The Anti-Climax of “Coronaville” Shopping, and…MORE.

The Anti-Climax of “Coronaville” Shopping, And… MORE.

After waiting until we could put it off not a day longer, we decided to go shopping… One needs groceries, after all… It isn’t something one relishes doing, however, what with all the horror stories of folks being assaulted for not “masking”, and learning that Alberta’s capital city has also instituted mandatory mask laws… We didn’t actually go as far as the city, but near it, is usually similar…

So I kind of “psyched myself up” for the trip, preparing myself mostly spiritually, to endure in a Christlike manner whatever evil came my way… Only to have a completely uneventful, “adventureless” shopping experience, praise God!! But it WAS rather anti-climactic!! But hey! I’m not complaining!

BUT, and this is the interesting part; a friend dropped in before we left, with news of happenings in other parts of the continent, on both sides of the border…

While on the southern side of the 49th parallel, this friend spoke with numbers of folks who have experienced first-hand, the insanity of Covid-communism.

A nurse had fled from a certain state to escape the evil of the hospital actually killing patients. Yes, you read that right! This nurse said the hospital was drugging folks into lethargy of some sort, then putting them on respirators, thereby inducing death!

Our friend also visited the family of an elderly man who had gone up a ladder to capture a swarm of bees that had escaped his beehive, who had fallen off the ladder and broke open his head, and subsequently died. His family complained that the hospital had chalked up his death to Covid-19(84)!!!

Now that is first-hand reporting, so if anybody still doubts the deception around this Covid-mania, they better take their heads out of the sand, and quickly!!

When our friend returned (with difficulty) to Canada, he was forced into home quarantine. While in this forced condition, the police actually paid a visit to the home, and asked, “How are you isolating FROM YOUR FAMILY?” This entire Covid cult is about dividing people from each other, not about protecting anybody from a so-called “deadly pandemic”!! I mean, someone with a large family is supposed to isolate from all family members?!?

Confirmation of information posted in an earlier blog post: that of strange buildings being secretly and hastily built in northern regions of Canada. Our friend actually knows the carpenters with the contract to build the ones in Northern Manitoba; these folks called the buildings “barracks”, rows and rows of them; with security all around the site. When the contract supervisor asked what they were for, he was told to “mind your own business, and just get the job done!” Makes you sit up and take notice…

To once again prove the DECEPTION of the Covid hysteria; a nurse who does data registration for a hospital, told people our friend visited, that first thing every morning, the head Doctor TELLS her how many Covid cases there will be for that day!!

How can anybody still believe any of the official reports??

And lastly, a very disgusting bit of information… Hope you haven’t just eaten…certain things…

Our friend was visiting the neighbour of someone in the northern part of a Canadian province, a farmer, who casually mentioned that he sells buckets of cow blood to whoever it is that makes those “Beyond Meat” burgers for McDonalds, A&W, etc. Apparently, the blood makes the burgers taste better… 😝😝 Blech!!! So much for the “meatless” claim! I’ve never eaten one, thank God!

Well, that’s all, folks! (Borrowed from Bugs Bunny!)

Until next time…

3 thoughts on “The Anti-Climax of “Coronaville” Shopping, and…MORE.

  1. The insanity of it all! It is hard to believe that anyone can still believe their lies, but somehow, they do. It must be total cognitive dissonance.
    Even if their numbers were true about so-called covid deaths (which we know they are not!), but even if they were true, how can anyone think all these “protective” measures make any sense at all?! In all of BC, there have been less than 200 deaths (their numbers), and yet, there is some kind of state of emergency?!?!?!

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  2. Well, well, if it isn’t the caustic Jim Manella! Apparently, I don’t have to post on FARCEbook, as it seems you will save me the trouble, and do it for me. 😄 Maybe some FARCEbook junkie will actually wake up by reading it. We can always hope… The only pandemic is the FEAR infecting the brainwashed who actually believe ANYthing they hear/see on the idiot box!

    And to comment on another of your vindictive comments: being in jail does NOT make someone a criminal. Committing a crime makes someone a criminal. Speaking truth is NOT a crime. Therefore, Alfred is NOT a criminal!

    Thanks for the opportunity to address you once again.
    (I’ll be reblocking you. Not sure what happened here, but perhaps this glitch was meant to be…so folks could see who you really are…)

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  3. Hey Elmer Fudd, how is your Bugs Bunny God handling the world CV pandemic? See the death total in the US? What does Bugs have to say about that? Pretty sure Bugs is an infectious disease expert and he could set us straight lol


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