“Coronaville” Coverage

(Pun intended 😉)

Having been into the heart of “Coronaville” just recently, and remembering the last intense variety of encounters we experienced, it was with some trepidation that we ventured back into it… Would we be turned away completely this time? Would we be able to accomplish anything? However, we committed the entire trip to the Lord, and trusted him to guide our paths.

Canadian Tire was the strictest last time; and as we had to return something as well as purchase a couple more items, we approached the entrance with a big question mark in our minds. Just before we reached the front doors, we decided to go through the “back door”, so to speak, to avoid the mask police at the front. That worked! But we hurried around trying to find our items before they could chase us down…

At Customer “Service”, we were greeted by what I consider a rude question, especially when it isn’t even preceded by a proper greeting: “Do you guys have masks?” 

My best half answered “No” so quietly the cashier didn’t fully hear, so she clarified: “So that’s a ‘No’?”

“That’s a ‘No’”, I confirmed.

After a moment, “And the REASON would be…?” she pried. My best half didn’t even hear her, as it was so quiet; and I couldn’t think of a single thing to say, so we said absolutely nothing.

Receiving no answer, she grumpily stormed over to her till, muttering, “Fine! DON’T answer me, then! But you’ll have to stand behind the shield…” and the rest was lost behind the shield, her mask, and the fact that her back was now turned toward us.

That’s when we noticed there were no mask police by the front door… Hmmmm…?

The main grocery store had mask police stationed right at the door, and upon my entrance, I was asked by the woman sitting there, “Can I give you a mask today?” I did’t hear what she said the first time, actually, so I leaned right close with my hand cupped over my good ear, and asked her to repeat it. She did: “Can I give you a mask today?” 

Smiling, I assured her, “No, thank you; I don’t want one today, either.” While she processed that new idea, I walked into the store past her blank look. 

It seemed that the mask enforcement was less stringent this time… Perhaps when the mandates first come out, folks are all eager to jump on the bandwagon and be the best followers they can be. But maybe the stress it causes them and everyone else is just not worth the trouble it takes, and they lighten up after a while…? The huge digital billboard had nothing  about mandatory masks posted, either… 

The gas station we stopped at first had no signs whatsoever on their door. No mask signs,  no “Covid anything” posted. Which rather surprised me, but it gave me a boost. 😁 However, people have become so accustomed/slavish to wearing these dirty diapers on their faces, they do it anyways!! Even when they don’t “have” to! 🤔Where is the logic in that!?! 

My best half suggests: Perhaps the lack of covid signs in some places, and the “lightening up” of enforcement is really a TEST to see how well the masses are being conditioned…. Hmmm…?

Taken all together, it was a successful day, and we are rejoicing and giving God ALL the glory for it. The weather was even lovely enough to have an outdoor picnic, rather than having to balance food on our laps in the truck. 😁

Until next time…

WHAT?!? No Evidence to Support Lockdowns?!?

Well, whaddya know? The Alberta government has requested that they not be required to produce evidence in support of the lockdowns ordered by AHS, in the case of wrongly imprisoned pastor, James Coates, of Grace Life Church. They claim they haven’t had enough time to gather this evidence, even though it’s been over a year since they put us into lockdown mode! This smacks of serious corruption, folks! If they can’t produce any evidence to support lockdowns in over a year, then they HAVE NO EVIDENCE to support it!

Read it for yourselves in this article from http://www.jccf.ca and tell me there’s no CON JOB happening!!

Death By Covid Vaccine

This is such a SAD video, but please watch it. Let it be yet another warning to avoid the covid death jab, no matter what else you may have to lose. Would it not be better to not be allowed to travel, than to lose what health you have, and maybe even your very life?

I found this at thetruthseeker.co.uk, but chose to copy the link from bitchute in case it gets taken down. Hugo Talks produced it, and it’s a FaceBook group he found. I think the bit describing it on the truthseeker said there were over 95,000 members on this group already. So here is the link. Please bring your Kleenex box… 😢

UPDATE on GraceLife Church in Alberta, Canada.

Pretty sad when a group of peaceful believers is forced underground in a supposedly free western nation! But apparently, that’s what has happened… Please read the following article from anti-empire.com for more information.

Welcome to the Communist Republik of Canada! 🙁

“Coronaville” Intensifies…

“Coronaville” Intensifies…

We made another foray into “Coronaville” late last week, which turned out to be a little more intense than previous trips. 

