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(source) I am bringing this back for a third time, due to what I consider to be an assault on men in America today. We mamas of little boys have a tough job. You are exhorted to have lots of energy, be ready to put up with bloody noses and reptiles in the house, see movies […]

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Amen, and AMEN!!! What more can I say? I agree 100%+!!

All women need to read this. The world desperately needs more REAL MEN!! And real women who can love them for WHO THEY ARE.


The cost of sending your kids to public school just might be their souls — The American Awakening

Article Source Recent decades have seen “Mommy Wars” about daycare and breastfeeding. Are we on the cusp of a new fight over whether to send your kids to public school? 600 more words

via The cost of sending your kids to public school just might be their souls — The American Awakening

People, pay attention: Do you love your kids more than your income, free time, selves? Do you value your kids more than your vacations, jobs, social standing? If you answered “yes”, why on earth are your kids still in public indoctrination centers (aka, schools)??

Christian parents, especially, need to pay attention. Nobody in today’s world can not claim they don’t know what these schools are teaching. If they think their kids are strong enough to fight the devil on their own, these parents have their heads buried deeply in the sand!

The entire fight is for the souls of our children, and tragically, by the looks of things, the devil is definitely winning, thanks to apostate “Christianity” and public indoctrination centers.


72 Types of Americans Considered to be Potential Terrorists,

From we have a very revealing list of who are considered the “real” potential terrorists in America (read, NORTH America!) Canadians won’t be exempted.

Well, that pretty much covers all the bases, doesn’t it? No one will escape. Just like Bolshevik Russia, 1917 on… Just like China, 1949 on… Even the most innocent of people will be deemed “counter-revolutionaries”, blacklisted, and mercilessly persecuted. Landlords, intellectuals, capitalists, students, the unreasonable list goes on and on…

Are you ready? Have you fully repented of ALL your rebellion against God, and forsaken it, and put your trust in Jesus Christ, and walk in righteousness? Remember Noah: ONLY those in the ark were saved… so it is today. ONLY those who are truly IN Christ will be saved. Mouth Christians will be targeted as well as true ones; mouth Christians will either repent in a hurry and get real, or they’ll deny the Lord.

Which one are you?

Further thoughts: Where are the homeschoolers; the “vaccine hesitant” or vaccine avoiders; the garden planters, and home preservers? Surely these peaceful, productive people are threats to the global hierarchy?? Not to mention the home birthers; the self-employed, and those who learn home remedies…? Their list is far from complete!!

Apple bans Christian app, other tech giants soon to follow as war on Christianity accelerates — The American Awakening

Article Source The online war against free speech, free thought and association continues as tech giants continue to target and ban “dangerous” text, audio, and video. According to a recent BBC report, Apple has removed a Christian app because its teachings on homosexuality are “dangerous.” According to the report, an activist group called “Truth Wins…

via Apple bans Christian app, other tech giants soon to follow as war on Christianity accelerates — The American Awakening

We can only expect more and more of the same until, as the bible warns us, they will  begin to take off our heads! So we must speak out as much as possible until we get eliminated, one way or another!!

Dave Hodges and Steve Quayle: The NWO is in Place.

The following is a link from spewtube, in which Dave Hodges interviews Steve Quayle. I found it much more balanced than other speakers, in that they are neither blowing Trump’s horn, nor are they unjustly bashing him, when they must mention him in the interview.

These men discuss current events in light of what God’s word says, and the conclusion is something I can heartily agree with — people NEED to repent in dust and ashes, along the lines of Nineveh after Jonah preached to them (Jonah 3, please read)!

Whether you agree with the bible or not; whether you believe in God or not; the reality is that the current political situation (the whole history of the world, from the beginning to the end) is the battle between God and Satan; God’s true people and the devil’s people. Good and evil.

Choose wisely.

Thoughts on Death…

Yesterday, I learned that my critically ill and estranged father was dying. As a professing born again Christian, he has for years been using his internet page to assassinate my character, and that of my best half, blaming us for his “having” to post such calumnious content; therefore, the estrangement.

