As Gov’t Pushes Mandatory Vaccination, Contaminated Vaccines Found in 3 States Causing Infections — The American Awakening

Article Source By Matt Agorist Last month, measles hysteria came to a head as every single mainstream media outlet across the country ran with stories pumping fear over some non-existent epidemic. Headlines like “For God’s Sake! Vaccinate Your Children!” and “Measles is on the rise. But telling anti-vaxxers they’re stupid won’t fix it” have run…

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This topic must be debated openly and honestly, not just crammed down everyone’s unwilling throats! Following is a letter to the editor written by me earlier this week in response to the paper’s headline “Vaccination Should be Mandatory”, and in which the writer postulated in a very high and mighty way that people who question, or don’t vaccinate could “seriously harm their children or even kill them”, and who also said that those he calls “anti-vaxers”, among other loaded names, could “actually be playing into the hands of those who may want to harm our children.” Identifying details have been deleted.


Dear Editor,

This letter is a response to Mr. ——‘s “Afterthoughts” from March 4 entitled “Vaccination Should be Mandatory”.
Mr. ——, with all due respect, you must be asked if you have ever examined any evidence on this topic? You speak as one who only knows who butters his bread. There is plenty of hard factual evidence proving that vaccines are connected with autism, allergies and even sudden death. Many big-name doctors have risked their reputations and lifetime careers to bring this truth out into the open. Dr. Andrew Wakefield of the U.K. and Dr. Robert F. Kennedy, to name only two of the many.
Parents who care very deeply about their children are wise to ask questions and do their own research before making any decision about vaccines; NOT, as you say, putting their children at risk of serious harm or even death.
Putting down any real debate by labelling wisely cautious parents and truthful scientists as paranoid “anti-vaxers” and “conspiracy theorists” is not worthy of a newspaper reporter. Maybe you don’t realize that what you are saying here is what is “actually playing into the hands of those who may want to harm our children”? There must be free and open debate on the topic of vaccination (among others), not simply a cry for more government bullying and control.
For all who may be interested, you can borrow the documentary series called “Vaccines Revealed”, a well-balanced look at both sides of the issue, which is available in the ———- Library. (Watch past the credits.)
Please make informed decisions; the lives of our children are far too precious not to!


————   ————

I hope they print it.


Weaponizing CPS Against All Non-Compliance, to Force Obedience to the State.

Yes, we are now in the thick of those days when Jesus warned,
“But woe to them that are with child, and to them that give suck in those days!” (Mark 13:17 KJV)

Here is an article from The, outlining the very thing parents fear most — the unnecessary intrusion of the government into their private lives.

There will be increasing pressure on families to conform to the system, or else. The worst thing for a loving parent to contemplate is having their children forcibly removed (legalese for “kidnapped”), and placed in a hostile environment designed to brainwash them into compliance.

OK, if you send your kids to public school, and don’t comply, well, I have not much to say; there’s just way too much to resist in that atmosphere, it makes no sense to go there at all. But if you choose to homeschool, you’re still not out of the reach of their evil tentacles! They should have NO jurisdiction over homeschoolers, but sadly, they just keep getting more and more power.

So glad my own children are beyond that stage, but I feel the deepest compassion for parents with young children who are trying to navigate these rough waters right now. Only a true faith in God will hold you up and give you the endurance you will need in the coming tribulation.



Amendment to Something I Said in an Earlier Post.


screenshot taken from

In an earlier post, my article called “My Own christmas Journey”, I stated that “Santa Clause” was a caricature of the devil. I need to correct that, even though the devil does indeed counterfeit everything the Lord Jesus Christ is and does, fooling many unwary believers!!

Actually, “SantaClause” is a caricature of Christ himself, a caricature being, in this case, “any imitation or copy…” More correctly, it should be stated that this fat red character of xmas fame is a cleverly disguised COUNTERFEIT of Christ.

This evil counterfeit character is claimed to have all the charactristics of Christ: he is omniscient (he knows when you’re naughty or nice); he is omnipresent (he can be everywhere at once, delivering presents to every house in the world on the same night!); he rewards those who do good, and is ready to punish the naughty; etc. Children are taught to fear and revere this fat evil character, rather than God, whom ONLY we ought to fear.

Therefore, any professing Christian who tells their kids about this fat red character of xmas fame is not only a liar, but is causing their kids to worship the counterfeit, not the reality — a serious sin!! It’s called IDOLATRY, a blasphemous practice, something the Lord hates and abhors!

Professing Christian parents, if you have told your kids about “satan clause”; if you have even told them that xmas is about celebrating the birth of Christ; you must repent, and confess your lying to your children, and seek their forgiveness. Believe me, it will be far better than to have them grow up knowing you lie, and learning to lie — from your example.




