What’s In Your Snot — alicespringstomind

““Cases” are no such thing. Cases in medicine, for people that are listening, are people that are sick. We don’t call someone who has a strand of mRNA in their snot a “case”. No. Those are not “cases”. Those are simply, 99% of the time, in many provinces in this country , false positive results“. […]

What’s In Your Snot — alicespringstomind

Except for the paragraph about the “millions of years”, I totally agree with this article from alicespringstomind here on wordpress. We must be exposed to different “bugs” in order to have healthy immune systems. This article shows how absolutely ridiculous and dangerous it is to follow the “Covid protocols” in relation to it or any other disease-causing organism.

Hmmm… “protocols”… Where have we heard that term before…? As if we don’t know…!

“Coronaville” Lingers On, and On…

“Coronaville” Lingers On, and On…

OK, so Alberta is supposed to be “open for summer”, but there are many indications that the “opening” was only for the average “joe” on the street, not for employees of most places of business, especially federal employees, chain stores and big corporations. Many places, like these, are still requiring customers to wear the “diaper of submission”. And there are also still a LOT of folks VOLUNTARILY wearing them😷!!  Outside in the fresh air, alone in their vehicles… 🤔🤔??

We have been trying to cram all the important things we left undone last year, into this summer before they lock us down again in the fall, while we can mostly do so without being looked at sideways for having a real face… 😁

Therefore, eye appointments were on the “cram list” the other day, and all was going well until we checked in for our appointment. At that point we were told we had to wear a mask to see the doctor. We considered cancelling, but then we decided to try, at least. So I insisted the receptionist ask the doctor to come out and talk to me himself, as I had been coming in for eye tests for many years. 

I was right up front with him. I explained, “Dr. ~~, we don’t wear masks, we never have, and we won’t be starting now. The mask mandate has been revoked and nobody can enforce it. It was unlawful all along, by the way.”

He began by agreeing with me, then proceeded to try to convince me that it was the policy of (the big corporation that his office was in) to require patients to wear masks when taking the preliminary examinations because there wasn’t enough “distance” to “be safe”. I said, “There’s no risk!” He agreed again. He even said he was OK with us maskless in his personal office, but that the technicians up front were not comfortable with it, because of (the big corp’s) policy.

Then he tried another tactic, that we would only have to wear a mask for a couple minutes, that’s all. I kept repeating that the government had revoked the mask mandate, and that this whole thing was just an exercise in compliance to communist control. I said we weren’t going to comply with that agenda, and that we never had, even last year.

After a few more tries, I finally said, “If you insist that we have to wear masks, then we’ll just leave, and let our eyes do whatever they’re going to do.” Then they told me that none of them were against us going without a mask, their manager was the one, but since she was absent at the moment, they would take us in…

Funny, in Canada having to do battle just for an eye test… But it’s good training for when the real battles begin. The Lord is enabling me to be more able to stand up for the truth, not fearing what we might have to do without. There’s going to be fiercer battles to fight, and every little victory gives us more faith in the power of God, and makes us stronger for the next level. 

And God ultimately wins. So if we’re in his army, we are on the winning side, no matter what it looks like in the moment. 

Scapegoats Aplenty, by the Looks of Things.

What do you do when someone you’re trying to educate about the covID hoax claims that a loved one has died from covid? They have obviously lost a loved one, and — especially last year — were told it was “from covid”, and nobody was allowed to have a funeral. These people are now firm believers in covID… We have run into this lately, more than once…

Something even more sinister is happening, and I warned about it earlier. Alberta is “Open for Summer”. That in itself is very significant, and it means that we only have the summer to get done whatever needs doing before they clamp down on us again.

Even worse, there are already plans afoot to blame the un-“vaccinated” for the coming fall lockdown. Please listen to Dan Dicks at PressforTruth.ca and to the Irish Dave Cullen at Computing Forever for more information.

What did I tell you? That the unvaccinated were going to be blamed as the cause of the next (more severe) lockdown. And still I say: DON’T GET THE JAB!! The temporary “freedom” you are being offered is a false hope! Jesus Christ, and the freedom he only can give, is the one true hope. Folks absolutely must begin to trust the Lord, or they will be driven into compliance to these evil agendas.

2 Thessalonians 2:10 (KJV)
10 And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved.

LOVE THE TRUTH, hate all unrighteousness, and repent and be born again!! There is no hope outside of this.

Lytton , B.C. is the New Paradise, CA

Following is a link sent to me by another truth seeker, from Jeff Snyder at Easton Spectator. Remarkable similarities between the Paradise “wildfire” in California a while back, and the recent one in Lytton, BC. Another “coincidence”? I think NOT!

Makes you wonder if “they” resented that brave doctor’s questionings about the kill shot…? Makes you wonder further if “they’re” using this as a type of revenge to make others question whether or not it would be advisable to open their own mouths about the kill shot? Hmmm…?

Coincidence? I Think Not!

The following from thetruthseeker.co.uk is a very interesting look at the “coincidental” qualities of the covID PLANdemic with the so-called “Spanish Flu PLANdemic… I knew the “Spanish Flu” had been started by injecting US guinea pigs — I mean, soldiers — who then spread it around the world, but I didn’t know who was the main instiGATEr!


Coming for the Children — alicespringstomind

Anyone ignoring the exposé on Dr Anthony Fauci of NIAID in the USA is ignoring a humanitarian crime of a scale that surpasses anything ever experienced. Judy Mikovits talks about her experiences working with the cartel Fauci has installed under the guise of providing a public health service on taxpayer funds at The Highwire, here. […]

Coming for the Children — alicespringstomind

I discovered this article written by Helen Tindall just randomly while perusing my newsfeed, and found it to be worthy of sharing with my own readers. The sad thing is that most folks think this train can be stopped by regular means. There is nothing that can stop it short of a wholesale global repentance along the lines of Jonah 3, but somehow I think that’s too much to ask for. Bible prophecy must be fulfilled…

However, individuals can repent and turn to God with a whole heart, and save themselves and hopefully their families from this wicked and evil generation.

What will YOU do?