Temporary or Eternal Freedom: For Which Will YOU Die?

Temporary or Eternal Freedom: For Which Will YOU Die?

When the Lord once begins to work in a willing person’s heart, that soul, if it remains open to the Spirit’s workings will be made fit for the kingdom of God and of Christ. To this end, I began rereading the ponderously heavy volume of the Martyr’s Mirror; and in looking again into this very revealing mirror, have seen my own need to seek God more fervently, more earnestly, than hitherto I have done. In so saying, I will be leaving off blogging — for the most part — to accomplish this end; but I will leave you with just one thought to ponder for yourselves. It is of utmost importance; and if it was the only post ever made on my humble blog, it would be enough.

To give you reference for the quote, it must be noted that previously to the selected quote, mention was made of some of the world’s heroes and martyrs, who suffered much, even death, to accomplish great things upon earth. Original footnotes will be included in parentheses, marked with an asterisk.

From the Author’s Preface, Martyr’s Mirror, Second English Edition, thirtieth printing, 2009: excerpts from pages 13-15; here is the noteworthy portion:

“We have already spoken of the great honor which custom conferred upon the brave and triumphant warriors; yet not one of all these, however great, mighty, valiant and victorious he may have been, or how great the honor and glory with which he may have been hailed, could in any wise be compared with the least martyr who suffered for the testimony of Jesus Christ.

“Even aged and feeble persons, youths and maidens, and such as were not noticed, yea whom the world did not esteem at all, did infinitely more through the power of their faith, their ardent love to God, and, especially, their steadfastness unto death, whereby they were enabled to forsake, yea, despise, all visible things, and to put entirely out of their thoughts, forget, and bid, as it were, eternal adieu to, until the consummation of all things, money, property, houses, farms, brothers, sisters, parents, children, dear friends and relatives, yea their own bodies and lives, and everything pleasing and delightful according to the flesh; whereas others, if possible, gladly enjoyed and retained all this, and would fain have retained it always, or still retain it.

“The honor, therefore, which is due to the holy martyrs, is infinitely greater and better than that of earthly heroes; just as the fight they fought, was infinitely more profitable, and their victory, as coming from the hand of God, infinitely more praiseworthy and glorious. *
(* God is worthier than the creatures; heaven is worthier than the earth; and the soul is more excellent than the body; in the same manner the divine, heavenly and spiritual warfare is worthier and more excellent than the creatural, earthly and corporeal warfare; that is beyond contradiction.)

“Through earthly wars countries and their inhabitants are destroyed, the innocent killed, the fugitive robbed of their property, and much weeping and mourning caused among those who remain. But through the warfare of the martyrs, at least through the martyrs themselves, the prosperity of countries and their inhabitants was promoted because of the fervent prayers offered up by the martyrs to God for those who did them harm and for the common welfare of all the inhabitants.

… …

“They caused no one to lament or weep, by doing him the least damage or injury, but they greeted everybody, even their enemies, with kindness, embraced them with the arms of love, and gave them cause to rejoice and be glad, outwardly as well as inwardly, bodily and spiritually, here and (God granting them mercy) also hereafter.

“O most delightful warfare, which did injury to none, but good to all. O ye blessed heroes, who fought this fight! No princes or kings can be compared to you; for all the honors won by earthly heroes on earth shall vanish with the earth; but your honor is an everlasting honor; your glory shall never cease, yea, shall endure, as long as God endures, whom you served.”

{This little snippet from the Martyr’s Mirror gives the perfect view of the only true warfare and true martyrdom. It shows us the inestimable value of giving up (completely dying to) the world of temporal things in order to gain that eternal kingdom, honor, glory and LIFE. To this I sincerely aspire, and in light of this…}

“…all have need to be taught in the way of salvation; no one would choose to be unsaved. … … Have compassion upon your own souls, whom the Lord loves so dearly, seeking to lead them to heaven; yea for whom the Son of God has shed his precious blood, thus purchasing them with so great a price. We would commend this matter most urgently to you as well as to ourselves. O Lord, help! O Lord, let it prosper!”

Dear readers, consider this deeply, as a matter of life and death! Jesus said, in Mark 8:36, “For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?”