Public Indoctrination Centers (aka Schools) Are NOT Safe Places for Children!!

As I have done many times before, I will again give professing Christian parents the serious warning to GET YOUR KIDS OUT OF PUBLIC SCHOOLS, IF YOU LOVE THEM!!! There is no legitimate excuse for leaving them in these brainwashing centers. (Even the spell check is politically “correct”, trying to make me spell English words the French way!!) If you leave your kids in these agenda-pushing indoctrination brainwashing centers, you are willfully supporting the evil agendas these places teach, and have no right to complain about what is being taught to your children.

Following is a link taken from High Impact Vlogs over at spewtube, laying it all out in plain view.

Teachers who do the RIGHT THING are now being punished.

A final thought: Professing Christian parents, you will be held accountable before the judgment seat of God for allowing your children to be taught by these devils, when the bible actually commands parents to take responsibility for the godly instruction of their children.

There will be no excuse.

Addiction Begins Early – Be Very Careful What You Give Your Children.

The title of this video is “Baby Addicted to Mobile Phone – a Funny Video”. After watching it, I realized it was not at all funny, but very very sad. Allowing children any kind of de-“vice” ought to be considered a form of child abuse.

Not only is this NOT funny, it is a truthful picture of today’s dreadful parenting. These parents have used their smartphone as a pacifier, giving their baby an addiction to it; but not only that, they are laughing at the evil passion their child is displaying when its source of addiction is removed!!

How far society has fallen!!! This poor baby, and millions like it, will have no idea how to really play, and even worse, no idea how to deny its own desires for the benefit of others…

Activist Mommy-What Fuels Fight Against Sexualization Of Kids

From, we have an interview with the Activist Mommy. I totally agree with her view that many Christians have been taught to be “nicer than Jesus”. I know I’ve been taught that, and it has been a difficult thing to unlearn, because most of it was done through intimidation.

And I had to laugh; she also calls this abomination of Sodom “gender insanity”!!! That’s exactly what I’ve been calling it myself.

We ALL, if we are true Christians, need to get into the fight against this evil in our culture. We need to be as bold as lions, but like she points out, we cannot if we’re not truly born again. Which means, if we have sin in our own lives, we cannot speak out against sin!

Do YOU Agree With Child Sexual Exploitation? Be Honest…

Do you agree that so-called “transgendered” people have a right to teach in your child’s school? Yes or No?

Do you agree that these same “people” have a right to use any bathroom they like, simply because they “identify” as the opposite sex? Yes or No?

Do you agree that these gender INSANE people have a right to pastor your church? Yes or No?

If you answered “Yes” to any one of these questions, you also agree with child sexual exploitation. Be honest! These gender INSANE people are exploiting your children in school, the “all gender bathrooms”, and your churches.

God calls it an ABOMINATION, and it IS!

Again, this stuff made me feel literally sick to watch, but the truth MUST be told, however sickening it is. 😝 It angers me that parents are willingly (and proudly!) allowing their children to be a part of this UTTER DEPRAVITY! 😡

It angers me that a moral family who home educates can be investigated for child abuse simply for letting their little girl walk the dog, but these parents are lauded as “good” parents!! 😡😡

These parents are SICK CHILD ABUSERS! And if you agree with so-called “gay rights”, you agree with child sexual exploitation. Period.

Be prepared to be not only disgusted, but enraged at what our governments are shoving down our gagging throats. Courtesy of HighImpactVlogs on Youtube.

More Intrusion & Encroachment of Parental Rights by the Police State.

This story comes from  It happened in the USA. It happens where-ever there are free thinking parents who go against the political grain…

Home schooling mom gets investigated for letting her daughter walk the dog – alone.

Too bad the snitches don’t have to give their names!! Anonymous snitching is such a cowardly act…

Ugly Truth — Not So Random Words

This post is not going to be pretty. It will ruffle feathers. It will also be terribly long. Some will say I’m wrong for airing our laundry out in the streets. If you follow this blog in any capacity, you will know transparency is what I’m all about. Quite frankly, I don’t like secrets. They […]

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Parents, be warned. Don’t be so naive. Know that these things can and do happen. Even by their own family members, as happened to my own sons. Don’t be so cowardly or selfish that you won’t get help if you know what is happening.

I grieve at this mother’s story. It happened much worse to my own chihldren, but I didn’t find out until it was too late. We all pray it won’t happen to our own children, but it can, and sometimes does. So quit hiding your heads, and stop thinking your children are better than others. I found out truth the hard way.