Tyranny In Canada: Status Of Brave Canadian Patriot, Artur Pawlowski — Northerntruthseeker

It was a few months back over at that horror show called ‘Blogger’ that I posted an amazing video where Canadian pastor, Artur Pawlowski, was blatantly arrested by the Canadian thought police in Calgary Alberta some 800 miles west of here, for the ‘crime’ of conducting a church service…. That was so appalling and showed […]

Tyranny In Canada: Status Of Brave Canadian Patriot, Artur Pawlowski — Northerntruthseeker

Once again I bring you an update, posted first by NorthernTruthseeker, on Artur Palowski, arrested and possibly imprisoned by now, simply for keeping his church open for worship. This interview with Mike Adams took place a wee bit before October 13, by the sounds of it, but it gives you a good idea of what believers are facing right here in the Communist Republic of Chi—oops—Canada.

Artur Palowski is “right on” about how the true church reacts to the fire of persecution. But he is dead wrong in calling Christianity ”Judeo-Christian”; and he goes way off base when he starts talking about politics being needed to change this war we find ourselves in. It is not a political war, it’s a spiritual war, and politics will never work in the spiritual realm. Even Jesus himself refused to be engaged in any way with the politics of the world, saying My kingdom is not of this world. True believers need to see this fact, as well, and set their own affections on things above, not on things on the earth.

Update on Pastor Artur Pawlowski and Family.

Following from RebelNews.com is the latest on the persecution of the Pawlowski family. Near the end of the interview with Mrs. Pawlowski, she says something very significant. “This is open hatred of Christianity.” And that she feels she’s in the “Canadian Republic of China”.

Yes, open hostility against Christianity is here, folks. While you were sleeping, or entertaining yourselves with the devil’s garbage, these communists have taken over this country. And while you were playing church, the devil has been laughing. And this is the result. This is exactly what the bible has been warning about, but you were too busy, or too blind, or too cocky in your churchianity, to see it.

I do not agree with everything the Pawlowski’s say or do, but we need to be aware of what’s happening to Christianity in general. And all believers need to take a good hard look at themselves in light of the word of God, to determine if their lives line up with what is written there. Considering how wicked the world is so quickly getting, it can’t be very long before the time of grace is over. And when that happens, all hell breaks loose.

Repent while there’s time.

And now, the link to the Pawlowski saga: https://www.bitchute.com/video/Uu49TiIy-Sg/

It’s Definitely a War on Christianity…

From rebelnews.com we have yet another story on the persecution of Christian pastors in Alberta. Pastor Tim Stephens of Fairview Baptist church in Calgary, Alberta, has been arrested unlawfully yet again, for what? For refusing to bow the knee to AHS, and continuing to hold worship services. This is certainly being used to “make examples” to scare others into compliance, like communist Russia and China, etc.

This will have the needful effect of separating the sheep from the goats; it will divide the true from the false believers, and purify the church. Any who are unwilling to suffer for Christ will be weeded out, and the faithful will remain, stronger than before.


This is actually happening all over Canada, not just in Alberta. The following article is from Druthers.net.

NEVER deny Christ, come what may!!

Three (3) and Counting… Arrested Alberta Pastors, That Is…

There’s been yet another Alberta pastor arrested (and quickly released, apparently) for holding church services in the face of persecution and unlawful AHS “rules”. This incident happened just last Sunday, May 16, 2021. Follow the link, Rebel News is covering all these cases, praise God someone is on top of it!

I give the credit to Rainbow Warrior of DidYouKnow for alerting me to this one.

Canadian communism may have a different face than Asian or European communism; but it’s still the same evil beast! And make no mistake, religious persecution for the sake of eradicating Christianity, is the main goal.

Another Alberta Pastor Arrested for Peacefully Holding a Worship Service… (May8/21)

Trying to keep up with current events can be a bit daunting these days, as so much happens in so short a time… But I do want to post what I can find concerning the two Alberta pastors who have been arrested like criminals, for what? Obeying God! This one is the moment Artur Pawlowski was arrested in Calgary, Alberta, China (oops, I mean, Canada!) But really, what’s the difference anymore!??

God promises to separate the sheep from the goats before he returns, and I can see that’s what is beginning to happen. Those who aren’t willing (or fear) to suffer for Jesus will cave in and deny him to avoid it; while those who are willing to suffer for him will stand and be counted…arrested like a common criminal in this case. We absolutely need to know which camp we’re in…but it’s usually in the fire where we learn that knowledge…

Recent Updates on Two Alberta Pastors Being Persecuted for Obeying God Rather than Men.