At the same time, he continually claimed he was waiting for me to “make things right” with him, posting such things as would encourage outsiders to think he really loved me, and wanted me to “be reconciled”. But the truth is, he only wanted me to turn back into the sin I had confessed, repented of, and forsaken years ago, which I simply cannot do, not even for a relationship with my parents.

“He that loveth father or mother more than me is not worthy of me…” (Jesus)

So today my son, best half and I drove up to see him at the hospital, with another strong message from the Lord for him to repent, which he didn’t know I had; neither did he know I was coming to visit. So when I (alone) appeared in front of his deathbed, before I said one word; instead of welcoming me, as his internet postings would have indicated, he bluntly asked me, “What are YOU doing here?” in a tone which clearly indicated that I was definitely NOT the person he wanted to see just then.

So I plunged immediately into my reason for appearing; he listened quietly, completely unmoved by the message or my quaking voice, thanked me for the message, asked if my best half was with me, and upon learning the affirmative (my dad hates my best half because my dad hates the true gospel), he told me I could leave.

Which brings me to my thoughts on death.

How can such obviously willfully sinning professing Christians die thinking they are in no need of repentance? How can they face God with such a defiled conscience?? I have witnessed a very God-fearing man on his deathbed who felt the need to repent in the face of death, who really had not much to repent of!! But such deceived persons who sin WILLFULLY (that means they KNOW it’s sin, but do it anyways!) can face the judgment of God unmoved by any fear!!

The bible says that “because they received not a love of the truth, God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie.” He sure believed a big fat lie!

He kept the paper I had written my message on; not, I fear, to reread and ponder the path of his feet; but more likely, I suspect, to show others and twist it all to make it appear that I am such a mean daughter, coming there to see him on his deathbed with no comfort, only words of “condemnation”… It has been the case for years with every loving thing I’ve told him, trying to get him to consider the state of his soul…

Nope. He “believes”, therefore his soul is eternally “secure”, no matter how much evil he is still doing right up until the point of death! This utterly false PERNICIOUS* doctrine from Satan himself has turned many a soul away from the truth of confession, repentance, and a forsaking of all known and willful sinning by the grace and power of Jesus Christ (the true gospel).

*PERNICIOUS: Having the quality of killing. (Webter’s 1828 Dictionary of the American Language)

So was I mean to warn him of his danger while he lay there helplessly on his deathbed, where he couldn’t bully me (for a change)? Was I mean to offer him — from the Lord — one more chance to repent before he died?

The Lord gave me one thought all the way home:

A call to repentance; the most loving thing you can do.


Let others think what they will!


The Beast System is Upon us, Even at the Doors: Are You Prepared?

I find it very interesting that even the world, who claims not to believe in God or the bible, are more and more often using biblical terms to describe what’s happening in today’s wicked world. Well, the Lord of glory will be glorified, and use the world’s people if necessary to help accomplish that (since so many of his “own” people are falling down on the job…! For shame!!)

Here is another article about the “BEAST System” already in place, just waiting to be deployed in all its ugly power, from the

The bible talks about this evil beast system, where one can neither buy nor sell without the name, the “mark”, or the number of his name. God warned his people about this system long before anybody else had a clue what was going on. Down through the millenia, God’s true people always knew what this “mark” was, and chose to be martyred rather than deny Christ and “take the mark”.

In context of today’s “mark”, we can see that to have a politically bad “social credit score” means to lose access to basic services (buying and selling). So what is at least a part of “the mark” today? Bowing to the insanity of so-called “political correctness”; accepting gender insanity as “normal”; keeping silent about jewish taboos, things like the “hollow hoax”, etc., in order to get a better score (mark), in order further to be allowed to buy and sell basic needs.

Will you bow to the beast, or will you be willing to lose your life in this world, rather than deny Christ for personal comforts? Better think about this ahead of time; in the moment of decision it will be too late to make a right choice. Read your Holy Bible (Authorized KJV), seek the Lord for mercy to truly repent of all compromise with the world, get truly born again, and walk in holiness and the fear of God.

