Apple bans Christian app, other tech giants soon to follow as war on Christianity accelerates — The American Awakening

Article Source The online war against free speech, free thought and association continues as tech giants continue to target and ban “dangerous” text, audio, and video. According to a recent BBC report, Apple has removed a Christian app because its teachings on homosexuality are “dangerous.” According to the report, an activist group called “Truth Wins…

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We can only expect more and more of the same until, as the bible warns us, they will  begin to take off our heads! So we must speak out as much as possible until we get eliminated, one way or another!!


High School Teacher FIRED for Refusing to Go Along With Gender Insanity Demands.

The following is an article from The American Awakening ( which describes perfectly what any Christian can expect from now into the unforseeable future. Even though this teacher actually compromised with the gender insanity of the school board, he still got fired.

I don’t agree with the label “Christian bigots”, because even to stay true to scientific FACTS as an atheist will bring trouble down your neck.

But stay true to truth we MUST, Christian or not. This gender insanity MUST be resisted, come what may!!


Sickening, and Getting Worse!!

Just cannot believe how utterly ridiculous this so-called “political correctness” is getting! It’s absolutely sickening, and getting worse by the minute. Following is an article from The American Awakening, which outlines a future that is very bleak indeed, if this trend continues — and it will.

I mean, banning COLORS at school because they may represent something another student, or the school authorites, do not like!???! 😝😝😝



Public Indoctrination Centers (aka Schools) Are NOT Safe Places for Children!!

As I have done many times before, I will again give professing Christian parents the serious warning to GET YOUR KIDS OUT OF PUBLIC SCHOOLS, IF YOU LOVE THEM!!! There is no legitimate excuse for leaving them in these brainwashing centers. (Even the spell check is politically “correct”, trying to make me spell English words the French way!!) If you leave your kids in these agenda-pushing indoctrination brainwashing centers, you are willfully supporting the evil agendas these places teach, and have no right to complain about what is being taught to your children.

Following is a link taken from High Impact Vlogs over at spewtube, laying it all out in plain view.

Teachers who do the RIGHT THING are now being punished.

A final thought: Professing Christian parents, you will be held accountable before the judgment seat of God for allowing your children to be taught by these devils, when the bible actually commands parents to take responsibility for the godly instruction of their children.

There will be no excuse.

The Thousand Oaks False Flag -Pt. 2

Once again, here is part two from the Thousand Oaks False Flag, from

Listen to the link near the end called, “a federal “Red Flag” law in the works”, which shows that the USA federal government desires to pass a law which would give them the power to confiscate people’s guns based on any report – even anonymous – that the gun owner is “unstable”, etc. The California government is even verbally threatening Americans with “nukes” if they don’t comply!!!

Read and listen for yourselves. “They” aren’t even TRYING to hide anymore, just working right out in the open.

How The Deck is Stacked, What Will You Say When They Come For You? by John Kaminski

This article speaks for itself. It comes from

If you question any official narrative, they WILL come for you. It’s just a matter of time….

What WILL you say? We must speak the TRUTH.

the reason the holocaust narrative must be maintained — larrysmusings

Dr. Thomas Dalton has hit the proverbial bull’s eye. The holocaust narrative must be used to deter and prevent people from connecting the dots, and recognizing the facts of the German experience in the 1930s. Let us consider this insightful and thought provoking quote from his book, The Holocaust: An Introduction. Exploring the Evidence (Castle […]

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Does it make someone “anti-semitic” to speak truth about the “hollow-hoax”? Absolutely NOT!! It makes them truthful.

“Anti-semite” is simply an abusive slur used to stop people from speaking out about what REALLY happened to Germany in WW2.

Truth is not afraid of investigation; only lies need to be protected by force.


“Youse GOYIM Better Get Back to Worshiping our Most Holy Holocaust or Else!” — Goon Squad

Oh, the horrors of it all. Those poor Jews, forced to play in and/or watch stage plays, comedy shows and orchestras. Or play soccer on the Auschwitz soccer pitch. Such torture! I cry laugh just thinking about this travesty Biggest Lie!If the Nazis were really running ‘death camps,’ why did the Gestapo arrest Karl Otto…

via “Youse GOYIM Better Get Back to Worshiping our Most Holy Holocaust or Else!” — Goon Squad

Sharing this because we must get the truth out before all the truth tellers are rounded up and silenced.

I remember James Keegstra, an Alberta Grade 7(?) history teacher in the early to mid ’80’s, who simply questioned the six million figure in class. He didn’t deny the hollow hoax, only questioned the number, OK? He got slammed in court, lost his right to teach, and was fired and charged for “denying the hollow hoax”. He was made to look like such a bad guy…

And me, I was myself still in grade school, and I remember thinking that James Keegstra was a very courageous man…