Well, What do you Know About That!??

HELLth officials are starting to backtrack on their FAKE stories of ”Covid deaths”, having been smoked out like the rats they are, by folks who are willing to go past the grief of losing a loved one, and tell the truth on social media. All I can say is what a lovely old lady used to say to me once upon a time: Well, what do you know about that?

Please have a listen to Dan Dicks over at pressfortruth.ca, from which this video was shared, and let’s keep after them until they ALL turn tail and RUN! 😅

And who could resist this little fellow’s PRECIOUS look?!? It’s like he’s saying, ”Ya!! We GOTT ’EM!!!”

Irish Man Who Filmed Garda (Police) Disrupting Mass Arrested at 3:30am., and his Children Abducted.

Religious persecution is rearing its ugly head all over the world due to the “covid pLandemic”, and here is a sad story from Ireland. I agree with the writer; as many as possible should bombard the emails of the concerned entities… I did. I hope folks around the world will step up to the plate and stand up for this poor man who was only trying to expose the evils of covid restrictions.