“Coronaville” Intensifies…

“Coronaville” Intensifies…

We made another foray into “Coronaville” late last week, which turned out to be a little more intense than previous trips. 

Apparently, we here in Alberta have been “rolled back” to “Step 1” of the province’s “reopening” strategy. That means, among other things, that masks are again mandatory in all indoor spaces. I don’t believe they have any intention of reopening, only that these insane measures are being used to get more people primed for, and desiring to receive, the kill shot, aka “vaccine”! However that may be, employees in some places were more vigorous in policing the masking…

First, however, it needs to be said that most places we had to go were still willing to allow us in, and we even had opportunities to enlighten a few folks who were open to hearing some truth. One cashier, poor woman, was “scared to death”, she said, and eagerly welcomed the information I had on the dangers of the so-called ‘vaccine’. I tried to encourage her into trusting in God only, and being willing to say “No”, as well. Others had new thoughts inserted into their thinking, and perhaps they will be able to change their minds about things like masking their children. We can always hope…

First intensified encounter: Canadian Tire. Immediately upon entering, someone demanded if we had masks. My best half saw the bottle of hand sanitizer in her hand, and thought she was asking if we wanted that, so answered, “We have our own.” And we walked in.

In the automotive aisle we were chased down by a very indignant woman who accosted us with a stern, “Excuse me sir!” from behind. My heart nearly stopped. 

“Why aren’t you wearing your masks?!” (Notice how they always say ‘your’ this or that? All this garbage is really ‘theirs’, NOT yours.)

“We’re exempt,” replied my best half. 

“Well, if you’re exempt, you need to tell people, instead of just refusing to wear one!” She was really mad.

I was very quiet, wondering what would happen. After all, folks have been physically assaulted in Canadian Tires for this “offence”. Then she saw the list paper in my hand and added, “And if you don’t have your paperwork, you still have to wear them! It’s MANDATORY in Spruce Grove right now!” Now what did she mean by ‘paperwork’, I wondered? 

Second intense encounter: the greenhouse. Now, wouldn’t you think a greenhouse, of all places, would not be sticky about masks? After all, they have the most oxygen-rich atmosphere of any place. However, that was not the case, and was where I was more or less expelled.

As usual, I simply walked in and quickly began to go about my business without looking at anyone. I began breathing that heavenly air as deeply as possible (I love the scent of a greenhouse!). Not finding what I was looking for immediately, it took some time, I even had to ask for assistance once; and when nobody said anything about my maskless face, I thought I would be OK, and began to relax. Not so.

A short time later, as I was pondering over the type of flowers I would like, the same woman who helped me earlier showed up and asked if I had a mask. 

“No, I don’t wear masks.” I said.

“Well, the law, you know. It’s mandatory right now… Do you HAVE a mask?”

When I said “no” she offered to get me one. I said, “It’s so frustrating because there’s no disease; it’s a political agenda”: and repeated that I don’t wear masks, and asked “what about people with exemptions?”

“Do you have an exemption card?”

“What? You need a card to be exempt?” (Guess that’s what the CT woman meant by ‘paperwork’) “I have religious convictions.” 

That’s when a man appeared, who snootily commented, “Nobody LIKES to wear a mask!”

“It’s not about liking it or not; it’s about my religious convictions. This whole thing is a political agenda, and the more people go along with it, pretty soon they can just take over the whole world! But I’ll leave.”

He replied, “They have the power to shut down the whole store.”

“Yes, I know. So I’ll leave.”

At least they let me buy what I had put into my cart…

The grocery stores still don’t harass maskless folks, but as I was picking a few vegetables, an elderly couple walked past me, and first he turned around to look at me, then she did the same, with a look of disgust on her face. Then she immediately began to whisper something to her husband.  

I begin to understand what it feels like to be a despised minority… Not to mention how it feels to be discriminated against… But Jesus warned us we would be hated of all men for his name’s sake, and we might as well get used to it sooner than later! Because this entire agenda goes totally against God and Christians. 

Until next time…

“Coronaville” Strikes Again, But WE WON! 😁

“Coronaville” Strikes Again, But WE WON!

