Interesting Links for Thought-Provocation.

There are just too many things happening right now for me to keep up with, but for interested viewers, here are some links to provoke thought.

And in other news, not that Israeli tyranny against Palestinians is new at all… We must not forget to mention other news even if COroNa c.r.a.p. has taken over the world.

2 thoughts on “Interesting Links for Thought-Provocation.

  1. Too bad the Palestinians don’t have Texe Marr’s book, “DNA and the Jewish Bloodline”! The fake jews are lobbying to pass “anti-$emetic hate laws” or something like that due to the fake flag ass-ault in Pgh a few years ago. Dr. Erowyn from (I can’t get on due to browser issues) had a thing on the fake shooting, and how the ‘”shooter” did not live in the state, among other things!

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    1. Hmmm, they’ve been after the gun rights for a long time. I didn’t hear about that “shooting”. I don’t get to the internet very often anymore, and find I don’t have enough time to catch up when I do! Thanks for all your comments!


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