French HollowHoax Denier Gets One Year Behind Bars.

It’s a criminal offense in France to deny the false narrative of the hollowhoax, why am I not surprised? Thanks to comes this very biased article. No wonder: it was posted originally on the Times of Israel site, linked to in the following article.

Extreme-right Frenchman sent to prison for Holocaust denial

So being called “extreme right” must mean “you are extremely right because you speak hollowhoax truth”. Makes sense to me! 😄


10 Doublespeak Terms Used to Enslave Us, Henry Makow

Ever wonder how words can be used to enslave people? Wonder no more. Henry Makow describes 10 terms the jews use to enslave us, but there are many more. Welcome to 1984!!


Free Speech and Shutting Down the Vaccine Debate, by Truthstream Media.

Why do those folks who desire control over others always seem to miss the entire point? Why do they lump everyone into “pro”- or “anti”- groups? The whole point over the vaccine issue is NOT whether anyone is pro- or anti- vaccination; the entire argument is that people MUST be allowed to make INFORMED DECISIONS, whether or not they choose to vaccinate!

Please listen to the following video from Truth Stream Media over at spewtube, and tell me they’re not planning to criminalize and incarcerate anyone who even questions vaccines!

Why are these creatures so against open debate? It’s totally because they know they would lose the debate. Period. The facts are all on the other side. Did you catch that this Dr. Hotez equates the “vaccine hesitant” with “holocaust deniers”? Do you see what is happening, folks? They want to imprison people who question vaccines and the official narrative, just like they do to truthful “holocaust deniers”!

Why?? Because they can’t win against the truth, so they try to silence it by throwing the truth tellers into prison. But it doesn’t work!

If they had all the facts on their side, they wouldn’t fear any discussion about any issue, and they certainly wouldn’t have to criminalize people who question them. All this “hate group” and “hate speech” C.R.A.P. is nothing but the deliberate demonization of all who speak truth!!

Please also visit the National Vaccine Information Center at to inform yourself about this vital topic. Don’t wait for others to inform you; you’re the one who cares the most about your childrens’ health and well-being. Be proactive, and don’t be afraid to stick to your guns –so to speak — in defense of their health.

The Lie That Will Not Die — Northerntruthseeker

I am deeply perturbed by what I see happening in America these days…. Yes, the criminals that occupy the US Congress.. aka.. Congress critters, are hell bent on the passage of a new “law” that will absolutely forbid anyone from looking into the evil machinations of the Jewish tribe, and especially the evils concocted on…

via The Lie That Will Not Die — Northerntruthseeker

All folks who value truth above their own skin must keep telling the truth, come what may! The world is faster and faster becoming unfit for decent moral beings to live in, why worry about being dispatched a little earlier? Silence gives consent to evil, and I for one will do my best to speak up for truth, God helping me!!

Important Video: Is This The Real Reason Why The Peaceful And Innocent Nation Of Venezuela Is Being Attacked By The US And Israel? — Northerntruthseeker

I always knew that if you dig deep enough into any criminal “regime change” happening anywhere across the planet, you will eventually hit a Jewish carcass behind them all…. 420 more words

via Important Video: Is This The Real Reason Why The Peaceful And Innocent Nation Of Venezuela Is Being Attacked By The US And Israel? — Northerntruthseeker

Methinks this IS the very reason why Venezuela is being attacked right now. Please watch the three minute video. Nobody gets away with speaking the truth about Israel, or opposing their evil.

And from The Burning Blogger of Bedlam, here on WordPress, we have the following article, which discusses the ramifications of a recently passed US “anti-semitism” Bill…

Hmm!! The net is fast encircling the truth tellers…


Apple bans Christian app, other tech giants soon to follow as war on Christianity accelerates — The American Awakening

Article Source The online war against free speech, free thought and association continues as tech giants continue to target and ban “dangerous” text, audio, and video. According to a recent BBC report, Apple has removed a Christian app because its teachings on homosexuality are “dangerous.” According to the report, an activist group called “Truth Wins…

via Apple bans Christian app, other tech giants soon to follow as war on Christianity accelerates — The American Awakening

We can only expect more and more of the same until, as the bible warns us, they will  begin to take off our heads! So we must speak out as much as possible until we get eliminated, one way or another!!

High School Teacher FIRED for Refusing to Go Along With Gender Insanity Demands.

The following is an article from The American Awakening ( which describes perfectly what any Christian can expect from now into the unforseeable future. Even though this teacher actually compromised with the gender insanity of the school board, he still got fired.

I don’t agree with the label “Christian bigots”, because even to stay true to scientific FACTS as an atheist will bring trouble down your neck.

But stay true to truth we MUST, Christian or not. This gender insanity MUST be resisted, come what may!!


Sickening, and Getting Worse!!

Just cannot believe how utterly ridiculous this so-called “political correctness” is getting! It’s absolutely sickening, and getting worse by the minute. Following is an article from The American Awakening, which outlines a future that is very bleak indeed, if this trend continues — and it will.

I mean, banning COLORS at school because they may represent something another student, or the school authorites, do not like!???! 😝😝😝



Public Indoctrination Centers (aka Schools) Are NOT Safe Places for Children!!

As I have done many times before, I will again give professing Christian parents the serious warning to GET YOUR KIDS OUT OF PUBLIC SCHOOLS, IF YOU LOVE THEM!!! There is no legitimate excuse for leaving them in these brainwashing centers. (Even the spell check is politically “correct”, trying to make me spell English words the French way!!) If you leave your kids in these agenda-pushing indoctrination brainwashing centers, you are willfully supporting the evil agendas these places teach, and have no right to complain about what is being taught to your children.

Following is a link taken from High Impact Vlogs over at spewtube, laying it all out in plain view.

Teachers who do the RIGHT THING are now being punished.

A final thought: Professing Christian parents, you will be held accountable before the judgment seat of God for allowing your children to be taught by these devils, when the bible actually commands parents to take responsibility for the godly instruction of their children.

There will be no excuse.

The Thousand Oaks False Flag -Pt. 2

Once again, here is part two from the Thousand Oaks False Flag, from

Listen to the link near the end called, “a federal “Red Flag” law in the works”, which shows that the USA federal government desires to pass a law which would give them the power to confiscate people’s guns based on any report – even anonymous – that the gun owner is “unstable”, etc. The California government is even verbally threatening Americans with “nukes” if they don’t comply!!!

Read and listen for yourselves. “They” aren’t even TRYING to hide anymore, just working right out in the open.