Just More Proof that the Bible is TRUE.

Why is it that folks reject the bible’s prophecies, but are so willing to heed what a nobody like Klaus Schwab says when all he’s doing is proving the bible to be the absolute truth? What he and the other “top DOGS” are doing is fulfilling bible prophecy; but they follow the devil, and think they are doing some kind of good.

God has warned anyone willing to listen about these very things, and it would be wise to take careful heed to what it says in this regard…

Revelation 13:16-17 (KJV)
16 And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: 17 And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

Will YOU be “caused” to take this mark to buy or sell? Don’t answer too quick. If you are not led by the Spirit of God, having your life IN Christ, you will be. There will be no exceptions outside the “ark”. Just like in Noah’s day: only those INSIDE the ark were saved.

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  1. Hi CW! Hey just got your little letter on Saturday the 14th, did you get mine by now? I think I sent it the 1st week of August, I pray you got it by now!! : )
    Some ‘weird’ stuff has been happening with us too, I hope all is well with you two…I was driving today and heard on the fake news radio propaganda system that Justie Trudeau was counting on the ‘fact’? (or fiction) that CA is the ‘most vaccinated’ country or some such garbage to get him (ha ha) “elected” again. If the fake elections are anything like ours, he’ll be installed too. New York City’s governor “Homo” was on the news saying that NYC will ‘require’ proof of at least one brain and DNA changing shot before anyone in the sh*tty city can be allowed in restaurants, bars etc. I pray that the New Yorkers aren’t that duped, but I won’t hold my breath.

    Regarding your post, I’ve read that those who refuse the Truth of Jesus Christ…will fall for anything. Literally and spiritually, apparently! The worse things get the tighter we must cling to our Savior and Redeemer, Jesus Christ! My one relative doesn’t believe in Jesus (or any of the “fake” Jesus’s around in the fake Christian circles), yet she believes in her own ‘power’ or ‘energy’ (whatever that is). We pray that she comes back to the LORD before it’s too late!

    Hope you got the letter, honey!! : )

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    1. Hi Chemtrails!! No, no letter yet. Hmmm?!? Justine True-Dough better not get put back in, he’s had two terms already! 😝 Did you know, he had the nerve to change our national anthem?!?! And now it just sounds completely stupid from a total lack of grammar!! It USED to say: “in all our sons’ command” ; now it says, “in all of us command”. How sick and stupid can it get? Apparently the original, which was good enough for maybe 200 years, was too masculine for Ms. Justin!! 😝
      Yes, we better cling heartily to the Lord Jesus Christ, because all who dwell on the earth (I’ll explain that in my next letter if I ever get yours…) will be caused to receive that soul-damning mark of the beast.
      And I’m glad I don’t live anywhere near NYC, but it’s coming here, too. It will be everywhere. We need to trust Jesus. We may be shut out of “normal” society, but we don’t care! We have a country they have no part in, one that lasts for eternity, one where no evil can enter in, PRAISE GOD!!! 😁

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      1. Justin Too Duh, he’s one of those globalist types that want to push the ‘one world religion’, where the blasphemous devil worshippers try to get the people to believe they are a god, what a joke!

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      1. Hi CW! I pray you got mine, maybe it just got ‘lost’- one time I had ordered flower seeds in the mail, I waited a month and nothing, they said they sent it, so I had to go on the post office website and file a ‘claim’ about a lost letter, then soon afterwards they somehow ‘found it someplace! So I don’t know maybe go on your post office website, maybe they have something similar? You should have definitely gotten it by now, it was about 18 pages!
        Some weird stuff was happening with our email accounts recently too. Probably all that surveillance garbage they’ve got put on. I’ll pray to God Almighty you get the ‘big’ letter soon, I got your “big one” in June, and your little one just recently as I told ya.

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      2. Hi Chemtrails!! Thank God I just received your “big” letter today, Aug. 23, can you believe it was so SLOW? Haven’t looked at it as of this minute because I’m saving it till we get home. 😊 Savouring having it in my hand… THANK YOU! I’ll enjoy it with a cup of tea. 🫖☕️🍪

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  2. Oops, sorry forgot to reply about the first item- I haven’t gotten a long distance phone card yet- of course that info is in the letter, grr I hope and pray you do receive it. God bless ya honey!! : )

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