Consider Yourself Warned!

Here is a wonderful video by Alfred Schaefer, who is now in a German jail for speaking the truth about the Jewish hollow-hoax. This video is about memes, and is also a warning to others who know the house is on fire, but are too cowardly to warn others.

I am warning my readers.

I’m sure most of you are awake already, or you likely wouldn’t be following my humble blog. But I do know that some who read my blog are hiding their heads in the sand, either out of cowardice, or conditioned blindness.

ALL of what you have been taught to believe about history is LIES.

ALL of what you have been duped into believing about Covid-19(84) is LIES. This whole covid thing is a CON JOB to enslave the world. People absolutely MUST get rid of the idiot boxes that are programming and brainwashing them into obedient slaves, and get off that comfy couch, and open your eyes to what is happening!!!

Alfred is 100% right about the need to warn others. This is why I’m posting his excellent video, and I hope if you know the truth, you will share it as well.

And please don’t forget to support Alfred while he is unjustly imprisoned for speaking truth.

Thank you.

2 thoughts on “Consider Yourself Warned!

  1. Here is Alfred’s address, if you wish to write to him:

    Alfred Schaefer
    Hindenburgring 12
    86899 Landsberg am Lech

    If you would like to find more information about what is allowed or not allowed to be sent, please see the post at, here:
    The basic rules are, that he can only receive letters, postcards or cards, but please do not try to send books as those will not reach him. He does have access to books in the prison.
    Thank you!

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