This is truly how to “prep” for the times that are not only coming, but which are upon us, even at the doors.


A Last Will and Testament…

A Last Will and Testament…

“This is the last will and testament of A– Z–, of the city of D–, in the State of M–.

I, A– Z–, do testify that I am of sound mind at the writing of this my last will and testament, on this the — day of the month of –, the year of our Lord, 19–.”

[[ The main body of the will is none of our business, but the last bit should give us some real food for thought…]]

“…And finally, a word to my wife, J–, my children W– and B–, and others who profess to be Christians:

As you are all reading this, my soul is likely in hell, as you so often warned me it would be. But I would like to point out that all of you had a part in sending me there, if there is such a place.

J–, you went to church regularly, prayed, and did all kinds of church activities. You even prayed for my healing in this my last illness. But every once in a while, I heard you swear when you were angry; you preached at me the evils of going to the bar, but drank a little too much yourself when we were at home; you watched the same dirty TV shows I liked so much; you lied when it was convenient, and by your actions I could see there was no God. Don’t imagine I was blind.

J–, your church friends would come over often, and while you thought I was blind and deaf, I could hear you joking and gossiping as you did whatever it was you were doing for the church. I knew where some of them worked, selling dirty magazines and cigarettes without a blush. Some of your church friends even smoked, something you regularly chided me for doing, making me stand out in the cold.

W– and B–, you grew up going to church with your mother, and claimed to be Christians from an early age. But your way of dressing – even for church – looked more like the women on the street near my office than someone going to worship a holy God.

P– W–, the Christian owner of D– Hardware Supplies, was not above charging more for his products than was appropriate, and laughing at the dirty jokes we used to tell in his store.

G– T–, the pastor of my wife’s church, came to visit me once in all the years she attended his church, at my sickbed, to tell me that if I would just repeat his little canned prayer, I could be saved. Is that all it takes? I wanted to see that there was a God, by the power you claim he has. What good would his power be, except to make wicked people good?

So while my soul burns in hell for my admitted wickedness – if there is such a thing as hell – I just wanted to point out that if there is a God, as you claim, he might just be preparing you a place in here with me.”


Just imagine if an unbelieving spouse actually wrote such a thing in their will!

All professing Christians who live in hypocrisy before the eyes of their unbelieving loved ones MUST seriously consider what this is saying. By your hypocrisy, you ARE largely responsible for your loved ones’ inability to believe.

REPENT, and be born again before it’s too late, or God WILL be preparing your place with them in hell.

My Own christmas Journey.

The Lord Jesus Christ has been my one true love for all my life, and as a believer I hope to inspire other true-hearted believers into a deeper walk with him, as he has taken me. The rewards far outweigh the costs of becoming and being a true disciple!

I grew up without christmas, more or less. My father did not celebrate it, my mother pined for it every year, though not celebrating it, either… at least not in our home. However, if we were at the home of anybody else, we took part as much as anybody else. My parents never gave gifts, but were more than happy to receive them. How hypocritical was that? So I learned…

When I had my own family, I didn’t want to celebrate the December 25 holy day, for the reasons described in the article posted just previously on this blog (though I had a far smaller understanding of it than I do now). However, my ex insisted, and because I had been taught to “submit” (the wrong ways), I thought it better to compromise rather than stand against it, creating conflict.

At first, we didn’t have a tree, an obviously pagan practice, as described in Jeremiah 10:1-onwards. I thought the other practices could be justified; and if we never allowed Satan Clause into the picture, we could just tell the children about Jesus, even letting them know that December 25 was not the day of his birth, but that we were simply honouring him that day because that was the day others could take part.

Hmm! The devil in my professing “christian” ex knew something I didn’t at the time – that any compromise with sin is the beginning of the long downward slide, and before very many years went by, we were doing all the christ mass things, tree included, except I never told my kids anything but the truth about Satan Clause. My love for Christ would not allow me to supplant the Lord with a cartoonish caricature of Satan! (Incidentally, both my parents began to celebrate this pagan holy day along with us!)

