Comment on Coronaville “Safety”

“…your right to freedom of choice does not trump my right to live in a safe environment.”

This quote was the final statement of a nameless editor of a local(ish) newsletter recently, after he had penned a shameless propaganda piece in support of the current covid-19(84) so-called “vaccination” agenda in which he had regurgitated all the latest overblown and faulty “case” numbers, etc.

Well, I hate to stick my pin into anybody’s balloon , but this desire to live in a “safe” environment at the expense of everyone’s freedom is NOT a “right”. And what these folks call “safe” is NOT safe by any stretch of the imagination!

Covid-19(84) communism, which has pulled off the largest coup d’état in history, is THE most oppressive and evil system of rule on the planet. But that’s what these whiners are clamouring for; the complete removal of everyone’s freedom, so they can feel “safe”.

Safe from WHAT, exactly? A common cold? The flu? Cooties?? Getting sick from time to time is just a normal part of LIFE, for your information. So is death, by the way.

Since when has illness and/or death from illness become the one thing that MUST be avoided at all costs?

Since when did crushing every country’s economy become a necessary way of avoiding an illness?

Since when did the destruction of families, relationships, and social life become a necessary way of combatting any illness?

Since when did sky-high and climbing suicide rates become just collateral damage in the fight against an illness??

Since when did eliminating freedom of choice become a necessary ingredient for avoiding a common cold or flu?!?

Etc., etc., etc.!!

Sice the invention of covid-19(84) Communism, that’s when. And is that REALLY what you want, what makes all you whiners feel “safe”?

Here’s a few suggestions for all those scared rabbits out there who want to steal everyone’s freedom for their own so-called “safety”!

If YOU are afraid to live in the relatively safe country you are in; if YOU hate the freedoms we have, feel free to MOVE. Go where oppressive communism is already deeply entrenched, and see how you like that. Don’t force it on us.

YOU could stay locked up in your own homes under house arrest indefinitely, and wear masks until you suffocate, if that makes you feel safe. Don’t force it on us.

If YOU think the poison jab is the only way to be safe, go ahead and line up for it; but DON’T force it on us!!

Because our LEGITIMATE RIGHT to freedom of choice for our own bodies DOES trump your non-existent “right” to live in what you call a “safe” environment.