Comment on Coronaville “Safety”

“…your right to freedom of choice does not trump my right to live in a safe environment.”

This quote was the final statement of a nameless editor of a local(ish) newsletter recently, after he had penned a shameless propaganda piece in support of the current covid-19(84) so-called “vaccination” agenda in which he had regurgitated all the latest overblown and faulty “case” numbers, etc.

Well, I hate to stick my pin into anybody’s balloon , but this desire to live in a “safe” environment at the expense of everyone’s freedom is NOT a “right”. And what these folks call “safe” is NOT safe by any stretch of the imagination!

Covid-19(84) communism, which has pulled off the largest coup d’état in history, is THE most oppressive and evil system of rule on the planet. But that’s what these whiners are clamouring for; the complete removal of everyone’s freedom, so they can feel “safe”.

Safe from WHAT, exactly? A common cold? The flu? Cooties?? Getting sick from time to time is just a normal part of LIFE, for your information. So is death, by the way.

Since when has illness and/or death from illness become the one thing that MUST be avoided at all costs?

Since when did crushing every country’s economy become a necessary way of avoiding an illness?

Since when did the destruction of families, relationships, and social life become a necessary way of combatting any illness?

Since when did sky-high and climbing suicide rates become just collateral damage in the fight against an illness??

Since when did eliminating freedom of choice become a necessary ingredient for avoiding a common cold or flu?!?

Etc., etc., etc.!!

Sice the invention of covid-19(84) Communism, that’s when. And is that REALLY what you want, what makes all you whiners feel “safe”?

Here’s a few suggestions for all those scared rabbits out there who want to steal everyone’s freedom for their own so-called “safety”!

If YOU are afraid to live in the relatively safe country you are in; if YOU hate the freedoms we have, feel free to MOVE. Go where oppressive communism is already deeply entrenched, and see how you like that. Don’t force it on us.

YOU could stay locked up in your own homes under house arrest indefinitely, and wear masks until you suffocate, if that makes you feel safe. Don’t force it on us.

If YOU think the poison jab is the only way to be safe, go ahead and line up for it; but DON’T force it on us!!

Because our LEGITIMATE RIGHT to freedom of choice for our own bodies DOES trump your non-existent “right” to live in what you call a “safe” environment.

42 thoughts on “Comment on Coronaville “Safety”

  1. Wow! Well said! I agree with every word, and couldn’t have said it better (in fact, I couldn’t have said it as well, LOL!). This is a speech that should be shouted from the rooftops. Thanks CW

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  2. I wish I could get your entire article printed onto a tee shirt! Bravo!!!! It’s so true what you said, but the spoon fed masses of mental ZOMBIES out there are so brain dead it would go in one ear and out the other! The masks do NOT WORK. I got some sort of I don’t know what, I was visiting someone I know and they HAD A MASK ON because they said they had something like a cold, so I got whatever it was anyway. It was NO big deal at all, not even a mild cold, LESS THAN THAT. A real nothing. I didn’t even have a temperature. All I did was have one of my tonsils get some gross looking white stuff on them and it swelled up, that was it. No biggie. Of course I don’t eat garbage that most people eat, I stay away from as much RoundUp sprayed non-food as possible.

    Your article is the BEST, CW! It’s too bad like the ol’ saying, where the problem with good advice is the wise already know it and the fools won’t heed it.

    If these germphobes want to be “SAFE”, they can go around in a plastic bubble. The masks don’t work, the vaccine doesn’t even protect you from the virus anyway (assuming you don’t die from it).

    I loved the video on the where they showed a bunch of people in Utah just mobbing a grocery store going in with no masks on and there was nothing the authorities could do about it. Of course the MSM has a total news blackout of those things, unless it’s a false flag.

    Awesome article, CW! I pray you all had a great Christmas and New Year. God bless you honey!! : )

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    1. Hi Chemtrails! Thanks so much for your comment! As for good advice going “in one ear and out the other”, it may not even make it into the first ear in most of today’s devil vision (DV) junkies.
      Thanks, we don’t celebrate the pagan winter solstice festival, but we did have a great time renovating our old house into a garage during the awesome weather we had then! It was so warm we got lots done. 😁

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  3. P.S. Even though Ben Franklin was an evil freemason and a member of the Hellfire club, he allegedly was quoted as saying, “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”.

