“For Whatever 🙄 Reason”

“For Whatever Reason”

Jason Kenney, Premier of Alberta, has openly pointed his finger at the ones who, all along, since the beginning of the so-called “Covid crisis”, have been predetermined “The Blame” for repeated unjust lockdowns being increasingly and rigorously imposed on Albertans. I’m sure most folks know who that group of scapegoats is… ya, the ones who, “for whatever 🙄 reason”…are “ignoring the rules”.

Of course, this increases the fear among those who blindly follow idiotic “rules” without even understanding what’s being done to them. Not only that, but now hate is going to increase as well, just watch. The political mouthpiece that passes for a “local, independent newspaper”, that unashamedly promotes this communist agenda, tugs at sympathy chords for “our students, local businesses and their employees, who are the ones suffering from these added restrictions”, in order to fully demonize those others who are ALSO SUFFERING (!!!), but who wisely choose not to blindly obey “The Rules” like good little boys and girls! “For whatever🙄 reason”!! 

Maybe those “others” prefer to breathe clean air (relatively speaking…), knowing that recycled CO2 is dangerously toxic to their lungs…

Maybe those “others” know that the Covid virus has a greater than 99% recovery rate, and that the symptoms are about the same as the annual flu or a bad cold…

Maybe those “others” understand how important human contact is for mental health (something our oppressors are always harping about, but are working to damage…)

Maybe those “rebellious others” know that gathering for worship is essential for strength and encouragement in these trying times…

Maybe those “others” also know that these lockdowns and all threats of stronger and more unjust enforcements have done more harm than Covid, and is also the sign of a communist take-over…!

And surely those “others” also know that an experimental, unapproved, poisonous gene-altering jab being forced upon the populace by deceit and coercion is NOT a wise thing to receive…!

And those “others” hear the oppressors talking about this magical thing called “herd immunity”, knowing FULL WELL that what “they’re” aiming at is total HERD MENTALITY…!!! 

And some of these “others” who know the bible, understand that this is all leading up to the mark of the beast, where one cannot buy or sell without the mark: beginning with the conditioner, the MASK…

Most assuredly, Jason Kenney knows at least some of these obvious reasons, but “for whatever reason” (political position, personal gain, rejection of God and truth, fear?) is simply IGNORING the FACTS, and willingly playing the devil’s game. 

Truth and salmon have one major commonality: both must SWIM AGAINST the CURRENT to survive.


Encouragement for true Christians: 

Matthew 10:22 (KJV)

22 And ye shall be hated of all men for my name’s sake: but he that endureth to the end shall be saved.

Hebrews 11:35-38 (KJV) …and OTHERS were tortured, not accepting deliverance; that they might obtain a better resurrection: 36 And OTHERS had trial of cruel mockings and scourgings, yea, moreover of bonds and imprisonment: 37 They were stoned, they were sawn asunder, were tempted, were slain with the sword: they wandered about in sheepskins and goatskins; being destitute, afflicted, tormented; 38 (Of whom the world was not worthy:)…

It is a great honour to be among those “others”…!

WordPress Censorship Tactics

I’ve been noticing some disturbing things happening on my blog here at WordPress, and am beginning to think they are deliberate tactics being used to suppress the truth! First, and most irritatingly, the “tags” we can add to our posts are timed, and when a blog post is rather innocuous, or not altogether against the “party line”, I can type many of them before the time runs out. BUT, and this is where it gets frustrating, when the post goes completely against the “party line”, like the one about Dr. Hoffe’s interview just posted, I have not even enough time to type one small tag! Hmmmm!?!?

Now I’ve seen another tactic being used to interfere with readership, and that is, even though I have made several postings in the last time frame of a month, the “manage” section of the newsfeed claims I have not posted anything since a month ago! Which has the effect of causing readers not to open my blog… or other blogs with similar claims made against them…

Has anyone else on WordPress been noticing these censorship tactics? If so, please comment. And if you appreciate my humble blog, please ignore the wordpress(titute) claims, and open anyways!

I thank you in advance.

(P.S. I was allowed 3 tags for this one!)

Comment on Coronaville “Safety”

“…your right to freedom of choice does not trump my right to live in a safe environment.”

This quote was the final statement of a nameless editor of a local(ish) newsletter recently, after he had penned a shameless propaganda piece in support of the current covid-19(84) so-called “vaccination” agenda in which he had regurgitated all the latest overblown and faulty “case” numbers, etc.

Well, I hate to stick my pin into anybody’s balloon , but this desire to live in a “safe” environment at the expense of everyone’s freedom is NOT a “right”. And what these folks call “safe” is NOT safe by any stretch of the imagination!

Covid-19(84) communism, which has pulled off the largest coup d’état in history, is THE most oppressive and evil system of rule on the planet. But that’s what these whiners are clamouring for; the complete removal of everyone’s freedom, so they can feel “safe”.

