More “Corona” 😷 Shopping Adventures

Covid19(84) Shopping Adventures.

Welcome to a new instalment of our shopping adventures circa “Covid-19”. While store policies were a little bit more “free and open”, people’s closed and locked minds provided a good deal of entertainment along the way. I planned ahead for this trip; no use wasting an opportunity to have a little good clean fun! πŸ˜‰Β πŸ˜‰

First, I was showing Alfred Schaefer’s IMG_0197to as many as we could start a conversation with, and for the most part, people “got it”. They understand the “666 = the Mark of the Beast” and the “No Fear = Freedom” aspects, which is good! The girls at the hearing aid place asked if I had extra copies, but I didn’t because the library where I get copies is STILL closed, so I gave them mine to copy for themselves. Not everyone is brain dead, praise God!

I for one am getting heartily SICK of all these “Please practice social distancing” signs, so I had a black felt pen in my pocket, ready for action, and when we got to the till at a certain place for breakfast, I surreptitiously wrote “anti-” in front of “social” so it read “anti-social”, then watched people. Nobody even noticed it, can you believe it? They’re all so programmed already their minds cannot even see a difference!

So when we were done, I wrote it again on the sign at the entrance. By the way, we’re told to “enter here, exit there”, etc., and the arrows tell us which direction we’re allowed to walk, but we deliberately ignore all that garbage, and go out the same door we came in, walk “backwards” on the arrows, etc. I for one am not going to be directed like a stupid cow everywhere I go! I also quietly ignore the demands at the entrances to “Please use hand sanitizer before entering!”

Anyways, a fat woman saw me write on the entry door sign, and while I waited there for my best half, she came over to see what it was I had written. She gave me a glare, went back to her boyfriend, and began to mock, took a closer look at the sign by the till, and pointed it out to her BF, who proceeded to lick her upside the face for her trouble!! She didn’t seem to appreciate that, either! Ha ha! πŸ˜„πŸ˜„ All the time I kept smiling broadly at her when she turned to glare in my direction. Then she called the owner to show him! Ha ha! A little peaceful resistance makes for an interesting morning! πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

Another stop was equally fun today. Again ignoring the arrows, we just did our shopping and went up to the till as usual to pay. Another customer, an older masked male, hard to call these fraidy-cats “men”, was beside me finishing up his transaction when we arrived. He glanced at me and snarled, “That’s supposed to be the EXIT, you know!” I looked down at the arrow, then at his face with the stupid mask (or is it, at the mask on his stupid face?), and replied, “Oh, well! I’M not afraid of living!” To which he said, “You SHOULD be!” “Well, I’m NOT,” I shot back. The masked cashier just looked at me without saying a single word. Ha ha!!

That ends another experience in this “new world” we live in. Guess we can TRY to make it as fun as possible, no use stressing about it! πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

Friends are the Flowers…

…in the garden of life, and I’m very thankful for the few I’ve been blessed with. 😊


Thank you Lord, for every friend you’ve brought along my way

Equally for the ones who’ve gone, as well the ones who stay.

For every friend who’s shared my life in some way or another

Has blessed the time we have enjoyed, and the path we’ve trod together.

(c) 2020 June 24

A Few Interesting and Informative Links…

First, a cartoon featuring Bill Gates-(of Hell), in which he elaborates on his plans for YOU.

Next, from Greencrow as the Crow Flies, here on WordPress, a very interesting read, as well as a meme that says exactly what the masks are for.

Lastly, an excellent video explaining the lies, truth and idiocy of “the masks”.

Eyes Without a Face: that says it ALL.

Letter from Alfred Schaefer, Prisoner of War on Truth!

Letter From Alfred Schaefer!!

Letter #5. 29.5.2020
Dear ~~ and ~~,

Thank you for your letter from May 8 which arrived here on May 19. When I see what has happened since I last wrote you, it is simply amazing. As you say, “Revelation is happening before our eyes!” To that I say — Gott (God) Almighty, it is! Yes, the beast has lost the war. You can jump as high as you want, or can, but gravity will always pull you down to the solid ground of truth and reality.

Let me tell you in no uncertain terms — the utter revulsion people now feel for the more-kill regime is exactly what you feel in your stomach moments before you vomit it out. Try as you will, you can not keep it in, even if it comes out all over your new shoes and over your new carpet. The harder you try to keep it in, the more powerful the expulsion is, you’ll even puke all the way up the walls and hit the ceiling. The lobotomized and castrated politically correct worms will be eager to clean up the mess just to try to prove they were not really possessed by the devil.