    SO, they do not deserve either of them! I could fit that onto a tee shirt.

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  4. No one lives in a world with no restrictions. But a hoax? Here is an article you can find online. Perhaps down the road we will all know more in retrospect.

    The Spanish flu pandemic of 1918, the deadliest in history, infected an estimated 500 million people worldwide—about one-third of the planet’s population—and killed an estimated 20 million to 50 million victims, including some 675,000 Americans. The 1918 flu was first observed in Europe, the United States and parts of Asia before swiftly spreading around the world. At the time, there were no effective drugs or vaccines to treat this killer flu strain. Citizens were ordered to wear masks, schools, theaters and businesses were shuttered and bodies piled up in makeshift morgues before the virus ended its deadly global march.

    Wow so nothing new I guess.


    1. And yet none of that is actually happening with covid. Have you seen any bodies piled up? Even by our official stats, there have only been around ten deaths from this so-called “killer virus” since last year!
      And if you can find it, Dr. Fauci actually wrote a paper on the Spanish Flu, in which he found that most people who died from it actually died from bacterial pnemonia from wearing masks…
      There is nothing new under the sun, and that includes the number of fools (who believe whatever they’re told) born every minute…

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      1. Wildflower through the centuries man has been plagued by disease, virus and plagues . they are very real and people have died in the thousands. Fools? I say look a little further.- 10 deaths? I don’t think Fauci is denying the virus or the deaths. Please send me Fauci’s paper on the Spanish Flue Maybe it is the same as the Bubonic Plague chronicles? We have had viruses since time immemorial and have killed many. But my sister is a nurse so I get my info from the source. who are the fools?

        t I suppose it is th


  5. PS by the way people who bitch about safety vs freedom over wearing a face mask or storming a store without one thinking they are speaking for freedom should have lived in Greece during the time of the Colonels after the Military Coup. It’s all relative I guess.


      1. we will get through this crisis and not be in the Greek situation at all. We have a very good government . There is no conspiracy. Things will get back to normal. But if all we have to complain about is mandatory masks then I’d say we are not so bad. But then complainers have been around for a long time and usually don’t come up with anything better.


      2. Dune mouse, apparently you have never read the bible, either. But I have. This is not going to get back to normal, whatever that is. God promised judgment upon mankind for their wickdness, and I believe this is what is being used to bring it about. There IS an end, whether anybody wants to hear it or not. There was a beginning, and there is an end.
        Sorry, I can’t give you the link to Fauci’s Spanish flu article because my technical abilities are beyond the dinosaurs. I’m sure you have a much better computer and skills to go along with it than I do. My sporadic internet uses don’t help me keep up with the changes that happen faster than I can log in.

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      3. Honestly CW and I say this without hypocrisy or meaning disrespect to your spiritual life, If being a born again Christian on these sites means giving Nazi salutes, or being a Hitler sympathizer, condemning the Jews and wishing for their destruction or anyone else who is not of my beliefs then no I ‘m not but I am humbled and awed by creation and the compassion and forgiveness of Jesus.


      4. Have you ever read the statements made to the Pharisees (Jews) by Jesus himself? It’s very eye-opening, to say the least. But you have interpreted “born again” all wrong. However, it seems you’re not very open to being enlightened, so I won’t waste my time.


      5. enlightened!! ? Hmm, I actually think I am or striving, but I am not one to preach or argue religious belief as we all have our own personal experience with it.. Yes I do go with science a lot but I don’t think that that negates faith or the gift of Awe from the Holy Spirit. After all look at the astronomer priests of the vatican,- very educated men with faith. Wonderful documentary on them that is very humbling, profound and enlightened too, called -“The Sons of Gallileo.” I wrote a post on Galileo here:


      6. Yes, I just did read your post, and found it very new-agey and it reveals your astrological tendencies. Not giving glory to God the Creator of the universe, but to Jupiter as “King of creation”?

        I am aware of Galileo’s persecution for revealing that the planets are spherical and orbit the sun, rather than the “church” dogma that wverything was flat and orbited the earth, and that he suffered the inquisition and died heart-broken. But that’s no reason to worship the creature (or created things) more than the Creator. We are commanded to worship the Creator, God.