Safe from WHAT, exactly? A common cold? The flu? Cooties?? Getting sick from time to time is just a normal part of LIFE, for your information. So is death, by the way.

Since when has illness and/or death from illness become the one thing that MUST be avoided at all costs?

Since when did crushing every country’s economy become a necessary way of avoiding an illness?

Since when did the destruction of families, relationships, and social life become a necessary way of combatting any illness?

Since when did sky-high and climbing suicide rates become just collateral damage in the fight against an illness??

Since when did eliminating freedom of choice become a necessary ingredient for avoiding a common cold or flu?!?

Etc., etc., etc.!!

Sice the invention of covid-19(84) Communism, that’s when. And is that REALLY what you want, what makes all you whiners feel “safe”?

Here’s a few suggestions for all those scared rabbits out there who want to steal everyone’s freedom for their own so-called “safety”!

If YOU are afraid to live in the relatively safe country you are in; if YOU hate the freedoms we have, feel free to MOVE. Go where oppressive communism is already deeply entrenched, and see how you like that. Don’t force it on us.

YOU could stay locked up in your own homes under house arrest indefinitely, and wear masks until you suffocate, if that makes you feel safe. Don’t force it on us.

If YOU think the poison jab is the only way to be safe, go ahead and line up for it; but DON’T force it on us!!

Because our LEGITIMATE RIGHT to freedom of choice for our own bodies DOES trump your non-existent “right” to live in what you call a “safe” environment.

Wearing the Mask 😷 is a Symbol of Satanic Ritual Submission.

Just so you know. Please examine the link below for yourself, and decide. Hopefully, more folks will see the satanic agenda behind these masks, and choose not to submit.

Mask wearing is ritualistic submission

And that’s precisely why we won’t be complying!

And here is a video on the topic of mask wearers by the “Old Man in a Chair”, https://youtu.be/pYk6nfnx_84. I agree with him about the folks who mask, but he’s wrong in what he says about Germany and the Nazis.

“We’re From the Government; We Care About YOU!”



There can only BE one thought concerning this advertisement put out by the Government of Canada, and that is:

If they had not locked down the entire country for months on the faulty advice of the criminal “WHO”, and made it extremely difficult to reopen, thanks to all those idiotic restrictions which cost the local stores even more money; in short, if they had minded their OWN business; none of these local businesses would be worried right now about not making it…

And tell me, how are locals supposed to support their local shops when they, too, have had their means of living stolen by the medical mafia, and now have no extra cash to spend on non-essential shopping, eating out, etc.?

No, the government does NOT care about YOU. But it sure does know how to make it SOUND like they do!! Gotta give ’em credit for THAT!

“So just you shut up and trust that we know what’s best for you, because we’re from the government; WE wouldn’t lie to you!”


Just Another Day in “Coronaville”…

My best half and I were sitting outside the library using the free wifi, when a well-dressed younger gentleman drove up and parked right beside us on my side of the truck. He didn’t seem to be using the wifi, but instead maybe waiting for somebody or something. He cranked up the volume on some classical music to the point we could clearly hear it above our earphones — with his windows closed. (The music was nice, but the volume was rather inconsiderate…)

He stepped out of his very clean car, emptied some trash, lit up a smoke, and proceeded to puff away somewhat upwind of us, so that I was considering asking him to go downwind… (hack! hack! Maybe a corona mask 😷 would have helped…! 😉)

He got back into his immaculate car, took out some kind of disinfectant wipes, and polished up his already perfectly dust-free dash, steering wheel, etc.

All of a sudden, to my intense startlement, just as this fine gentleman was re-entering his car after disposing of his wipes in the library’s trash can, my best half shouts right past me, “Can you PLEASE keep your music to yourself?!”

The gentleman, startled as well, I suppose, replied, “Pardon me?” The request was repeated in the same tone; the “What?” was repeated, and the request was repeated again. A little louder this time. 🙉

To which the well-dressed younger man sharply retorted, “Can you please keep your OPINIONS to yourself?!” accompanying his stress with a double slap on my side truck window which holds a sign declaring, “Social Distancing is ANTI-SOCIAL!!”

Then he hopped into his sanitary car and drove rather huffily away, I thought.

Peace and quiet settled once again upon the outdoor users of the public wifi.

Just another day in “Coronaville”.

Understanding the Masked Message.

Seems like those pesky stupid-looking masks are NOT going away any time soon, so we might as well learn how to understand what is being said behind them. After all, we still need to communicate, however difficult it may be…

So here’s a simple method of deciphering the mumbles coming from behind those covered mouths.

1) First, this is not to make fun of those poor folks who HAVE NO CHOICE, the ones who, if they don’t wear them, cannot put food on their tables. These ones are the victims, and my sympathies are totally with them.