Until next time…

Canadian Wildflower.

The Anti-Climax of “Coronaville” Shopping, and…MORE.

The Anti-Climax of “Coronaville” Shopping, And… MORE.

After waiting until we could put it off not a day longer, we decided to go shopping… One needs groceries, after all… It isn’t something one relishes doing, however, what with all the horror stories of folks being assaulted for not “masking”, and learning that Alberta’s capital city has also instituted mandatory mask laws… We didn’t actually go as far as the city, but near it, is usually similar…

So I kind of “psyched myself up” for the trip, preparing myself mostly spiritually, to endure in a Christlike manner whatever evil came my way… Only to have a completely uneventful, “adventureless” shopping experience, praise God!! But it WAS rather anti-climactic!! But hey! I’m not complaining!

BUT, and this is the interesting part; a friend dropped in before we left, with news of happenings in other parts of the continent, on both sides of the border…

While on the southern side of the 49th parallel, this friend spoke with numbers of folks who have experienced first-hand, the insanity of Covid-communism.

A nurse had fled from a certain state to escape the evil of the hospital actually killing patients. Yes, you read that right! This nurse said the hospital was drugging folks into lethargy of some sort, then putting them on respirators, thereby inducing death!

Our friend also visited the family of an elderly man who had gone up a ladder to capture a swarm of bees that had escaped his beehive, who had fallen off the ladder and broke open his head, and subsequently died. His family complained that the hospital had chalked up his death to Covid-19(84)!!!

Now that is first-hand reporting, so if anybody still doubts the deception around this Covid-mania, they better take their heads out of the sand, and quickly!!

When our friend returned (with difficulty) to Canada, he was forced into home quarantine. While in this forced condition, the police actually paid a visit to the home, and asked, “How are you isolating FROM YOUR FAMILY?” This entire Covid cult is about dividing people from each other, not about protecting anybody from a so-called “deadly pandemic”!! I mean, someone with a large family is supposed to isolate from all family members?!?

Confirmation of information posted in an earlier blog post: that of strange buildings being secretly and hastily built in northern regions of Canada. Our friend actually knows the carpenters with the contract to build the ones in Northern Manitoba; these folks called the buildings “barracks”, rows and rows of them; with security all around the site. When the contract supervisor asked what they were for, he was told to “mind your own business, and just get the job done!” Makes you sit up and take notice…

To once again prove the DECEPTION of the Covid hysteria; a nurse who does data registration for a hospital, told people our friend visited, that first thing every morning, the head Doctor TELLS her how many Covid cases there will be for that day!!

How can anybody still believe any of the official reports??

And lastly, a very disgusting bit of information… Hope you haven’t just eaten…certain things…

Our friend was visiting the neighbour of someone in the northern part of a Canadian province, a farmer, who casually mentioned that he sells buckets of cow blood to whoever it is that makes those “Beyond Meat” burgers for McDonalds, A&W, etc. Apparently, the blood makes the burgers taste better… 😝😝 Blech!!! So much for the “meatless” claim! I’ve never eaten one, thank God!

Well, that’s all, folks! (Borrowed from Bugs Bunny!)

Until next time…

The NWO is Already Launched (While Most Were Sleeping, I Might Add!)

In the following post from jpaulson.blogspot.com is another excellent presentation by Dave Cullen from Ireland.


I just confronted a local woman about her collaboration with the string-pullers of the current scam, and all she could say was, “I can’t do anything about it. I can’t afford to go against it.” When I told her about real folks who have risked everything, even their own lives, to go against it, she uncomfortably shrugged, and repeated her former statement.

Sad! And the worst of it is, she KNOWS she is “going along to get along”! How many people have no courage whatsoever, anymore?

Just say “NO!” Don’t participate in the lie. Be willing to suffer the consequences. As Alfred Schaefer would say, who is right now in jail for speaking uncomfortable truth, “I would rather die right now than be a zombie for one minute!” An ignorant zombie is one thing; a willingly participating zombie is quite another!!

The “Big One”: Fall 2020.

This video contains very important information about the evil plans “they” have for us, come this fall. We already know “they” were saying last winter’s lockdown would seem like a Sunday school picnic compared to what is coming, so get ready.


