bloody Easter Sunday in Sri Lanka — Stephen Lendman

Bloody Easter Sunday in Sri Lanka by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman) Multiple suicide bombers reportedly were behind deadly attacks on four hotels, three Christian churches packed Easter Sunday worshipers, and an apartment complex. Targeted sites were in Colombo, the Sri Lankan capital, Negombo on the west coast, and Batticaloa in the…

via Bloody Easter Sunday in Sri Lanka — Stephen Lendman

This is awful! The enmity is ramping up on a daily basis, and soon it will be as Jesus said, “Ye shall be hated of all men for my name’s sake.” According to other truth seeker blogs, France had been plagued by several hundreds of church fires and vandalism leading up to the fire at Notre Dame on April 15. And now we hear this.

Good vs. evil. God vs. Satan. God’s people vs. the devil’s people.

Which side are you on? “If there be ANY darkness in you, how GREAT is that darkness.”

PreChristmas Crackdown on Chinese Christians

From in Beijing, here is a relevant article about the Chinese government’s crackdown on Christians who refuse to join with the state’s atheistic Three-Self “Church”.

The final comment by one of the free church’s members is something all Christians worldwide need to ponder… (in essence) that repression of the church will cause unbelievers to see the beauty of true Christianity, when they see the faithfulness of true believers under persecution.

And another article from the same source: yes, it’s a little old, but never out of date, if it keeps happening, as it most certainly does. In this one, you can hear the position of the state-appointed hirelings — or, pastors — who run the government Three-Self “churches”.

To quote one of the state hirelings, whose name is Pastor Wu Weiqing: “We have to remember first of all we are a citizen of this country,” he says. “And we are a citizen of the Kingdom of God. That comes second.” WHAAT??

Ahem! But it’s sooo similar to the so-called “reasoning” heard in western “Christian” circles…  If you put your Kingdom citizenship AFTER patriotism to your country, you are going to show up as a false Christian… like Mr. Wu… Just a state mouthpiece…

Just sayin’!!