2) This IS for all the ones who WILLINGLY and VOLUNTARILY cover their faces to show their compliance with the voices on the idiot box, and therefore have given up their OWN dignity.

The key, then, to decoding the masked message is to determine whether the speaker is a poor worker who wears it to earn a living, or whether it is a “sheep”. Once that is discovered, the translation becomes simple.

The poor worker will probably make enough effort to speak as clearly as possible under the circumstances that translation is not overly difficult. But translating the message of the “sheep” is much easier: every time the mumbles begin, you can assuredly know that what they are saying is…

“Baaaa! Baaaaa!”



Truth Offends, and that’s the Truth!

“Whoa! That’s quite a title,” you may have thought. And so it is. But truth never sets out to offend just to offend. It is offensive only to those who either hate it, fear it or are made uncomfortable by it. Truth is loved by the ones who have been made free by it, and those who are not afraid to face it head on. 😬

Down through the entire history of the world, from the very beginning, mankind has been, by and large, at enmity with truth. When God would send his prophets to warn people of coming judgments upon their sin, instead of repenting, they would ignore, persecute, jail and often kill the messenger because they could not bear to hear the truth. But the prophets were right.

When Jesus Christ (who IS Truth) walked among us, he spoke with authority about the kingdom of God, and was severely persecuted, and eventually crucified because the people could not bear the truth. Especially the Pharisees (the “elite class” of today), who thought they were superior to everyone else. But Jesus was right.

The Apostle Paul ended up being hated for preaching the same truth, and after a while he had to ask some of his own converts, “Am I become your enemy because I tell you the truth?” But Paul was right.

The more things change, the more they stay the same, it has been said. People think they can extend their lives by technological advancements; way back when, they were doing the same thing by searching for some kind of “elixir of youth”. Our present society is rotting quickly in decadence (dee-CAY-dence), while at the same time believing falsely that it is advancing beyond anything seen before. Sounds familiar, IF ancient history was taught correctly. Every ancient society which was very advanced, was just at this very deCAYdent point when it completely collapsed from the putrefying rot within.

The jews who control the whole world by the power they receive from their father the devil, want more than anything to shut down every dissenting voice which speaks the truth about their evil agendas. Truth offends them, because they hate it. Which is why they tried to eliminate it by crucifying Jesus, but that backfired BIG TIME in their faces. 😄

An analogy comes to mind: I noticed on our Sunday walk, an enormous poplar forest cropping up about 5 or 6 inches high. The reason for this is that some time ago, a big poplar tree had been cut down. But just because the big tree was removed, doesn’t mean it was gone. These trees are notorious for sending out underground shoots in every conceivable direction from the main root after they are cut down, and before you know it, there are miniature poplar trees popping up EVERYWHERE! The jews didn’t know this when they “cut down” the main tree (Jesus); and before they knew it, the phenomenon called “Christianity” had spread around the world; and that offends them, because they hate truth.

Likewise, the gender insane “rainbow people” get very offended when they hear that sodomy and other suchlike disgusting evils are an abomination to God. But it’s the truth.

And truth must be spoken whether the hearers like it or not. Whether or not the truth speaker gets ignored, persecuted, jailed or killed.

Today, folks are seeking truth in ever greater numbers. They’ve woken up to many evil jewish agendas, 9/11, the hollow hoax, false flags going on everywhere., etc., etc., etc. They pump out information faster than you can blink, definitely faster than anyone can keep up with it. And yet…and yet… They are still not willing to hear certain truths that make them uncomfortable or cause them to face who they really are…

Truth such as: IT IS THE END. If there was a beginning, it follows logically that there must be an end. The same God who created this world and got it going at the beginning, has decreed that there is an end. And if folks would stop running hither and thither for a few minutes and pause to read a bible, they would see all the signs that Jesus said would indicate THE END was very near. This thought scares more people than it comforts, or makes them angry, because they are not ready to face God, and they know it. They have deceived themselves into thinking that if they can just be “self-sufficient” enough, they can prolong time, and survive the coming END. They can’t, and that’s the truth. Because God’s word is already settled in heaven, and will not change…

But there is so much hope to be had, if only folks would face truth head on like they say they do. God provided the one and only way to everlasting life, through Jesus Christ, but hardly anyone wants to see THAT truth! Pride in what “self” can do is so appealing, after all. “We can prep, get armed, hide out, and fight it out. We can stop this thing! Look what WE can do! What stupidity to look to God and trust him for our salvation! WE are SELF-sufficient!”

Sigh 😔.