Let me compare your statement — “So our governments are now cracking the doors open, but…” When a python wants to suffocate its victim, it waits until the victim thinks it can get a fresh breath of air. It exhales the stale old air and like a ratchet the python tightens its grip and no fresh air is to be had. Mutti more kill is a Jew, a serpent, pure evil. She collected the Coodenhov Kalegi (??) prize for helping to exterminate the white race. In 2008 she openly proclaimed in Israel that the only reason Germany exists is to serve Israel. 7 years after Israel did 9/11. Now Trump is saying that he is 1000% behind Israel. The devil is so full of himself that he thinks we won’t notice. But we have noticed. “Revelation is happening before our eyes!”

If you are not sure if the clear liquid have in a glass is acidic or base, this can be revealed before your eyes in one second with litmus paper. Which color does it turn? Does it stay white? Or does it turn red or green? If you drink from this glass without testing it first, it can kill you. It will destroy your throat faster than you can react. That is why…

IMG_0195Litmus paper = “Revelation is happening before our eyes!”
Corona = Litmus paper. That is why…

Litmus paper tests for acidity, (+) or (-).
Corona tests for lobotomy and/or castration.

After you show someone your Vaccination Card, watch their eyes and listen to the sounds they make. Those will reveal, before your eyes, whether they are the victims of lobotomy or castration. (A woman who goes hysterical has also been “castrated”.)

The wonderful thing about about being alive in 2020, the year of perfect vision, and seeing Revelation before our eyes, is that each and every person can decide for themselves HOW they want to die. Slithering on their belly — or standing on their feet. And let me tell you a little secret. If you stand on your feet you might not die, and then you will not die of shame when you see your own face looking back at you when passing by a mirror. As for the slithering two legged worms, they lose no matter what. Another thing, I don’t want any slithering worms at my table, nor skunks. Only real people. And one more little secret — thee seem to be more real people here every single day, even if “they” [with the jew star superimposed over the word, “they”. CW] try to isolate us with 6:Corona=66 lockdown.

By the way — now I will write this new unfolding story down. Please let Monika know. On Tuesday May 26, they handed out Corona Masks to each cell in the morning with the order to wear it when going out of the cell when it gets unlocked to get tea or food or whatever. I did not wear mine and when asked I showed them my Vaccination Card which I have taped on the backside of my prison ID. They said it doesn’t count and I will be quarantined. They did let me pick up my jug of tea, were polite, but then I was locked in my cell for 48 hours with no Hofgang which is the hour of fresh air. Then yesterday, Thursday, I got my Hofgang but I had to put on my mask. In the courtyard I took it off and enjoyed the fresh air, for 60 minutes. I told them very clearly that I only prostitute myself with this silly mask to get at the fresh air. Then on that same day (yesterday) they had an announcement that all the “tested Corona” cases were negative. Plus, the letter I wrote to the State Prosecutors last week regarding this 666 Corona is out there now. I will be translating it for Monika, I just need a few days to catch to catch up on other stuff since that letter did tax my brain for a few days. It was real fun work. Now they are all very polite with me and I will be a little whore for a while and wear that silly thing to get to my Hofgang so that I get out of this quarantine by next week. I say again — we can be thankful for Corona. It is fun. I did save my honour and am now in quarantine.

The temporary prostitution now, from my cell to the prison courtyard is the price I pay for 60 minutes of fresh air and ending this “quarantine”. I openly tell them — “I am a little whore with this mask on.” This gets them all thinking. Then in the courtyard — only a couple of Negroes and a Couple of God knows what, and me, because we are special cases. But I enjoy the spacious yard without SO many Arabs and whatnots. But I miss my German friends. (We are the tiniest minority)


You don’t know the value of a white person until you are the last one. Then you cry. weep.


With this card you no longer are obliged to:

1.) Wear a Corona Mask
2.) Carry a tape measure of 1500 mm to ensure Corona safe space. You can be wherever you want.
3.) No need to insert finger or thumb into anus to secure this back door Corona entry point.

This card enables you to move freely and use both hands, so do make copies and share with your friends.
The vaccine consists of a tiny drop of wisdom, a tiny drop of courage and can be administered without needles or chemicals, telepathically.

1488 Gott mit uns, yours, worst case Alfred.



That’s Gilad Goldstein. He reminded me to give you the newest Corona Immunity card. He’s very worried about this Corona nonsense. He gave me supreme @*!# for even thinking about selling masks with his hated brother Schlomo. I’m sorry about that. Gilad and I are friends.

The Screws Are Tightening on Alfred Schaefer in Prison.

I know it’s been a long time since I posted anything. I’m truly sorry, but technical problems and other difficulties get in the way. However, I do have a very interesting video this time, Monika Schaefer with Brian Ruhe, Jim Rizoli and Diane Chase discussing the situation Alfred is now facing in jail. The “mask police” are now forcing prisoners to wear masks when going out of their cells for any reason, or lose their “privileges”, such as the hour of fresh air per day.

This video was produced by Truth and Justice for Germans.