Masked Fear, or, The Mask of Fear?

Almighty God commands his people NOT to fear; also, to submit themselves to God, and to resist the devil.

The entire world (Beast) system is brainwashing almost everyone to fear, and to submit to the devil rather than God; including MANY who consider themselves to be Christians.


But more than that: it’s a sign that folks have put their faith in the Beast, and have forsaken faith in God. They fear everything but God. They trust the Beast, but they DO NOT TRUST (believe) GOD.

That’s spiritual whoredom!

It’s long past time to repent and turn to God through Jesus Christ! It’s high time to believe (obey) God, and turn from your idols to serve the living God; and to obey God rather than men, when men’s laws go contrary to God’s laws!

“Face Coverings”

For those of you who have a King James bible, open to Genesis 38:15, and read carefully what it says about covering the face. I’m sure if you are open to hearing from God, he will show you, just like hhe showed me. I’ve read that passage how many times, and never seen it before, but when he opened it up to me, it was like a loud shout!

Folks, if you believe God, you will fear him and want to obey him. We must not commit whoredom against him in bowing to any other “god”!

Time Off…

Hello to all my faithful readers. I’m truly sorry that there isn’t much to read lately, and likely won’t be, as technical difficulties are insurmountable in most cases, for me; also, it’s getting colder, and harder to sit outdoors in the truck (I refuse to comply with the mandatory “face covering” to sit inside the library; and things happen so fast, and I don’t get to the internet very often, and I just can’t keep up! However, that said, I’m not stopping blogging, just going into a kind of partial hibernation. 😊 I appreciate all of you!