BOYCOTT Kellogg’s !! (Updated)

I am calling on any and all who have any sense of common decency to BOYCOTT Kelloggs! When you see how they have gotten on the gender insanity bandwagon and are aiming that abominable sewage at our children right in our own homes, I hope you will be as mad as a wet hen and refuse to support them any more! Though I have some of their cereals, I will not be buying any more. I am supplying their contact information so we can all send them mail, email, and phone calls to complain about this treachery. There is absolutely no excuse for this family company to bow to this gender insanity abomination!!

Look what filth they’re promoting on our children’s cereal!!
Please contact Kelloggs any way you can, and let them know you what you think of this filth. I plan to email and mail them. There’s no way this is acceptable!!

UPDATE: First, my apologies for not remembering to mention who this information came from originally. 😕 Usually I do that. This was first posted on; thanks to that good website for exposing evil.
Second: We received a reply to our comment from Kellogg’s, and found it to be sickeningly typical. Here is our comment, and following, their reply.

”I have seen that your company has climbed on the gender insane “pride” agenda, and have begun shamelessly promoting this abomination on children’s cereal. This is completely UNACCEPTABLE, and I will be boycotting all your products, and will be telling everyone I know to do the same. I hope you will stop and think about the evil your company is doing, and change your direction. God will not be mocked. He created 2 sexes: male and female. To promote anything beyond that is to promote lies and what God calls an abomination. For shame!!”

Kellogg’s reply: “While the cereal is not available in Canada at this time, we appreciate the time you took to share your thoughts with us and we respect everyone’s right to their personal views. Your input is important and we will pass along your feedback to our management team.”

Sigh! The day of judgment cannot be far away… Will ANYONE repent??

And don’t forget ~~ BOYCOTT KELLOGG’s!!

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