      7. I don’t worship Jupiter at all!! But Jupiter is called the King of the planets due to it’s size and also that it deflects many comets and asteroids that “might” hit earth like our guardian angel. I hate new age stuff anyway and am not into astrology. I didn’t intend for it to look like that. I do love science though. I think it is wonderful that God made the solar system as He did. But I was just trying to express that there is wonder and joy in the universe. and that everything is not negative. But I guess you didn’t see it that way. Oh well. Thanks for reading anyway.


  6. PPS I don’t see people flocking to embrace all your conspiracy theories and I’m always interested in the credentials of those who deny anything is happening. I believe Free Speech got shut down due to hate speech? That’s a shame but then we always have to blame someone. I like what the indigenous people have to say about this. My point about constitutional rights is that the complaints about wearing masks to try to prevent spread of germs are pretty petty when some places have fatwa’s against people protesting for wanting to go to school.


    1. I begin to think you’re a schill or something. Your “sympathy” over the shutdown of Free Speech Monika smacks of hypocrisy. It was a real loss of truth and freedom of speech to have her page summarily cancelled!


      1. PPS some of the things people say on these sites is horrifying. Right now the government is adding more racist and hate type groups, like neo nazis to Terrorist status.


    2. of course I have read the bible but I don’t take ‘everything” literally. However those who are waiting for the end as a revenge against the wicked ( none of us without sin) I guess do see it differently. True, all events change us and there is never a “back to normal’ on this earth. I’m sure those during the Black Death thought it was God’s judgment and the end of the world too. This world has not known peace or Utopia since the garden.


      1. One point where you are wrong. Those who are born again, that is, truly born of God, are without any known or willful sin. They can and do obey God, just like Christ, who lives in them by his Spirit, which he gave us for that purpose. 😊


      2. Honestly CW and I say this without hypocrisy or meaning disrespect to your spiritual life, If being a born again Christian on these sites means giving Nazi salutes, or being a Hitler sympathizer, condemning the Jews and wishing for their destruction or anyone else who is not of my beliefs then no I ‘m not but I am humbled and awed by creation and the compassion and forgiveness of Jesus.


    3. Dear dune mouse.

      If you don’t believe there are any conspiracies, then you will think these global events are just ‘by accident’. They are not. Instead of just believing what you are told to believe, it’s a good idea to actually think about things, instead of just blindly going along with what CNN, CBS, NBC and Hollywood’s version of the ‘media’ are telling us. There is a real conspiracy. But most don’t want to believe it because they get all nervous and scared because their world is not what they think it is anymore. I read “None Dare Call it Conspiracy” and “The Rockefeller File” both by Gary Allen. He was actually a reporter with a socialist bent who wanted to prove that his view was the right one. He found quite the opposite. If you really want the truth (most can’t handle it), you should read’s website. Also I don’t know where you are from, but in the US we were never taught in history about what happened in Russia during Stalin/Lenin/Beria/Trotsky. Until I read “Gulag Archipelago”, I didn’t know anything about that history. Now I know why they don’t want us to learn about it in (Rockefeller controlled) schools. Or, just keep doing what the unthinking masses are doing and keep watching globalist funded “news”, CNN, ABC, et al. Oh, and I’m SURE that all this de platforming, censorship are being done for “our own good.” They have to protect us from any sort of “lies”, right? After all they know what’s best for us! Not like they have an agenda, especially Bill Gates (check out “who is bill gates” if you aren’t afraid of a little ‘conspiracy fact getting in) and his ilk, never mind he never graduated college, he’s a great one to dictate vaccine policy.

      As William Casey said (former CIA director), “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.” William Casey, CIA Director 1981-1987

      It’s much easier (at least in the beginning) to just go along with the crowd. But when you see where they’re steering the crowd to, you don’t want to go off the cliff.

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      1. Chemtrailsuck , Do you support Greta Thunberg? and what are your educational credentials so I can understand how you came to your conclusions. The news site you quote is also accused of spreading misinformation . Apparently according to conspiracy theorists, man didn’t go to the moon, Silverstein blew up the twin towers, the earth is flat and secret societies abound plotting the demise of the world behind closed doors. You’ve lost your filter as to when to trust and when to be a sceptic. ( I was a history major in college)

        I am definitely not a neo Naz and not part of the ZOG propaganda machine etc either like some on these conspiracy sites but hey, the world was never what we thought and yes, underhanded things go on all the time and we’re ok with it as long as it is to our advantage.

