The Path of the Yellow Star — alicespringstomind

There are some who believe we are already on this path. One school in the USA even used wristbands coloured yellow, to distinguish their vaccinated from their unvaccinated students. What the point was is hard to imagine, other than to ensure discriminatory treatment in some way? The fear which was established by so-called “public health” […]

The Path of the Yellow Star — alicespringstomind

Hello to all my patient readers! Sorry for so much silence, but all the bad news gets a little depressing, and a little overwhelming. However, this is a good news piece, and I hope it will inspire others to follow Moscow’s wise example. If everyone would simply refuse to support any business that asks for a ”vaccine passport”, we could see the end of this discrimination in a hurry. It doesn’t help for only a few folks to avoid these places; it must be done en masse to work.

Thanks to alicespringstomind for this piece of good news!

Some Tuesday Night Thoughts on the Current Situation…

Recently, our vigilant Postmistress has been informed by Canada Post that if she won’t knuckle under and submit to the extremely dangerous and unethical joo jab, aka ”covid vaccine”, that she can expect to be sent on unpaid leave. And after Crime Minister Trudeau said that 70% of federal employees, including postal workers, were exempt from his federal vaccine mandate. Well, what can one expect from a liar…?

She’s fighting that, and I hope she succeeds!

And today I read a piece in one of our local propaganda sheets, because after all, one can learn something valuable even from that if the eyes are open… This ”editorial” said that the WHO (World HELL Organization) and the Alberta HELL Services are making claims that consumption of alcohol, even in reasonable quantities, such as one or two drinks per day, is a major cause of cancer, on the scale of tobacco, etc.! Imagine that! Folks have been consuming alcohol since time began, and nobody has EVER heard that before.

They are also claiming that consumption of alcohol, even in small quantities ”manipulates and damages DNA”… Ponder THAT statement for a minute…

What do we know about the Covid joo jabs, being called ”vaccines”? They have MANY SERIOUS side effects, even cancer and DNA damage. Hmmm!!! Think there’s any connection between the ”latest findings” on alcohol consumption and these two major health problems?? Think perhaps the WHO and other evil HELL services are setting up an alibi for themselves for when the storm of health problems begins to appear from the so-called covid ”vaccines”?!?

I see a MAJOR connection, in that when these joo jab-caused cancers and DNA issues start to appear, then they can say, ”It’s from consuming alcohol. See, we showed you the findings.”

Mark my words!

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Are the ”Vaccines” Working? That Depends on Which Side You’re on, Doesn’t it?

From came this report by XandrewX on Bitchute: Please watch it, and if you haven’t got that poison jab yet, this information could save your life. And as I always mentioned to my kids; “Yes, it CAN happen to you. Unless you make different choices…”

Just notice: in one place, the paramedic uniforms have that demonic occult so-called ”star of david” on their backs…!

And the MP in Finland must be applauded for his courageous stand in parliament, speaking truth that could get him punished. We all need to spread the facts against all the lies the others are spewing!

Our own AHS (Alberta HELL Services) has recently stuffed every mailbox with a large brochure promoting the joo jab, filled with lies and coercive manipulations to get more people to knuckle under and get ”shot”!

Resistance is MANDATORY, folks. You can never undo it if you did it. But you CAN say NO!!