It’s NOT “Your” Vaccine: It’s THEIRS!

It’s NOT “Your” Vaccine, It’s THEIRS.

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Has anyone noticed how folks have been brainwashed into owning the covid masks and the so-called “vaccine”? These tyrannical items being coercively foisted upon us against our will have constantly been referred to as “yours”. 

“Be sure to wear “your” masks, like good little mindless robots.”

“You need to get “your” kill shot, oops, I mean “vaccine”, so we can all get back to normal.”

“Did you get “your” shot? I have.”

For your information, it is NOT “my” mask, neither is it “yours”; it’s THEIRS; but most folks have neither the ability nor the desire to discriminate such a fine point. If they could but see that they’ve been duped into owning these oxygen-depriving masks and the poison jab, they might try to back up a bit and reconsider their position. Sadly, most are too lazy to bother. After all, it does take some effort to swim against the current… and mask habits already formed take will power to break…

On May 26, Alberta’s premier, Jason Kenney, has enticed Albertans with the prospect of a “truly great Alberta summer”. Imagine that! But wait, there’s a catch. “So long as Albertans continue to get vaccinated in strong numbers, Alberta will be fully open and back to normal… Albertans now have a clear incentive to… get vaccinated as soon as possible… IF Albertans continue doing THEIR part… all restrictions COULD be lifted by late June or early July.” (my emphasis)

Do you see how they keep folks hoping to get “back to normal”? And how they put the onus on us to get there? And how they also say things in such as way as to leave themselves loopholes to crack down again? They promise us liberty on condition that we blindly obey unlawful mandates, then say it might not happen after all… too bad… some of you little boys and girls didn’t follow the rules… we’ll have to lock you all down again! And all those poor people who rolled over and played dead on command must suffer again because of all you others who won’t comply (for whatever reason)! 

But wait! When did we hear this before? Oh ya, LAST summer, when we were being told we all had to wear “our” masks to get “back to normal”. Did we get “back to normal” last summer? Nope. Will we get “back to normal” this summer without any restrictions? Let me guess… Nope.

“But it’s the carrot. See, it’s right there, so close! If we all just do what we’re told, we’ll get there. Why are you non-compliers making it so difficult?”

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Sigh! Maybe it’s because we can see the stick…?

The mask is only “yours” if you’ve agreed to it. The poison jab is only “yours” if you want it. Otherwise, it’s THEIRS!

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Encouragement for true believers:

The Lord showed me last night in a dream how we need to endure in patience. We must understand the time we live in, which is the time of THE END. We must not put our hope in anything temporal, like a “normal summer” for example, but put our hope in Jesus only. We must be willing to suffer with Jesus, eating only the unleavened bread of righteousness and truth. We must not allow any fear or anger to arise from anything happening around us. Instead we must connect with others whose only desire is to be made like Christ through suffering. He told us what would be in the time of the end…

So far, we ourselves have not found anyone else willing to suffer with Christ, but in that case, we are willing to stand alone, if need be. In your PATIENCE possess ye your souls. (It IS “your” soul, unless you give it away for a piece of moldy bread —> the illusion of freedom in exchange for wearing a face diaper and getting a poison jab…) The number of people, even professing Christians, believing this thing will turn around is large, and many of them do comply with “rules” in this false hope. More think they can fight it and bring things back to the way they were, or make it even better, which is just another false hope. Why would we want to fight for this old wicked world, full of corruption, which must perish?

True believers have a SURE HOPE, the hope of eternal life, which God, who cannot lie, promised before the world began; so we rejoice in hope of the glory of God. Let us look up in true hope and wait in patience for the return of our Saviour, Jesus Christ, whose returning will be with power and great glory, as KING of kings, LORD of lords, and righteous judge! 

This Is Devastating: Shocking Live Blood Analysis After Taking Deadly KILL SHOTS – Look At The Evidence — Northerntruthseeker

I am indeed continuing to follow the increasingly troubling reports about HOW these deadly KILL SHOTS that so many STUPID people out there have already taken into their bodies, is not only making the area around the ‘injection site’ magnetic as well as generating electromagnetic fields….  I have already stated in several previous articles my…

This Is Devastating: Shocking Live Blood Analysis After Taking Deadly KILL SHOTS – Look At The Evidence — Northerntruthseeker

This from NorthernTruthseeker is very interesting, and might sure explain the strange phenomenon we’ve been seeing of Covid-jabbed people being magnetic after the shot. It’s worth looking at, and if you haven’t taken the jab, then DON’T!! It is definitely part of the mark of the beast, because they’re already openly talking about not allowing folks to buy or sell without it eventually. The masks are a conditioner for that, as some places already refuse to serve people without a mask.

Canadian Covid-19(84) Border Checkpoints Up Close, With Dan Dicks of Press for Truth.

The following is a sample of a Canadian border checkpoint between “health zones”, and Dan Dicks of gives us a good example of how to get through one without divulging any personal information. What have we come to here in Canada?

