Coronavirus the Catalyst for Cashless Society and Mark of the Beast.

An interesting and timely article from about the soon-to-be squeeze-out of those who believe cash is the only way to pay for goods and services. The bible predicted this more than 2000 years ago, and calls it the mark of the beast, without which no man may buy or sell.

The entire world was set up this past winter to accept this evil development, and most will accept it without even a struggle because they have been made desperate by the unnecessary lockdowns, unemployment and social divisions crushing all semblance of humanity.

CASHLESS SOCIETY 2020: Coronavirus Swings Society to “Touch Free” Digital ID and Digital Currency

“Nazi corporatocracy” is a term they used near the end, but I don’t agree with it. It should be something like “jew corporatocracy” because ultimately, the jew banksters are the ones behind this entire global takeover scheme.

Those who receive the mark will lose their souls, and that has been the devil’s end goal all along. Don’t give him the satisfaction of stealing what rightfully belongs to Jesus Christ!!

Canadian Police State Here NOW. Updated.


If you think we can stop this thing; if you think it won’t happen in our generation; you better wake up and smell the coffee! Dan Dicks of shows us that the Canadian police state is not only on our doorstep, but inside our homes already. Please listen to the following video for more information.

Not to mention, other nations, formerly free, are doing the same things. The next one is from Australia, and is very painful to watch, posted by Real News Australia here on wordpress. Please watch with discretion. It nearly tore my heart out! (Don’t let young children view it.)

It’s time for folks to get real with GOD. Get on your knees and pray for courage and strength to endure unto the end. Because we have arrived.

P.S. I just found a more detailed video of the Canadian travesty, from High Impact Vlogs. “Just doing our jobs!” doesn’t make it right! And note that the couple seems to be from Russia or similar, by the accent, so they probably came to Canada originally to escape just the type of unjust treatment they are receiving now.

Folks, welcome to the USSofCanada!

At LAST! Sensible Information About “Corona Virus”. A MUST READ!!

I haven’t been able to post lately because of technical difficulties, and the fact that our public library has gone with the flow, and shut down indefinitely. But another method has become available, thank God, so here are two very important things to read and watch, that describe what’s happening under cover of the current “pandemic”.

From Australia, TOTTNEWS:

COVID-19: A Mass Compliance Drill

And from Canada, Press For Truth:

Thank you for your continued support in reading my blog. Just a note: If I cannot post more for some reason, please know I am in the Lord’s hand, and don’t worry about me. 😊

The COVID-19 Hysteria: Are The Cures Worse Than The Disease? Absolutely! — Northerntruthseeker

The reports coming from the Jew spew media is now basically around the clock, 24-7, about the “COVID-19” that these “networks” have already labeled as a pandemic… 3,783 more words

via The COVID-19 Hysteria: Are The Cures Worse Than The Disease? Absolutely! — Northerntruthseeker

This is important enough to spread far and wide! The implications are serious, and most folks will be totally unprepared for what’s coming, unfortunately. And I don’t mean stocking up on nonperishable foods, etc. I mean they will have NO CLUE how to do anything but roll over and play dead when asked.

Already there is a big push for everything to be done online. We must push back, even if it means not having a cell phone (that might actually be a good thing…), or whatever. Stop feeding the monster, by getting out of debt, if it’s at all possible.

But most importantly, people must realize that the Bible, God’s word, is absolutely true. All of this is prophesied, but still, very few will believe it. As is also prophesied… Sigh!


“Anti-Semitic Conspiracy Theories”? Uh, not that I can see!

Well now, what do we have here? An article from the “Times of Israel” which bitterly complains of what its author calls “anti-semitic conspiracy theories”. (Quite a surprise, eh? 😉) But in reading it, I discovered that every “conspiracy theory” they touched on was in actual fact TRUTH, not a theory at all. Here is the link to that article, and I will be copying quotes directly from it with my own comments following.

How YouTube became an open, lucrative stage for anti-Semitic conspiracy theories

Quote: “Spend some time on YouTube and you can learn quite a bit about Jews.”

Me: Yes, indeed!

Quote: “They are responsible for the assassination of John F. Kennedy; they are behind the worldwide distribution of pornography; they are the enemies of the Catholic Church; and they peddle an undue influence on American policy —  the United States Congress, for instance, is controlled by Jewish money.”

Me: And which part of any of this is just a “theory”?

Quote: “…videos that advance ideologies such as white supremacy, clips which deny historical atrocities including the Holocaust, …”

Me: The hollow-hoax is NOT an historical atrocity, unless you consider it an atrocity to deceive so many people for so long by such a means. Now there’s a thought…

Quote: He [Pastor Rick Wiles of TruNews] uses the platform to argue that Jews control the media, present a danger to Christians everywhere, and are, in his words, the “Synagogue of Satan.”