Apparently, we here in Alberta have been “rolled back” to “Step 1” of the province’s “reopening” strategy. That means, among other things, that masks are again mandatory in all indoor spaces. I don’t believe they have any intention of reopening, only that these insane measures are being used to get more people primed for, and desiring to receive, the kill shot, aka “vaccine”! However that may be, employees in some places were more vigorous in policing the masking…

First, however, it needs to be said that most places we had to go were still willing to allow us in, and we even had opportunities to enlighten a few folks who were open to hearing some truth. One cashier, poor woman, was “scared to death”, she said, and eagerly welcomed the information I had on the dangers of the so-called ‘vaccine’. I tried to encourage her into trusting in God only, and being willing to say “No”, as well. Others had new thoughts inserted into their thinking, and perhaps they will be able to change their minds about things like masking their children. We can always hope…

First intensified encounter: Canadian Tire. Immediately upon entering, someone demanded if we had masks. My best half saw the bottle of hand sanitizer in her hand, and thought she was asking if we wanted that, so answered, “We have our own.” And we walked in.

In the automotive aisle we were chased down by a very indignant woman who accosted us with a stern, “Excuse me sir!” from behind. My heart nearly stopped. 

“Why aren’t you wearing your masks?!” (Notice how they always say ‘your’ this or that? All this garbage is really ‘theirs’, NOT yours.)

“We’re exempt,” replied my best half. 

“Well, if you’re exempt, you need to tell people, instead of just refusing to wear one!” She was really mad.

I was very quiet, wondering what would happen. After all, folks have been physically assaulted in Canadian Tires for this “offence”. Then she saw the list paper in my hand and added, “And if you don’t have your paperwork, you still have to wear them! It’s MANDATORY in Spruce Grove right now!” Now what did she mean by ‘paperwork’, I wondered? 

Second intense encounter: the greenhouse. Now, wouldn’t you think a greenhouse, of all places, would not be sticky about masks? After all, they have the most oxygen-rich atmosphere of any place. However, that was not the case, and was where I was more or less expelled.

As usual, I simply walked in and quickly began to go about my business without looking at anyone. I began breathing that heavenly air as deeply as possible (I love the scent of a greenhouse!). Not finding what I was looking for immediately, it took some time, I even had to ask for assistance once; and when nobody said anything about my maskless face, I thought I would be OK, and began to relax. Not so.

A short time later, as I was pondering over the type of flowers I would like, the same woman who helped me earlier showed up and asked if I had a mask. 

“No, I don’t wear masks.” I said.

“Well, the law, you know. It’s mandatory right now… Do you HAVE a mask?”

When I said “no” she offered to get me one. I said, “It’s so frustrating because there’s no disease; it’s a political agenda”: and repeated that I don’t wear masks, and asked “what about people with exemptions?”

“Do you have an exemption card?”

“What? You need a card to be exempt?” (Guess that’s what the CT woman meant by ‘paperwork’) “I have religious convictions.” 

That’s when a man appeared, who snootily commented, “Nobody LIKES to wear a mask!”

“It’s not about liking it or not; it’s about my religious convictions. This whole thing is a political agenda, and the more people go along with it, pretty soon they can just take over the whole world! But I’ll leave.”

He replied, “They have the power to shut down the whole store.”

“Yes, I know. So I’ll leave.”

At least they let me buy what I had put into my cart…

The grocery stores still don’t harass maskless folks, but as I was picking a few vegetables, an elderly couple walked past me, and first he turned around to look at me, then she did the same, with a look of disgust on her face. Then she immediately began to whisper something to her husband.  

I begin to understand what it feels like to be a despised minority… Not to mention how it feels to be discriminated against… But Jesus warned us we would be hated of all men for his name’s sake, and we might as well get used to it sooner than later! Because this entire agenda goes totally against God and Christians. 

Until next time…

UPDATED: Unjust Church Closure Over Non-Compliance with [Anti-Christ] Covid Lockdown Rules.

Well, as it happens, the covid police have now physically closed the Alberta church whose pastor was jailed for non-compliance with lockdown rules that went directly against the word of God. See the following articles, albeit from mainstream sources, for a fuller picture. We stand with those of God’s people who would “rather suffer affliction with the people of God than enjoy the pleasures of sin for a season”.




Praise the Lord for some who are willing to obey God rather than men! We can’t just roll over and play dead on command; we must stand for the truth!

UPDATE: Here is the public statement made by the church in question, which I should have included yesterday, but didn’t think of it then; In which they explain very clearly their reasons for their actions. The sermon I posted earlier (https://wordpress.com/post/canadianwildflower867537505.wordpress.com/1448.) gives the full biblical foundation upon which they have made their stand.