Tyranny In Canada: Status Of Brave Canadian Patriot, Artur Pawlowski — Northerntruthseeker

It was a few months back over at that horror show called ‘Blogger’ that I posted an amazing video where Canadian pastor, Artur Pawlowski, was blatantly arrested by the Canadian thought police in Calgary Alberta some 800 miles west of here, for the ‘crime’ of conducting a church service…. That was so appalling and showed […]

Tyranny In Canada: Status Of Brave Canadian Patriot, Artur Pawlowski — Northerntruthseeker

Once again I bring you an update, posted first by NorthernTruthseeker, on Artur Palowski, arrested and possibly imprisoned by now, simply for keeping his church open for worship. This interview with Mike Adams took place a wee bit before October 13, by the sounds of it, but it gives you a good idea of what believers are facing right here in the Communist Republic of Chi—oops—Canada.

Artur Palowski is “right on” about how the true church reacts to the fire of persecution. But he is dead wrong in calling Christianity ”Judeo-Christian”; and he goes way off base when he starts talking about politics being needed to change this war we find ourselves in. It is not a political war, it’s a spiritual war, and politics will never work in the spiritual realm. Even Jesus himself refused to be engaged in any way with the politics of the world, saying My kingdom is not of this world. True believers need to see this fact, as well, and set their own affections on things above, not on things on the earth.

Meanwhile, Back in Israeli-Occupied Palestine…

“The Present”; A Day in the Life a Palestinian.

Have we all but forgotten the Palestinians in this stupid covid take-over? They still reside in Israeli-occupied Palestine; and they still suffer daily humiliation, harassment and death at the bloody hands of cruel Israelis…

But what we’re seeing coming upon us in Canada as a likely consequence of this whole covid thing is something quite like what’s happening in Palestine… How else can it be interpreted when road blocks are set up, and ID and purpose of travel are demanded from innocent people by men with gun-power? When those same gunmen can detain or turn you back simply by deciding that your purpose is not “essential”?  

Following is a link to a sad expression of Palestinian daily life in Occupied Palestine.