Three (3) and Counting… Arrested Alberta Pastors, That Is…

There’s been yet another Alberta pastor arrested (and quickly released, apparently) for holding church services in the face of persecution and unlawful AHS “rules”. This incident happened just last Sunday, May 16, 2021. Follow the link, Rebel News is covering all these cases, praise God someone is on top of it!

I give the credit to Rainbow Warrior of DidYouKnow for alerting me to this one.

Canadian communism may have a different face than Asian or European communism; but it’s still the same evil beast! And make no mistake, religious persecution for the sake of eradicating Christianity, is the main goal.

Another Alberta Pastor Arrested for Peacefully Holding a Worship Service… (May8/21)

Trying to keep up with current events can be a bit daunting these days, as so much happens in so short a time… But I do want to post what I can find concerning the two Alberta pastors who have been arrested like criminals, for what? Obeying God! This one is the moment Artur Pawlowski was arrested in Calgary, Alberta, China (oops, I mean, Canada!) But really, what’s the difference anymore!??

God promises to separate the sheep from the goats before he returns, and I can see that’s what is beginning to happen. Those who aren’t willing (or fear) to suffer for Jesus will cave in and deny him to avoid it; while those who are willing to suffer for him will stand and be counted…arrested like a common criminal in this case. We absolutely need to know which camp we’re in…but it’s usually in the fire where we learn that knowledge…

Petition to End the Illegal Lockdowns in Canada!

For all my fellow Canadians, who are fed up with the harmful and illegal lockdowns in Canada: go to the following site and find your province. We have already signed it for Alberta.

End Canada Lockdown

The neat thing about it is that every single time someone signs it, the respective premier, and every MLA and MP gets an email with the petition in his/her inbox. Not one of them will be able to claim they didn’t know…

“For Whatever 🙄 Reason”

“For Whatever Reason”

Jason Kenney, Premier of Alberta, has openly pointed his finger at the ones who, all along, since the beginning of the so-called “Covid crisis”, have been predetermined “The Blame” for repeated unjust lockdowns being increasingly and rigorously imposed on Albertans. I’m sure most folks know who that group of scapegoats is… ya, the ones who, “for whatever 🙄 reason”…are “ignoring the rules”.

Of course, this increases the fear among those who blindly follow idiotic “rules” without even understanding what’s being done to them. Not only that, but now hate is going to increase as well, just watch. The political mouthpiece that passes for a “local, independent newspaper”, that unashamedly promotes this communist agenda, tugs at sympathy chords for “our students, local businesses and their employees, who are the ones suffering from these added restrictions”, in order to fully demonize those others who are ALSO SUFFERING (!!!), but who wisely choose not to blindly obey “The Rules” like good little boys and girls! “For whatever🙄 reason”!! 

Maybe those “others” prefer to breathe clean air (relatively speaking…), knowing that recycled CO2 is dangerously toxic to their lungs…

Maybe those “others” know that the Covid virus has a greater than 99% recovery rate, and that the symptoms are about the same as the annual flu or a bad cold…

Maybe those “others” understand how important human contact is for mental health (something our oppressors are always harping about, but are working to damage…)

Maybe those “rebellious others” know that gathering for worship is essential for strength and encouragement in these trying times…

Maybe those “others” also know that these lockdowns and all threats of stronger and more unjust enforcements have done more harm than Covid, and is also the sign of a communist take-over…!

And surely those “others” also know that an experimental, unapproved, poisonous gene-altering jab being forced upon the populace by deceit and coercion is NOT a wise thing to receive…!

And those “others” hear the oppressors talking about this magical thing called “herd immunity”, knowing FULL WELL that what “they’re” aiming at is total HERD MENTALITY…!!! 

And some of these “others” who know the bible, understand that this is all leading up to the mark of the beast, where one cannot buy or sell without the mark: beginning with the conditioner, the MASK…

Most assuredly, Jason Kenney knows at least some of these obvious reasons, but “for whatever reason” (political position, personal gain, rejection of God and truth, fear?) is simply IGNORING the FACTS, and willingly playing the devil’s game. 

Truth and salmon have one major commonality: both must SWIM AGAINST the CURRENT to survive.


Encouragement for true Christians: 

Matthew 10:22 (KJV)

22 And ye shall be hated of all men for my name’s sake: but he that endureth to the end shall be saved.

Hebrews 11:35-38 (KJV) …and OTHERS were tortured, not accepting deliverance; that they might obtain a better resurrection: 36 And OTHERS had trial of cruel mockings and scourgings, yea, moreover of bonds and imprisonment: 37 They were stoned, they were sawn asunder, were tempted, were slain with the sword: they wandered about in sheepskins and goatskins; being destitute, afflicted, tormented; 38 (Of whom the world was not worthy:)…

It is a great honour to be among those “others”…!

More Links in the Covid 19(84) Choke-Chain…

For your interest… a few links to odd or unusual information related to the Covid 19(84) nightmare…

More Links in the Covid 19(84) Choke-Chain~~~

“Incentives”??? How about, “pathetic bribes”??? How low will they stoop to manipulate folks into getting the poison jab? Then again…how low will some folks stoop to line up for it…?? A hot dog?!? Free beer?!!?? Sell your birthright for a mess of pottage while you’re at it, why don’tcha??