Coming for the Children — alicespringstomind

Anyone ignoring the exposé on Dr Anthony Fauci of NIAID in the USA is ignoring a humanitarian crime of a scale that surpasses anything ever experienced. Judy Mikovits talks about her experiences working with the cartel Fauci has installed under the guise of providing a public health service on taxpayer funds at The Highwire, here. […]

Coming for the Children — alicespringstomind

I discovered this article written by Helen Tindall just randomly while perusing my newsfeed, and found it to be worthy of sharing with my own readers. The sad thing is that most folks think this train can be stopped by regular means. There is nothing that can stop it short of a wholesale global repentance along the lines of Jonah 3, but somehow I think that’s too much to ask for. Bible prophecy must be fulfilled…

However, individuals can repent and turn to God with a whole heart, and save themselves and hopefully their families from this wicked and evil generation.

What will YOU do?

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  1. They have to get the numbers (of living people) down, ala the “Georgia Guidestones” to 500 million left. And that’s probably a lie too, they want to destroy all of us. I pray that these people who are knowingly and unknowingly going along with satan’s evil plan wake up and turn to Jesus Christ before it’s too late!

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