Wow! A Canadian Free Thinker Social Network!!

Following is a link to an all-Canadian free thinking social website that looks really great! I have looked at it somewhat, and thought it worth sharing. Funny, a friend from the USA heard of it, and told me, I had no idea it existed. 😄

If you are someone who does not comply with every idiotic government mandate, this site may be for you. Take a look.

4 thoughts on “Wow! A Canadian Free Thinker Social Network!!

  1. I have to get around to looking on one of the ones around here, hopefully they have one also, I think so. I found that on the Corbett I was listening to the radio today and they mentioned that they’re going to try and force all “health care’ workers in the USA to get the covid shot. They said MANY of the workers refuse to go along with that, hmm, isn’t that funny? They don’t seem to want this one, maybe because they see what is HAPPENING to the victims of the RNA changing biologic? So much for the narrative that only stupid ignorant tin foil hat wearing conspiracy theorists won’t get the shot, eh? These people seem to know something. Also the ‘dead line’ (no pun intended) for them to get the jab is Oct 31st. Halloween, you know the “sign of Scorpio”, did you ever read that book by Juri Lina? That’s the title, and he shows how many of the evil things done around the world have been done under the sun sign of Scorpio. Explains why we “vote” in November, LOL! I have been praying to Jesus that their evil plan goes down the TOILET! And more people are disregarding the whole mask thing with the ‘delta’ whatever it is. MMmm, so we have a ‘vaccine’ that “works” except when the “new” variant decides to appear magically, so then get another shot since the first one didn’t work, LOL!
    Even Eric Clapton wrote a song against this stupid virus, he had a bad reaction to the shot, he’s lucky it didn’t kill him like Hank Aarons did. Oh, that’s right, he got “ADULT SIDS” and died in his sleep, but it’s never the shot, oh no, lol!!

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    1. Right now I’m REreading an excellent book called, The Final Apostasy, Prelude to Anti-Christ, by Dr. Gordon Ginn, Ph. D., in which that other book, Under the Sign of the Scorpion, is quoted. It does sound interesting. Maybe we should trade for a while, I’m sure our UNfriendly local library won’t have a convenient copy hanging around anywhere.
      Nope, they don’t like to attribute the kill shot deaths to the kill shot, do they? The “usual suspects” are masters at lying, too, by the way! Adult SIDS?!? Sudden INFANT Death Syndrome… also caused by “vaccination”…
      They are trying to force our health care workers into the shot, too. I haven’t heard of any resistance to it, as yet, but I’m sure there’ll be some, at least I HOPE there will be…
      The time of Jesus’ return in power and great glory is very near at hand… Revelation 13:16-18 is happening right before our very eyes. And the blind leaders of the blind are leading their flocks straight into it. 😢 Folks MUST “come out of her, my people, and touch not the unclean thing”, that ye be not partakers of her plagues. The SDA cult says that’s the Catholic “church”, but its also all the “protestant” groups that are all of them so judiaised they are nothing more than fronts for propaganda-mongering. A church-going lady told me the same garbage today, that “its the law of the land, and we must obey the laws.” I told her the truth. Probably the first time she’s heard it that way.

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      1. I just finished reading the small book “Feast of the Beast” by Texe Marrs, did you read it? Pretty interesting info about who and what the Antichrist may be, but not like you’d be surprised! I sent a copy of his book “DNA and the Jewish Bloodline” to a lady who was friends with my mom, she hasn’t written back or called me back…she is one of those “Charismatic Christians” and thinks Israel is God’ Chosen People- still! She loves John Hagee etc. She’s either ignoring me or pissed off because I think she thought the book would validate the “Jews” or something. But, she also has cancer so maybe she’s just not feeling up to doing much. I hope it’s the latter!
        I sent some tracts about how the KJV is God’s word and the others are corrupted to some in the church I went to, also to others, but I know, the whole ‘obey the law’ is a joke, especially when they use aborted fetal cell lines! These people usually refuse to think. I saw a video on bitchute (I’ll search for it) and it’s heavy, some of it I’ve seen before in other clips but it’s pretty awful at the end, all these poor people are dying from this ‘lethal injection’! But thank you for posting the article about God’s word! Yes, God will judge the evil doers. I keep praying for them to repent. : ) Anything is possible! : ) I’ll try to track down the video, it’s on bitchute. Thanks for the link to, his stuff is great! I pray he’s not controlled opposition.

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      2. No, never heard of it. I didn’t get very much of Tex Marrs’ stuff, my dad was more his fan. But I know he wrote a LOT of good info. Those so-called “Christians” who believe jews are God’s “chosen” people are apostates if they will not repent and turn from that blasphemy! The book I mentioned to you shows pretty clearly that this is the “falling away” talked of in Thessalonians. There are other ways the “church” is falling and has fallen away, but that’s a BIG one.


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