Well, What do you Know About That!??

HELLth officials are starting to backtrack on their FAKE stories of ”Covid deaths”, having been smoked out like the rats they are, by folks who are willing to go past the grief of losing a loved one, and tell the truth on social media. All I can say is what a lovely old lady used to say to me once upon a time: Well, what do you know about that?

Please have a listen to Dan Dicks over at pressfortruth.ca, from which this video was shared, and let’s keep after them until they ALL turn tail and RUN! 😅

And who could resist this little fellow’s PRECIOUS look?!? It’s like he’s saying, ”Ya!! We GOTT ’EM!!!”

2 thoughts on “Well, What do you Know About That!??

  1. Hi CW!
    I hope by now you got my letters, pray you are doing well! The lady we had at our post office is retiring (a horrible thing), she said her replacement is some girl who thinks she knows it all and is from another office around here (which is really bad, they steal mail, lose it and must eat it too, worst than in the city!). So we may have to transfer to another one, depending on how bad this apparatchik is. Glad to see that people are finally exposing this SCAM demic for what it is.

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    1. Hey! Nice to see you back on here! Missed your comments. No, the letters have not all arrived; perhaps your new post office chick ate the fattest ones…? Our nice lady is also retiring… and who knows who we’ll get next?


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