        Nevertheless I’d much rather live here than for example Saudi Arabia, Russia, China or places where there is “real” censorship and restriction. At least we can go to college – males and females, and can access different new sites and opinions as we wish on line or on TV. and At least you get to complain about it. Listen if I believed “everything” you said just because you call it a conspiracy then I’d be as “dumbed down” as those who accept all at face value.

        According to you, I’d have to believe that all the scientists, doctors, historians, journalists, economists got their education and degrees just to be able to lie to the rest of us and exploit us ( that includes some educated members of my own family). Vaccines? some are against it – ok.

        I also believe that there are some things that go on we don’t find out about- though real investigative reporters have exposed some of them with evidence like Watergate and Iran/Contra. No system or government is unimpeachable, As a rule the universe unfolds as it should with all our imperfections. Regimes and governments rise and fall through history, and if you create a movement to change things It will either succeed or fail also. So we all try to do our best .


      2. Educational credentials, dune mouse? The bible says that the things that are highly esteemed among men are an abomination to God, and that not many wise men after the flesh are chosen by God to be used in his kingdom work. These things are not essential to be credible.

        And you may add “so far” to most of your comments, because it’s only a matter of time before we ARE like Stalinist Russia or Mao’s China.


  7. PPPS Plagues, and viruses have been with us over the centuries. People did die whether from secondary infections are not. It usually affects the lungs in the long run. I’ve seen the catacombs of Paris where thousands of bones lie of those who died of the plague. I am a history major also so have quite an interest in history. It’s not a hoax! History is not a lie. but you are entitled to live as you like privately and wait and see after things settle down- and they inevitably do.


    1. YES, people die, and in great numbers, and because of plagues and such, all through history. But NEVER has the entire world been shut down over it until last year. There is NO reason for the global economic catastrophe that is being deliberately caused by this so-called “pandemic”. You may believe whatever you like, as well, but at least open your eyes before deciding.

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      1. I do a lot of reading and things did shut down during the 1918 Flu epidemic but they didn’t know as much as they do today. The world has tried to stop the spread but we will only know in retrospect how successful it was or not. Nevertheless the government I believe has done it’s best to support those suffering financially. We’ve had a number of bad viruses the last few decades. Things will improve or else nature has selected us for extinction.


      2. CW, the ‘flu’ that hit the world in 1918, they used masks and they didn’t work then either. A great book I read is “Search for Health” by Tom Valentine. It was published in the 1990’s and had an interesting article about how people were ‘dying’ of the ‘flu’, though it did not act like the flu at all, it was in effect germ warfare, and mycotoxins sprayed from planes were involved.

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      3. I’m not the least bit surprised to hear that. The things we don’t know about what they are doing to us to make us sick would sink a ship!
        Last time I went for groceries, I was the ONLY person without a mask of whoredom! Read Genesis 38:15 in a KJV to see why I say that.


  8. It’s too bad Dune Mouse is getting their ‘information’ from wrong theories of disease. Pasteur on his death bed said that Antoine Bechamp’s theory was correct, not his (Pasteur’s). That is why this lock down/masking/quarantining is not working. And nobody is looking into how many 5 G towers are going up! They’re everywhere! Get a coronet meter and measure the EMR. Barrie Trower was right, this EMR is a weapon, and he knew what he spoke of, he was a Microwave weapons expert for the Royal Navy.

    But nobody wants to know about the truth, that is why Amazon is banning books by the truckload, especially, “The Contagion Myth” by Dr. Tom Cowan and Sally Fallon-Morell. Who made Amazon the arbiter of censorship? Censorship does not exist in a free society.

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  9. sighs. And I will still go with empirical studies, evidence and science. Whether or not Bechamp’s theory is correct, people are still suffering including those in remote areas that are not as technologically driven. But maybe I misunderstand. Are you saying that “they” ( whoever they are) are deliberately poisoning the population with microwaves- and to what purpose- to kill off humanity?

    I know a lot of these technologies are unhealthy of course but sadly are here to stay. Garry Kasparov conclusions on AI and human intelligence may end up as future Blade Runner stuff. Yikes.


    1. People worship science so-called today, when most of it isn’t even real science at all.
      It’s too bad that most folks refuse to believe that Jesus Christ is God, and obey him accordingly: when they are most willing to trust psuedo science, and obey as if it is god. Sigh!!


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