Another Alberta Pastor Arrested for Peacefully Holding a Worship Service… (May8/21)

Trying to keep up with current events can be a bit daunting these days, as so much happens in so short a time… But I do want to post what I can find concerning the two Alberta pastors who have been arrested like criminals, for what? Obeying God! This one is the moment Artur Pawlowski was arrested in Calgary, Alberta, China (oops, I mean, Canada!) But really, what’s the difference anymore!??

God promises to separate the sheep from the goats before he returns, and I can see that’s what is beginning to happen. Those who aren’t willing (or fear) to suffer for Jesus will cave in and deny him to avoid it; while those who are willing to suffer for him will stand and be counted…arrested like a common criminal in this case. We absolutely need to know which camp we’re in…but it’s usually in the fire where we learn that knowledge…

5 thoughts on “Another Alberta Pastor Arrested for Peacefully Holding a Worship Service… (May8/21)

  1. Alberta is really going down the drain. The people in that province really need to wake up. then again all of Canada needs to wake up.
    Pastor Tim Stephens in Calgary arrested This is the third one who was arrested.
    As of May 14, all young people in Manitoba aged 12 to 17 are eligible to be immunized against COVID-19 with the Pfizer vaccine And they don’t need parental consent.

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    1. Thanks so much, Rainbow Warrior, for the link to our third arrested pastor! Yes, the people of Canada need to wake up, but unfortunately, they’re too busy watching DV (DevilVision) news to see that communism has taken over.

      We just finished reading a book by Richard Wurmbrand, in which he describes the communist takeover of Romania in 194-(?), and the resulting horror of being in a communist prison, especially as a Christian. There were communist quotes in there which plainly apply to Canada in 2021. One can see exactly how they’re operating through the covid coup as an excuse. The only difference is that the masses have been brainwashed ahead of time by their beloved DV sets, which they can’t or won’t give up; so the communists won’t have to waste a bunch of time and effort in reprogramming the majority of people.

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    2. Oh, yes, and here too, the children aged 12 and up are being encouraged to get a covid poison jab! And the resistant Albertans (the ones who still have functional brains) are being publicly blamed for all the suffering of everyone else… So it’s plain to see that it’s only a matter of time before fear becomes hatred, and hatred becomes violence…

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      1. Ids don’t need the jab that is for sure. There are a few thing about the so called vaccines coming out. Now these things may or may not be true. One is a lot of people have posted videos of Magnets like a light fridge magnet sticking to there arms where they got the vaccines. Then there is this one. Now this I can see being really real. Gates does want everyone microchiped and he does not want any one knowing what is in the vaccines. So this just might be very real. I don’t have a EMF meter or a victim even if I did have one. That magnet one is something anyone could try. Tim likes to gather video of these. He does some good data collecting on VAERS as well Maybe if you could find a victim and experiment on them that might wake them up.
        I don’t know if you saw this study but they found a whole lot of metals in vaccines. they tested 44 of them
        So the magnet thing might not be so far fetched either. All I know is it all possible,

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      2. Ya, I saw these videos of magnets sticking to the injection sites, as well. There’s been talk of this particular jab containing nanobots, they could be magnetic. I know all vaccines contain mercury and aluminum, but they aren’t magnetic, so something fishy is definitely going on!


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