A Few “Funnies” to Relieve the Corona Chokehold.

To my patient readers. I haven’t posted much lately, and I don’t blame you for not viewing this blog much; it has rather flat-lined… Our deep freeze cold spell lasted over 2 weeks, and it was simply too cold to sit here in the car outside our hostile local library. Besides that, I am getting heartily SICK (pun intended) of the steady diet of covid slop. What else can possible be said that hasn’t already been said a thousand times elsewhere? So here is a shot of humor (hopefully it is enjoyable for more than myself). Laughter is the best medicine, supposedly, so please enjoy! Thanks to everyone who posted these first, I appreciate the screenshots.

Posted on our own driveway. Feel free to copy and apply to your own, if you so desire. Let’s make our resistance visible!
This gave me a good laugh! I was never much for Dr. Seuss, but this is perfect! Someone needs to make T-shirts of this! Ha ha!
Now you understand why the mask is required to walk around in the restaurant, but not to sit. The ”virus” only travels at standing height in public eating places!
For all you folks who value fresh air and sunshine: get out there and enjoy it! As our wise mothers used to say, ”It’s good for your health!” And don’t be deterred by any of those jabbed people in the cage!
I love people’s creativity when it comes to signs! Too bad more folks don’t have the courage to post signs like this, and mean it!
And lastly, be encouraged to keep standing up against these poison jabs! As kids we used to say, ”Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me!” Don’t let their evil names hurt you now: resist, resist, and again resist!