CDC Fraud the Front for Evil Agenda

From comes this article about how the covid scam is being manipulated to make it appear the way they claim it looks in all the devilvision ”news”. You know, the ”news” that’s causing the jabbed to so fear the sensible folks who choose to say ”No”, that they’ll even say the unjabbed deserve to be punished somehow, even to die.

Please read for yourself.

2 thoughts on “CDC Fraud the Front for Evil Agenda

  1. My DH checks the obituaries- not sure about this but I don’t think the “news” papers will allow people to say their loved ones died of the “shot”. He’s seen a few obituaries where it says something like “died of covid, even though they were FULLY VACCINATED.” I wonder if they are refusing to write they died of the lethal injection?

    Like Mark Twain said, “There are lies, d*mned lies and statistics!”. The CDC (Communist Dictatorship Company) is pathetic how much they are covering up! I heard that in the USA they are offering to “amend” previous death certificates to say the person died of covid, even if they didn’t, and you can get 900 (666) dollars to do so, you don’t even have to be a citizen!

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    1. What next? I know they’re faking the numbers of joo jab deaths by manipulating data to make it look like the deaths are happening to the unjabbed. They are saying a person who got the first shot, or have not passed a certain number of days after the second shot, are UNvaccinated, thereby increasing the number of UNjabbed deaths, and reducing the number of joo jab deaths. Very deceitful!!


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