Dan Dicks of Press for Truth reports on the Calgary pastor who rightfully kicked the so-called “authorities” out of his church, not once, but twice; who is now facing arrest! Notice how the article Dan quotes uses the word “powers”; that’s right, they only have “power”, NOT authority! An important distinction…

And when someone (in the UK) can be forcibly arrested for simply quoting the bible, you know we’re facing the REAL agenda behind the scenes, and what the devil has always been trying to do since the crucifixion of Christ — kill Christianity. 

But Christ cannot die anymore, and lives through his own true people, so the devil is fighting a losing battle!! Ha ha!

Seems to me it’s time to go underground, and meet at random times… 

And in the case of Pastor James Coates of Grace Life Church,  who continued to hold proper services in the face of illegal AHS and government orders, here is coverage of his trial, if you’re interested.


We need more folks like this, willing to stand up for TRUTH, come what may! 

UPDATE on GraceLife Church in Alberta, Canada.

Pretty sad when a group of peaceful believers is forced underground in a supposedly free western nation! But apparently, that’s what has happened… Please read the following article from anti-empire.com for more information.

Welcome to the Communist Republik of Canada! 🙁

UPDATED: Unjust Church Closure Over Non-Compliance with [Anti-Christ] Covid Lockdown Rules.

Well, as it happens, the covid police have now physically closed the Alberta church whose pastor was jailed for non-compliance with lockdown rules that went directly against the word of God. See the following articles, albeit from mainstream sources, for a fuller picture. We stand with those of God’s people who would “rather suffer affliction with the people of God than enjoy the pleasures of sin for a season”.




Praise the Lord for some who are willing to obey God rather than men! We can’t just roll over and play dead on command; we must stand for the truth!

UPDATE: Here is the public statement made by the church in question, which I should have included yesterday, but didn’t think of it then; In which they explain very clearly their reasons for their actions. The sermon I posted earlier (https://wordpress.com/post/canadianwildflower867537505.wordpress.com/1448.) gives the full biblical foundation upon which they have made their stand.

Sundry Links for the Interested. Updated 2020 July 7.

Following are a few links to articles and/or videos that may be of interest to those who believe in freedom and truth.

I’ll begin with an excellent video by the unstoppable Dana Ashlie on the topic of suppressed history, and WHITE SLAVERY in particular. We have never been told any of this in “history” class; it has been deliberately suppressed and kept hidden because there is a deeper agenda being enacted in this wicked world. The link takes you to Liberty International Blog here on wordpress, where I saw it posted first. So much for white “privilege”!


UPDATE: Just in case it was any surprise to anyone (NOT!), the jews were heavily involved in the slave trade, a fact that is routinely covered up. From thetruthseeker.co.uk is the following article: http://www.thetruthseeker.co.uk/?p=209818. Please inform yourselves. The jews are FAR from innocent!!

Then we go over to Greencrow as the Crow Flies, who hails from British Columbia, Canada, and who has found a disgusting piece by the so-called CBC, pushing for mandatory, and possibly permanent wearing of masks. Apparently, Ontario is already mandating this idiocy, and Alberta has been talking about it; but now with the national “news” service brainwashing folks into accepting it, we’ve no hope to avoid it!! Notice how they broadly hint that not wearing a mask equates with drinking yourself under the table then driving!! There is NO comparison!!! Please read for yourself.


Let’s end with a warning for Christians, from news.gab.com. The bible does warn that Christians will be taken, and that time not only has happened time and again in the past, but is once more upon us. It is no new thing for God’s people to be persecuted… In fact, it truly is “The Heritage of the Faithful”. Ponder that.

Then They Came For Christians: A Warning

NOW is the time to get right with God, repent and stop all sinning, and turn to the Lord with all your heart! He has promised us eternal life through Jesus Christ, but we can reject that and take our chances on our own. However, when, and I do not say “if”; WHEN we die, and we will; we can die with the hope of resurrection from the dead, because Jesus rose again. Or, we can choose to die without that hope, and perish eternally.

It’s totally up to you. God has provided the way for everlasting life, but he has also given man a free will.

What choice will YOU make?


Last Requiem for Palestine’s Christians, and Jewish Privilege.

I came across the following links at another truther’s blog here on WordPress, Larry’s Musings, https://wordpress.com/read/feeds/5013161/posts/2493010108 , and have to share them: first, because the tragic condition of the Palestinian Christians MUST be made known, and secondly, because Jewish “superiority” MUST be exposed for the evil it is!

So-called “Christians” who support Israel must be aware that they also support the idea that Palestinians are “not human, and must be killed”??!?!? These “Christians” also don’t seem to mind that their “god” Israel, is the entity promoting pornography around the world?!??!? How can people even call themselves “christians” and continue to support this anti-christ “state”?!?

Palestinian Christians


Jewish Privilige