CDC Fraud the Front for Evil Agenda

From comes this article about how the covid scam is being manipulated to make it appear the way they claim it looks in all the devilvision ”news”. You know, the ”news” that’s causing the jabbed to so fear the sensible folks who choose to say ”No”, that they’ll even say the unjabbed deserve to be punished somehow, even to die.

Please read for yourself.

It’s Definitely a War on Christianity…

From we have yet another story on the persecution of Christian pastors in Alberta. Pastor Tim Stephens of Fairview Baptist church in Calgary, Alberta, has been arrested unlawfully yet again, for what? For refusing to bow the knee to AHS, and continuing to hold worship services. This is certainly being used to “make examples” to scare others into compliance, like communist Russia and China, etc.

This will have the needful effect of separating the sheep from the goats; it will divide the true from the false believers, and purify the church. Any who are unwilling to suffer for Christ will be weeded out, and the faithful will remain, stronger than before.

This is actually happening all over Canada, not just in Alberta. The following article is from

NEVER deny Christ, come what may!!

Irish Man Who Filmed Garda (Police) Disrupting Mass Arrested at 3:30am., and his Children Abducted.

Religious persecution is rearing its ugly head all over the world due to the “covid pLandemic”, and here is a sad story from Ireland. I agree with the writer; as many as possible should bombard the emails of the concerned entities… I did. I hope folks around the world will step up to the plate and stand up for this poor man who was only trying to expose the evils of covid restrictions.

BC Covid Road Blocks; Increased Alberta Enforcements…

I had been hearing that BC was implementing road check stops to restrict travel in BC, so I checked with a friend over there, and received a positive reply. In fact, the official RCMP letter is copied and pasted for all to read for themselves.

Then I looked up a few other articles covering the same topic, and want to share them, too. And in Alberta, the restrictions were stepped up a notch, effective today, and penalties have been increased for non-compliance. What a shame to take away someone’s food handling licence simply for keeping their restaurant open! It’s not like they were feeding folks bad food, or anything!

Enough ado; here are the links to all related items.


A statement from the BC RCMP regarding travel restriction enforcement


2021-04-30 16:23 PDT

Earlier this month the BC Provincial Government announced a ban on non-essential travel between three regional zones in British Columbia. This morning they expanded on this announcement by authorizing police to conduct road checks on travel corridors between the regions.

The checks, as outlined in the provincial government announcement, are specifically intended to help limit non-essential travel in order to slow the spread of COVID-19 in our communities. The emphasis will be on informing travellers of the order, identifying whether or not the purpose for travel is essential as listed in the order, and providing every opportunity for travellers to turn around voluntarily. It is anticipated that the vast majority of travellers will voluntarily comply, minimising the need for enforcement

The BC RCMP is currently in the process of determining where checks will be conducted to ensure public and officer safety.

These checks will be conducted by a dedicated team and will not reduce police service in the communities which we serve. All police personnel and partner agencies taking part in the checks will be following COVID-19 protocols to ensure the safety of everyone.

Signs placed well ahead of the road checks will warn travellers and provide them the opportunity to safely turn around if the purpose of their travel in not essential.

As outlined in the provincial announcement, the BC RCMP will not be conducting random checks of vehicles or persons. Enforcement will only occur at the designated road check locations on Highways #1, #3, #5, and #99 near to the boundaries between the combined  Coastal and Fraser Health Regions and the combined Northern and Interior Health Regions. When a road check is active, a notification will also been made on the BC RCMP website and social media channels.

In preparation for the upcoming checks we would ask the public review the restrictions and provisions that the provincial government has issued, and to avoid non-essential travel between the Lower Mainland/Fraser Valley, Vancouver Island, and Northern/Interior regions.

We recognize that these checks will impact traffic flow and could potentially lead to delays. Leading up to the May long weekend we encourage everyone to revisit their plans and limit travel outside of their community. By working together, we will help to slow the spread of COVID-19 and return to normal seasonal travel more quickly.

Chief Superintendent Dave Attfield

Deputy Criminal Operations Officer, Core Policing


Released by:

BC RCMP Communications



More links on the above BC road blocks. How in the world do they think they can decide whether your travel is essential or not? It’s just arbitrary and subjective judgment on their part, exercising their muscle!!


And in other “news”, Alberta is stepping up restrictions and penalties…

Welcome to the Communist Republic of Canada!!