Death By Covid Vaccine

This is such a SAD video, but please watch it. Let it be yet another warning to avoid the covid death jab, no matter what else you may have to lose. Would it not be better to not be allowed to travel, than to lose what health you have, and maybe even your very life?

I found this at, but chose to copy the link from bitchute in case it gets taken down. Hugo Talks produced it, and it’s a FaceBook group he found. I think the bit describing it on the truthseeker said there were over 95,000 members on this group already. So here is the link. Please bring your Kleenex box… 😢

UPDATED: Unjust Church Closure Over Non-Compliance with [Anti-Christ] Covid Lockdown Rules.

Well, as it happens, the covid police have now physically closed the Alberta church whose pastor was jailed for non-compliance with lockdown rules that went directly against the word of God. See the following articles, albeit from mainstream sources, for a fuller picture. We stand with those of God’s people who would “rather suffer affliction with the people of God than enjoy the pleasures of sin for a season”.

Praise the Lord for some who are willing to obey God rather than men! We can’t just roll over and play dead on command; we must stand for the truth!

UPDATE: Here is the public statement made by the church in question, which I should have included yesterday, but didn’t think of it then; In which they explain very clearly their reasons for their actions. The sermon I posted earlier ( gives the full biblical foundation upon which they have made their stand.

Silence is NOT Golden…in Some Cases.

A CNA at a nursing home speaks out about what he is seeing in his care facility. I saw this at It’s fairly long (~47 min.), but well worth the listen. Warning: he briefly compares the current situation to the hollow cost at min. 45, but he is doing his best to sound the alarm.

But it isn’t only our elderlies who are being murdered by the covid injections: young people are also dying from these shots, as in the case of this young lady. had this link, which I share with you as a warning to everyone not to volunteer to be the next murder victim!

28-Year-Old PhD Physical Therapist DEAD 2 Days After Being Injected with COVID Experimental mRNA Vaccine

Don’t be like my neighbour, who stupidly said, “It’s not worth the hassle” [to resist]. Imagine that!!

IMPORTANT Video From The Corbett Report!!

Penny for Your Thoughts here on WordPress has shared this important video from The Corbett Report, which is a “must see”, in my humble opinion. In it, James is discussing the necessary topic of mandatory vaccination, and trying to stimulate people to some real thinking about their own position on this issue. Here is the link to Penny’s blog for you to view this video for yourself.

Don’t be a Sheep!” Amen to That!!

The governor of Washington has mandated the wearing of masks indoors and out, but one county sheriff has the right attitude! Listen to him tell folks not to be a sheep! We need more of these kind!!

Thanks to for this one.

And I guess that goes for mandatory Covid vaccines…?? According to an article from, The New England Journal of Medicine is “recommending” “employment termination” for covid vaccine non-compliance. They say “mandatory” doesn’t always “work”, so this measure will help “increase the uptake” of their poison shot! What a dirty move!! Read it for yourself, and then…


New England Journal of Medicine Suggests “employment suspension” for COVID vaccine noncompliance