Every year, as I was preparing for this end-of-year festival, my spirit would be troubled, but I would squash the feeling as best I could to avoid having to look at the cause. Every year the preparations got more and more elaborate and costly.

Then one day in June, I came across a pamphlet called, “The Truth About Christmas”, and what was written in that little wee paper changed the course of my life.

Basically, the information was the same as the article in my previously posted blog post called, “Why Do You Celebrate Christmas?” with one exception – it didn’t include anything about birthdays. As I read, the Holy Ghost convicted me so badly (I say that he took me by the scruff of the neck) and shook me until I nearly fell off the bed. Literally.

I KNEW at that moment that I simply COULD NOT celebrate this pagan holy day even one more time, come what may. The news of my withdrawal from it caused a mini volcano in our family, but for 4 years none of them celebrated it, either. I thought all was well…

Four years later, my ex and all the kids decided to start celebrating this feast day again, with or without me. The pressure they put on me to go back into it with them was tremendous, but my heart was firmly set, and I COULD not return. The Lord simply said, “No!” and that was that. I didn’t even want to return, though under the severely abusive pressure I considered it, but STILL, I just COULD not. The Lord had set a wall between me and the pagan feast day, and I had no desire to cross it.

As the day appraoched, I felt an overpowering desire to be anywhere else but in the house while they did the christmas thing, really fearing that the judgment of God would come down on that house in fire or something. I wondered what to do, when the Lord showed me in his word that I was to go outside the camp with him, and suffer his reproach, something I was willing to do, even if it meant freezing to death. The entire month so far had been in the minus thirty range, but I believed the Lord could keep me warm if he didn’t want me to freeze. The morning of the 25th dawned down in the minus thirty range again, but as the early morning passed, the Lord brought the temperature all the way up to minus 12, a total miracle, perfect for cross-country skiing!! (The very next day, and subsequently, the rest of the month, was back down in the minus thirty range!)

And the joy of my Lord filled my heart outside in the bush, alone with him, while they all celebrated their pagan feastival in the house.

The rest of the story doesn’t really matter here. The point I’m trying to make is that when we disobey the clear commandments of God, we can only be miserable, never really happy, howeever much we may pretend… People can also pretend they don’t know where the customs of christ mass come from, but they are only fooling themselves.

But when we obey the Lord FROM OUR HEARTS, we will experience the fullness of joy that was promised to those who love the Lord. It is my personal experience, and I want to encourage every one of you who claim to love the Lord, to consider WHY you keep the customs and traditions you do.

It is never wrong to find out you are wrong, and then to change; but it is always wrong to avoid examining yourself in case you might be wrong, and remaining wrong.



Why Do You Celebrate Christmas?

Now that the evil pagan holy day of hell-oween is over, all we see and hear are the things of the evil pagan Christ Mass. Are you willing to ask yourself WHY you celebrate this pagan holy day? Are you willing to examine your beliefs to see if they line up with the teachings of the Holy Bible?

To quote from the following article, which comes to us from, “Too often we drift along doing what everyone else is doing without ever asking ourselves, “WHY?” It is sometimes more comfortable not to ask too many questions for fear of what we may find. The truth can be disturbing you know.”

If you love the Lord Jesus Christ, please read this article with an open mind. Be willing to really HEAR what the Spirit saith unto the churches.

All I can do is say “AMEN!!!” to this author! His article even convicted my own practice of celebrating birthdays, which now I see are not scriptural, either. Perhaps wedding anniversaries are not to be annually celebrated, either…? There is not one example of this in scripture, after all…

We are exhorted in scripture to “examine yourselves, whether ye be in the [true] faith.”

I’ve been doing that lately, and will be writing about what the Lord has been showing my best half and myself, for the benefit of other true-hearted Christians who love the Lord, not the world or the things of the world.