Scapegoats Aplenty, by the Looks of Things.

What do you do when someone you’re trying to educate about the covID hoax claims that a loved one has died from covid? They have obviously lost a loved one, and — especially last year — were told it was “from covid”, and nobody was allowed to have a funeral. These people are now firm believers in covID… We have run into this lately, more than once…

Something even more sinister is happening, and I warned about it earlier. Alberta is “Open for Summer”. That in itself is very significant, and it means that we only have the summer to get done whatever needs doing before they clamp down on us again.

Even worse, there are already plans afoot to blame the un-“vaccinated” for the coming fall lockdown. Please listen to Dan Dicks at and to the Irish Dave Cullen at Computing Forever for more information.

What did I tell you? That the unvaccinated were going to be blamed as the cause of the next (more severe) lockdown. And still I say: DON’T GET THE JAB!! The temporary “freedom” you are being offered is a false hope! Jesus Christ, and the freedom he only can give, is the one true hope. Folks absolutely must begin to trust the Lord, or they will be driven into compliance to these evil agendas.

2 Thessalonians 2:10 (KJV)
10 And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved.

LOVE THE TRUTH, hate all unrighteousness, and repent and be born again!! There is no hope outside of this.

6 thoughts on “Scapegoats Aplenty, by the Looks of Things.

  1. True story: My hubs went to the local mechanic (who’s the owner) awhile back when the mouth gag rule was still in effect. Hubs asked if he needed to wear a mask (yeah, I know, don’t ask permission, LOL!), the guy said no, the virus was a total hoax. Hubs asked why, and the guy told him. His nephew on his wife’s side of the family was involved in a single vehicle accident and sadly died en route to the hospital. The (government controlled publicly elected) coroner said he died of COVID, not of the obvious- trauma from a car wreck.

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  2. Sometimes even that won’t wake some of these doofuses up, even if the shark Fauci would say that they made the whole thing up and there’s no covid, some of the truly indoctrinated would still be wearing 100 masks on their face, LOL!

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  3. Oh, also they’ve been blaming the ‘unvaccinated’ for alleged ‘epidemics’ for years. It truly floors me how ignorant people can really be. Even alleged ‘smart” people. People believe what they want to believe, even when Jesus, God Himself was among the leaders of the temple, they refused to believe He was the Messiah, even though they were the so-called “EXPERTS”.

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    1. That’s exactly it. Truth makes no difference to so many. They choose to believe what they want to, rather than look at the indisputable FACTS.
      My best half has been trying to get a certain religious group to come and let him read a certain scripture to them WORD FOR WORD, but because they are cemented into their customs, they won’t even look at the WORD, even though they claim to be believers!!
      The more things change, the more they stay the same, only people get stupider, I think, along the way, now that they have “smart” deVICES to tell them everything!


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