Credit for posting this on WordPress before me, and the page I took this from, goes to NorthernTruthseeker, here https://wordpress.com/read/feeds/10858509/posts/2858151900

This ties in with the recent report from the man who built a house for us, who said his friend had been hired to build some kind of facility in northern Alberta, out in the boondocks, which went up in an amazingly short amount of time; and when he had asked what it was for, he was told that he didn’t need to know, just get it done.


State governments are stockpiling food…

States Secretly Stockpiling Food for Need Ahead – “To the Roof!”

100,000 Pasta Boxes And Enough Peanut Butter To Make Nearly 3 Million Sandwiches

Cages are waiting to contain people…

Fields of human cages in Caruthers, CA

Remember the story anout Noah’s Ark that most folks have written off as a “fairy tale”? He was a preacher of righteousness, and was ignored…Folks didn’t want to believe him that a flood was coming.

Well, there are modern day “Noah’s” here and there who have been warning people to stop sinning and turn to God because the end is coming… However, most folks will not believe the warnings… Just like when the flood came, and drowned them all…today, the fire will come and burn them all up. It is written. Jesus defeated the temptations of the devil by what is written… He gives us the same power… IF we will repent and follow him. JESUS IS THE ARK, the only safe place in the coming judgment. Nobody who reads my humble blog can say I didn’t warn them… Nobody could blame Noah either…Only themselves for not listening and heeding the warnings…

“Too late” will be an eternal regret…



The Truth Test.

“The truth is like a lion; you don’t have to defend it. Let it loose; it will defend itself.” St. Augustine


Examine any “untouchable” topic, such as the so-called jewish “holocaust”, the current “coronavirus” scamdemic, gender insanity, evolutionism, ad nauseum, by this candle; they ALL disintegrate; then you will see why they must be defended so viciously, and with such inhumane brutality.


Consider Yourself Warned!

Here is a wonderful video by Alfred Schaefer, who is now in a German jail for speaking the truth about the Jewish hollow-hoax. This video is about memes, and is also a warning to others who know the house is on fire, but are too cowardly to warn others.

I am warning my readers.

I’m sure most of you are awake already, or you likely wouldn’t be following my humble blog. But I do know that some who read my blog are hiding their heads in the sand, either out of cowardice, or conditioned blindness.

ALL of what you have been taught to believe about history is LIES.

ALL of what you have been duped into believing about Covid-19(84) is LIES. This whole covid thing is a CON JOB to enslave the world. People absolutely MUST get rid of the idiot boxes that are programming and brainwashing them into obedient slaves, and get off that comfy couch, and open your eyes to what is happening!!!


Alfred is 100% right about the need to warn others. This is why I’m posting his excellent video, and I hope if you know the truth, you will share it as well.

And please don’t forget to support Alfred while he is unjustly imprisoned for speaking truth.

Thank you.

Take NO Part in the Lie!!

Just listened to a most interesting video by Dave Cullen called, “Connecting the Dots – Part 3. I first saw it on Jody Paulson’s blog page, so here is the link to her page, so you can look at other issues she comments on. jpaulson.blogspot.com

Wearing the mask is a sign of submission to the wrong power. We need to submit to God, who is the final authority, NOT the unelected power grabbers at WHO, or even the (s)elected power grabber puppets who dance to their music!!

In the following video you will see how some “coronavirus” numbers are created, and if it wasn’t ruining the entire world, it would actually be laughable!! One quote from Peter Hitchins, quoted in the video, and I will post the link so you can listen for yourselves.

“By this PHE definition, no one with Covid in England is allowed to ever recover from their illness. A patient who has tested positive, but been successfully treated and discharged from hospital, will still be counted as a Covid death even if they had a heart attack or were run over by a bus three months later.”

See how they CONTINUE to create fear in folks, how they CONTINUE to keep the LIE alive??!

Watch: https://youtu.be/x1x8TL1kdZA

So my final word is this: DON’T go along with the LIE. And if you have, it is not the end of life to admit you were wrong, and change… But it IS the height of foolishness to find out you are wrong, and NOT CHANGE!