This is an OUTRAGE!! 😤

And this is Canada, supposedly!

From the Trenches World Report has this to say about Canadian drunk driving “laws” that can harass and intimidate little old ladies for missing their turn, of all things!!

Who has never missed a turn, and had to make quick u-turn or over-the-median jerk to get back on track? Wow. But in light of our newer laws, they can do the same up to 2 hours AFTER you arrive home, forcing you to prove you weren’t drunk while driving 2 hours earlier, or before you arrived at the restuarant for dinner! See a prvious article posted on this page. Even a non-drinker like this elderly lady becomes a victim of police arrogance and brutality…


Additional info from Dan Dicks at Press for Truth: Be Prepared!



Today’s World is Gone Completely Bonkers!

From The Truthseeker at, is this article explaining why it is dangerous and foolish to adopt a so-called “gender neutral” vocabulary, etc. when raising children. It ends with the statement that this insane path “could make a mess of our children”. COULD??? No, it WILL!

We MUST maintain the truth in our vocabulary! I remember them changing “chairman” to “chairperson”, “spokesman” to “spokesperson”, and that was ages ago! I still use the old terms, but others are slowly being eroded from my memory, to my great dismay!

But NEVER will I use the insane gender “pronouns” that have been invented recently! This whole sickening agenda makes me want to gag! 😝

And to leave children on their own to try to sort it all out is nothing but child abuse!!

Abortion propagandists to release CHILDREN’S book that promotes children being killed before they’re born — The American Awakening

Article Source The devil exists, her name is Amelia Bonow, and her stated mission in life is to promote a concept known as “Shout Your Abortion” that encourages women, and now children, to murder unborn human life in the womb by ripping it to shreds and vacuuming it out for disposal. Bonow recently released a…

via Abortion propagandists to release CHILDREN’S book that promotes children being killed before they’re born — The American Awakening

How SICK and dehumanizing is this, targeting young children with abortion propaganda??? Years ago, in the early ’80s I think, a book was written called, “Who Broke the Baby?”, which gave the truth about what abortion is. The title of the book were the words of the author’s 3 year old child, who happened to see a photo of an aborted baby…

Now tell me, if an infant can recognize a baby as a baby, WHY on earth can’t so many professing ADULTS??? I have to agree with the author of the above article from American Awakening: it’s because they need SOME way to appease their condemning consciences!!

Which brings me to the ONLY way… They need to confess their crime of murder, and repent of it in true sorrow over having killed a human child, and seek the Lord for his forgiveness and mercy for the evil they have done. Then NEVER repeat it, but instead, speak out against it, warning others not to do it…

But what are the chances of that in this day and age….?


Apple bans Christian app, other tech giants soon to follow as war on Christianity accelerates — The American Awakening

Article Source The online war against free speech, free thought and association continues as tech giants continue to target and ban “dangerous” text, audio, and video. According to a recent BBC report, Apple has removed a Christian app because its teachings on homosexuality are “dangerous.” According to the report, an activist group called “Truth Wins…

via Apple bans Christian app, other tech giants soon to follow as war on Christianity accelerates — The American Awakening

We can only expect more and more of the same until, as the bible warns us, they will  begin to take off our heads! So we must speak out as much as possible until we get eliminated, one way or another!!

High School Teacher FIRED for Refusing to Go Along With Gender Insanity Demands.

The following is an article from The American Awakening ( which describes perfectly what any Christian can expect from now into the unforseeable future. Even though this teacher actually compromised with the gender insanity of the school board, he still got fired.

I don’t agree with the label “Christian bigots”, because even to stay true to scientific FACTS as an atheist will bring trouble down your neck.

But stay true to truth we MUST, Christian or not. This gender insanity MUST be resisted, come what may!!


Sickening, and Getting Worse!!

Just cannot believe how utterly ridiculous this so-called “political correctness” is getting! It’s absolutely sickening, and getting worse by the minute. Following is an article from The American Awakening, which outlines a future that is very bleak indeed, if this trend continues — and it will.

I mean, banning COLORS at school because they may represent something another student, or the school authorites, do not like!???! 😝😝😝