Covid Jabs Are Willful Mass Murder.Nobody by Now Can be Ignorant of the Deadly Effects.

Following is an open letter we sent to our government officials, ”Dr.” Deena Hinshaw, and others who are pushing this Covid injection on our children now, after creating so much death and destruction in all other age groups. This evil agenda must be called out for what it is — murder!

Please utilize it if you like, to write to your own officials, simply change the pertinent information to your own locality.

Silence is not an option!


As you are all well aware, the Covid-19 “vaccine” has recently been “approved” for 5-11 year olds, and is being as heavily promoted as it was for other age groups. None of you can still be ignorant about the many and serious, even life-threatening side effects of this jab in all age groups up to now; and none of you can truthfully claim this jab is “safe for children”, because none of these jabs have ever been properly tested; they have been forced on the public “guinea pigs” while still being completely experimental. 

Please view the following video, ( ) published by Dr. Andreas Noacks, a Ph.D. in chemistry, who specialized in graphene uses; who found that the poisonous “graphene oxide” present in all these jabs is actually the more dangerous graphene hydroxide, an extremely tiny, razor-sharp molecule that causes many of the deadly side effects being reported: sudden heart failures, internal bleeding, sudden projectile nosebleeds, blood clots, etc., etc., etc. None of you, if you were honest, can deny these and other severe adverse events are happening, and started happening only AFTER the so-called “vaccines” were rolled out!

Deena Hinshaw herself has publicly acknowledged that there is a “risk of myocarditis from the Moderna vaccine”, of course minimizing this very real risk by saying, “it is small”. Then she lies again by telling us that “myocarditis after Covid-19 infection is more common than after a vaccine”.  Then why did nobody hear of it until after the rollout of the so-called “vaccines”? ALL brands of Covid jabs carry this and other severe risks, and none of them should be minimized as trivial!

Why are you pushing these lethal injections on our children, when children have never been at risk of any serious outcomes from “Covid”, except in those rare cases where the child has other serious co-morbidities? Why are you making false claims that these jabs are safe at all, and especially for children? Why are you suddenly trying to convince people that heart failures in healthy young people is “normal”?!?

Even if you were too cowardly to watch the video, or you dismiss it as “misinformation”, you are now accountable. You must think very carefully about what you will do next. There is an ever-growing mountain of evidence clearly demonstrating the pernicious nature of this injection, and if you can continue to push these Covid jabs on anyone, you have to know that you are willfully committing mass murder. Are you willing to do that? Or will you repent? Will you do the right thing, and tell everyone this whole scamdemic is an evil depopulation agenda being waged on us in the name of “climate change”?

Any doctor, politician, school administrator, or anybody else who continues to promote these lethal injections, is hereby put on notice: by doing so, you are guilty of willful mass murder.

Can you admit your wrongdoing, and repent in time; or will you press forward with this agenda to your own and millions of others’ destruction? The choice is yours. Just know that if we the people never see justice done for your evil actions in a court of law here, you absolutely will be held accountable in that final, highest court of justice. 


(Your name)”


18 thoughts on “Covid Jabs Are Willful Mass Murder.Nobody by Now Can be Ignorant of the Deadly Effects.

      1. We are fighting it, our constitution is supposed to protect us. But our leaders are corrupt. Everybody knows that, talk about it, but when the provide stats about the “fourth wave” they are saints. I wish I could wake people up.

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      2. Our leaders are ALL corrupt, and ignore our constitutions everywhere now. We live in perilous times, as described in 2 Timothy 3, men shall be lovers of their own selves, etc. It’s very hard to wake up selfish people. But we must keep trying. Thank you for the encouragement. 🙂

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      3. I am so stressed out, but we have one thing in our favour in South Africa. The people refuse to be injected as they saw that it does not help. You can still get sick, while the jab can kill you as well. Stay strong. The problem is that the governments signed a cotract with the devil himself, taking responsibility for side effects of the jab. I believe they can’t afford now that they were conned …

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    1. 😢 WAH!!
      Chemtrails, don’t you know?!? It’s “normal” for little kids to have strokes and heart failures! It’s too bad more parents don’t stand up and protect their own children!!


    1. Sorry, I don’t use Telegram. But yes, I do understand there are many doctors here fighting the good fight. Thank God for the internet, and that many folks can see and hear the truth, where they otherwise would not!

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      1. For sure it’s criminal! But the bible makes it clear that a third of the world’s people will die in the times we’re in. Revelation 9:15 (KJV)
        15 And the four angels were loosed, which were prepared for an hour, and a day, and a month, and a year, for to slay the third part of men.
        God’s wrath is beginning to be poured out upon this wicked world and all the wicked people who refuse to repent and turn from their evil ways and worship Almighty God.


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