“Coronaville” Lingers On, and On…

“Coronaville” Lingers On, and On…

OK, so Alberta is supposed to be “open for summer”, but there are many indications that the “opening” was only for the average “joe” on the street, not for employees of most places of business, especially federal employees, chain stores and big corporations. Many places, like these, are still requiring customers to wear the “diaper of submission”. And there are also still a LOT of folks VOLUNTARILY wearing them😷!!  Outside in the fresh air, alone in their vehicles… 🤔🤔??

We have been trying to cram all the important things we left undone last year, into this summer before they lock us down again in the fall, while we can mostly do so without being looked at sideways for having a real face… 😁

Therefore, eye appointments were on the “cram list” the other day, and all was going well until we checked in for our appointment. At that point we were told we had to wear a mask to see the doctor. We considered cancelling, but then we decided to try, at least. So I insisted the receptionist ask the doctor to come out and talk to me himself, as I had been coming in for eye tests for many years. 

I was right up front with him. I explained, “Dr. ~~, we don’t wear masks, we never have, and we won’t be starting now. The mask mandate has been revoked and nobody can enforce it. It was unlawful all along, by the way.”

He began by agreeing with me, then proceeded to try to convince me that it was the policy of (the big corporation that his office was in) to require patients to wear masks when taking the preliminary examinations because there wasn’t enough “distance” to “be safe”. I said, “There’s no risk!” He agreed again. He even said he was OK with us maskless in his personal office, but that the technicians up front were not comfortable with it, because of (the big corp’s) policy.

Then he tried another tactic, that we would only have to wear a mask for a couple minutes, that’s all. I kept repeating that the government had revoked the mask mandate, and that this whole thing was just an exercise in compliance to communist control. I said we weren’t going to comply with that agenda, and that we never had, even last year.

After a few more tries, I finally said, “If you insist that we have to wear masks, then we’ll just leave, and let our eyes do whatever they’re going to do.” Then they told me that none of them were against us going without a mask, their manager was the one, but since she was absent at the moment, they would take us in…

Funny, in Canada having to do battle just for an eye test… But it’s good training for when the real battles begin. The Lord is enabling me to be more able to stand up for the truth, not fearing what we might have to do without. There’s going to be fiercer battles to fight, and every little victory gives us more faith in the power of God, and makes us stronger for the next level. 

And God ultimately wins. So if we’re in his army, we are on the winning side, no matter what it looks like in the moment. 

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  1. Hi CW! Good for you for standing up to them!!! 🙂
    I’m wondering if he’s afraid you’ll sue him since the government rescinded the unlawful ‘mandates’?
    Will send you a line very soon!
    God bless and keep up the fight!

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