Me: Jews DO control the media, who doesn’t already know that? And even the Lord Jesus Christ called them the Synagogue of Satan, and warned his disciples that they would be persecuted by these people who “say they are Jews but are not”, so Rick is only quoting the bible. Nothing wrong with that.

Quote:. “…the YouTube spokesman told The Times of Israel. “We’ve already removed thousands of accounts and tens of thousands of videos that were wholly dedicated to hate speech, as defined by our new policies.”

Me: So, Spewtube gets to define what “hate speech” is, and remove “tens of thousands” of sites they arbitrarily decide are “wholly dedicated to hate speech”?

Quote: “… white supremacists and anti-Semites …”

Me: If you happen to have white skin, and you speak the truth about the so-called “jews” (who are NOT Jews), then you are lumped into this group…

Quote: ““They have made it very easy for anti-Semitic ideologues to just have conversations with their followers, which adds a whole new facet and element to the ability of these anti-Semites and white-supremacists to marshal supporters to respond to questions or elaborate on ideas in real time, as a result of the super chat feature,” Truchman said. “If you watch the anti-Semitic videos, you’ll see donations being made as they are ongoing.””

Me: Looks like the truth channels are greatly appreciated. That seems to be getting the crybabies into a temper tantrum.

Quote: ” Truchman also advocated for two other solutions to ameliorate the problem.

One was for YouTube to change its algorithm so it doesn’t suggest more extremist videos to users who have already watched similarly bigoted content. “They could modify their algorithm to to not exacerbate or further radicalize users by queuing more extremist videos,” he said.

The other, Truchman continued, was to consult with experts on extremism and white supremacy to respond to shrewd users who find ways to get around YouTube’s moderators.

“One of the ways that white supremacists and anti-Semites are able to evade the censors is by using coded language, which is very difficult to deal with because when you use coded language there is plausible deniability,” he said.”

Me: And THEY say truth is “hate speech”?? Looks like their own speech is deliberately designed to incite hatred against truth tellers! “Extremist videos”, “bigoted content”, “exacerbate or further radicalize”??? Wow!

And way to go, all truth tellers who figure out ways to post content in spite of persecutionary censorship! Truth must be told at any cost!!

Quote: “one of the most common white-supremacist theories, what’s often called “the replacement problem” — the belief that there’s a concerted effort to supplant the white race with racial and ethnic minorities.”

Me: Sure looks that way to most anybody with 2 eyes in their head!! And when all whites are constantly bombarded with the false notion that we need to be ashamed of being white, what ELSE are we supposed to conclude?

So there you have it. Hopefully you read the whole article in its original. It’s very enlightening.






French HollowHoax Denier Gets One Year Behind Bars.

It’s a criminal offense in France to deny the false narrative of the hollowhoax, why am I not surprised? Thanks to comes this very biased article. No wonder: it was posted originally on the Times of Israel site, linked to in the following article.

Extreme-right Frenchman sent to prison for Holocaust denial

So being called “extreme right” must mean “you are extremely right because you speak hollowhoax truth”. Makes sense to me! 😄

Free Speech and Shutting Down the Vaccine Debate, by Truthstream Media.

Why do those folks who desire control over others always seem to miss the entire point? Why do they lump everyone into “pro”- or “anti”- groups? The whole point over the vaccine issue is NOT whether anyone is pro- or anti- vaccination; the entire argument is that people MUST be allowed to make INFORMED DECISIONS, whether or not they choose to vaccinate!

Please listen to the following video from Truth Stream Media over at spewtube, and tell me they’re not planning to criminalize and incarcerate anyone who even questions vaccines!

Why are these creatures so against open debate? It’s totally because they know they would lose the debate. Period. The facts are all on the other side. Did you catch that this Dr. Hotez equates the “vaccine hesitant” with “holocaust deniers”? Do you see what is happening, folks? They want to imprison people who question vaccines and the official narrative, just like they do to truthful “holocaust deniers”!

Why?? Because they can’t win against the truth, so they try to silence it by throwing the truth tellers into prison. But it doesn’t work!

If they had all the facts on their side, they wouldn’t fear any discussion about any issue, and they certainly wouldn’t have to criminalize people who question them. All this “hate group” and “hate speech” C.R.A.P. is nothing but the deliberate demonization of all who speak truth!!

Please also visit the National Vaccine Information Center at to inform yourself about this vital topic. Don’t wait for others to inform you; you’re the one who cares the most about your childrens’ health and well-being. Be proactive, and don’t be afraid to stick to your guns –so to speak — in defense of their health.