And while folks are becoming more and more SELF-sufficient, they also have less and less peace. More fear. More stress. Less joy. What a lousy trade-off. They have nothing to look forward to, except a burnt out world filled with the stench of rotting deCAYdence. Because the bible, God’s word which was already settled in heaven from the beginning, says, But the heavens and the earth, which are now, by the same word are kept in store, reserved unto FIRE against the day of judgment and perdition of ungodly men. (1 Peter 3:7). (my emphasis)

It is coming, folks, and is very nearly here. No amount of SELF-sufficiency can stop it. No. People need to humble themselves and admit they need a Saviour; that they are not capable of saving themselves. Who can stand before the wrath of God?

There are many wonderful promises for those who WILL humble themselves and repent; those who believe the word of God and are born of the Spirit (born again). There is no fear of the coming judgment for them. They have peace in the midst of this horrible turmoil, and joy in knowing that if (or when) they get killed for speaking the truth, they will go straight into the presence of God, and live with him for ever. Their joy is not diminished when disaster threatens their stuff because they know they have an eternal inheritance in heaven. They trust God, and so remain in peace when the whole world is floundering under the “coronavirus” assault.

Oh, that more folks would truly embrace THE ONE TRUTH, instead of running from it in pursuit of other lesser truths! But as it was in times past…it is because…

Truth offends, and that’s the truth!

Sundry Links for the Interested. Updated 2020 July 7.

Following are a few links to articles and/or videos that may be of interest to those who believe in freedom and truth.

I’ll begin with an excellent video by the unstoppable Dana Ashlie on the topic of suppressed history, and WHITE SLAVERY in particular. We have never been told any of this in “history” class; it has been deliberately suppressed and kept hidden because there is a deeper agenda being enacted in this wicked world. The link takes you to Liberty International Blog here on wordpress, where I saw it posted first. So much for white “privilege”!


UPDATE: Just in case it was any surprise to anyone (NOT!), the jews were heavily involved in the slave trade, a fact that is routinely covered up. From thetruthseeker.co.uk is the following article: http://www.thetruthseeker.co.uk/?p=209818. Please inform yourselves. The jews are FAR from innocent!!

Then we go over to Greencrow as the Crow Flies, who hails from British Columbia, Canada, and who has found a disgusting piece by the so-called CBC, pushing for mandatory, and possibly permanent wearing of masks. Apparently, Ontario is already mandating this idiocy, and Alberta has been talking about it; but now with the national “news” service brainwashing folks into accepting it, we’ve no hope to avoid it!! Notice how they broadly hint that not wearing a mask equates with drinking yourself under the table then driving!! There is NO comparison!!! Please read for yourself.


Let’s end with a warning for Christians, from news.gab.com. The bible does warn that Christians will be taken, and that time not only has happened time and again in the past, but is once more upon us. It is no new thing for God’s people to be persecuted… In fact, it truly is “The Heritage of the Faithful”. Ponder that.

Then They Came For Christians: A Warning

NOW is the time to get right with God, repent and stop all sinning, and turn to the Lord with all your heart! He has promised us eternal life through Jesus Christ, but we can reject that and take our chances on our own. However, when, and I do not say “if”; WHEN we die, and we will; we can die with the hope of resurrection from the dead, because Jesus rose again. Or, we can choose to die without that hope, and perish eternally.

It’s totally up to you. God has provided the way for everlasting life, but he has also given man a free will.

What choice will YOU make?


Compilation of Subjects for Your Information.

Because of certain technical difficulties, my posting must be compiled into convenient packages, but still, it makes for useful reading. Thank you for your patience and for following this humble blog.

First, from http://www.thetruthseeker.co.uk we have an alarming admission from Billy Gates-of-Hell himself, that his corona virus vaccine will injure or kill anywheres up to 700,000 people, far more than it “helps”! How’s that for a sinister how-do-ya-do?!?

Bill Gates admits that 700,000 people will be harmed or killed by his coronavirus vaccines

Next, from vigilantcitizen.com comes an opinion that makes complete sense to me: that face masks are a powerful symbol of covid OPPRESSION. A mask also shows that you comply with that oppression. Do you really want to wear one?

The Face Mask: A Powerful Symbol of COVID Oppression

Another one from thetruthseeker.co.uk will give you pause for thought if you know anything about Mao’s Red Guards of Cultural Revolution China. Anyone with eyes open can see this happening in our own countries, what with all the stupid rules, and tattle-tales (I mean, snitches) calling in every normal activity that breaks the rules!! By the way, a snitch is the lowest form of scumbag there is!

The New Red Guards

And lastly, from Mike Stone over at http://www.henrymakow.com is something that will either make you hopping mad or bring a smile to your face (depending on which side you find yourself).


Speaking of “Covid Believers”, it’s sad and amazing that otherwise intelligent people are so willing to “believe in Covid-19”, as one man said, when there is far LESS evidence for that than there is for believing in God, which they refuse to do! Maybe I was wrong in my judgment of their intelligence…?