Well, that time came around again, I mean grocery shopping time, and since we haven’t been shopping for well over a month, we didn’t know what to expect. Needless to say, there was a wee tightness inside as we began our latest adventure in “Coronaville”…

Our first stop we kind of expected the masking routine, and there was indeed a notice on their door that I ignored as best I could, and boldly walked into the mobile phone service provider outlet. I was promptly met by a masked man who asked if I had a mask. When I said, “No, I don’t wear masks”, he told me I could not be served inside the store. He could help me outside, if I wanted to wait for him to grab his coat. So I waited in the sub-zero weather while he ever so slowly wandered back to get his coat.

Being somewhat “wound up” by my cool reception, when he returned, I was rather “prickly” with him, as he ended up telling me, after one negative thing and another, “We don’t take cash.” Being “prickly” was not how I wanted to react, nor was it ideal, but after some discussion about it, I realized the importance of maintaining a manner that brings glory to Jesus Christ, even under stress, and we proceeded to our next stop.

Along the way, we discovered that we had blundered into a county-wide “temporary” (we know what “they” mean by that…) MANDATORY mask bylaw that was in effect in all indoor public places, being advertised very largely on digital billboards and in other prominent locations, making us wonder if we would be able to accomplish anything.

However, we boldly walked into the next place, unmasked of course, and when we were reminded that masks were now mandatory, we simply ignored the statement, and said, “Uh, we were interested in that (item) you have on sale.” Whereupon they immediately forgot about our lack of masks, and helped us find the item, which happened to be in another location an hour away… They were really quite nice about it, too; but they didn’t want to hear the truth about what’s really going on behind the mask…

Superstore still had a very large sign outside the front doors announcing the “mandatory mask” policy, so we decided to skip them again, as they can be rather sticky about enforcing “rules”, choosing to try the more expensive grocery instead, a place where we have always felt welcome.

Not sure whether they would kick us out or not, we knew they at least always have a friendly attitude toward customers, so again we just walked in maskless and began to shop. At first I wanted to make myself as inconspicuous as possible, so I pulled my neck down into my collar as far as I could, and tried to avoid people as I hurried to get as many things as possible into my cart in an effort to discourage them from even wanting to give us the boot.

But then, as I went on unmolested, I realized that I wasn’t the one who needed to feel “sheepish”, so I proceeded quite freely, looking at folks, breathing deeply, and enjoying the feeling of freedom it gives to know you’re not complying with evil, and that you’re right.

A small handful of folks (OK, they could be easily counted on less than one hand) were also NOT COMPLYING!! To whom we made a point of saying, “Thank you for NOT wearing a mask!” This generated amazing conversations with others who know what’s going on! Let me say here that these ones had at least some knowledge of the bible…

Some of the comments we heard from about three people:
“We’re all going to end up in box cars if this keeps up!”
“I work in health care, and you can’t wear a mask for very long; you’re breathing your own (ahem)!”
“I fight with my family over this stuff!”
“I hate masks; I can’t breathe in a mask!”
“I see some people who wear masks wrongly, and I know they don’t like to, but they’re going along with it to avoid standing out from the crowd. But I’m glad to stand out from the crowd! Whenever I see another person without a mask, I smile broadly at them to encourage them.”
“Thank you! You’re the first person who has ever said that to me!”

I give enormous credit to the more expensive grocery for their attitude towards customers. Not one staff member even looked askance at us for not masking, and not one word was said about it. There were no childish signs ordering us not to touch, no ugly anti-social dots on the floor, etc. For that reason, I will gladly shop there, even though the prices are “rather pricey” 😬. (I have not mentioned their name because I certainly don’t want to get them in any trouble. I did, however, commend this to the cashier, and asked her to pass it on to the manager.)

To conclude: here’s one message we want to give the readers of my humble blog: Be of good courage, don’t simply “go along to get along”! If more folks would NOT COMPLY, “they” wouldn’t be able to get away with as much as “they” do. “They” can only push as far as people will obediently allow “them” to. My thought for the masked, brain-washed masses was, “If only you knew you could be free!”

The most important message we want to help folks understand, is that God says, “FEAR NOT!!” over and over in his inspired, inerrant and infallible word; while the devil and his minions are barraging the deceived masses 24/7 with the unending command to “Fear, fear, fear!!”

So who are YOU going to obey? God, or the devil?

As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord (Joshua 24:15), and NOT fear man!!

Proverbs 14:26
In the fear of the Lord is strong confidence:
and his children shall have a place of refuge.

And for that reason alone…WE WON!!