Welcome to the “New Normal”!

Welcome to the “New Normal”!!

Yesterday was a very interesting day, to say the least! It included participation in a protest; then the most idiotic shopping trip I’ve experienced to date under this so-called “new normal”. Allow me to expand…

My best half and myself happened to learn at the last minute of an anti-lockdown protest at the Legislature in Edmonton for April 29, so we decided to attend. It was a long drive, and we were somewhat late, but a large group of people had turned out for it; and as we drove around trying to find parking, many drivers honked their horns in support. One fellow on the sidewalk was dressed up in shiny silver pants, and had tinfoil wrapped around his helmet, waving a sign protesting 5G. After parking, we were about to walk up the hill, when all of a sudden, the entire group of protesters began pouring down the hill. We waited for them, and asked, “Why are you coming back down?” And they replied, “The police allowed us a certain amount of time to protest, and then threatened to start issuing tickets.”

Being our first protest, we didn’t really know what to do, so we hung around until some who knew what they were about came and talked with us. They had also planned a convoy of sign-holding, horn-honking vehicles, and we decided to join them. Many of these vehicles were done all out, while some simply had writing on the windows.

Some of the signs read: “The true north strong and FREE (crossed out) Quarantined!”; “ALL Jobs are Essential!”; “Sunshine and UV heat kills the virus, Staying in does NOT!”; “Children deserve Education”; “End the Lockdown”; “We have Familys (sic) to Feed”; “Wuhan Institute of Virology, 30 miles from the fish market, This ain’t no bat soup!”; “COVID is a COVERUP!”; “Freedom is Essential”; and our favourite, “thus saith the Lord, LET MY PEOPLE GO! Exodus 9:1”.

It was very interesting driving around the Legislature grounds honking and holding our signs, unimpressed police everywhere, and people lined up all along the streets, even watching from their balconies. It seemed to me that most of them were supportive of what was going on, though it was plain that not all agreed. People walking had signs, as well, and the one I liked best was, “I just want to HUG my grandkids!”, held by an elderly lady. Believe it or not, the entire convoy had a fire engine leading it, honking too!

We were following the car with the “LET MY PEOPLE GO!” sign, and pretty soon we discovered there were no more vehicles from the protest behind us, and this car seemed to be heading out of the city! So we circled back around, only to find that the entire thing had just disappeared! But along the way, construction workers would show support for our message “ALL jobs are essential!”, hooting or waving, and some even called out, “Thank you!!” One gave it a thumbs up and hollered, “How the (blinkety-blank) ELSE are we gonna survive!??”, as we waited for the light to change.

We continued to hold our sign out the window all the way through the city on the way home, for good measure, making fun that people were lined up outside stores in “proper anti-social” style, waiting to get in. We needed a few items, so we stopped at the Dollar store. And if I don’t find myself in just such a line!! I almost left, but the items I needed had been put off for so long already because of the current stupidity, that I decided to wait. Once at the checkout, they asked if I wanted a bag, and because we’ve been told we can’t bring our own reusable bags anymore, I said, “Are you GIVING me a bag because we’re not allowed to bring our own? I don’t want to pay for one.” She told me, “You can bring your own, but YOU have to pack it!” WHAAT??!? That sure makes a lot of sense, doesn’t it? They can touch the items I touched to pack them in their bag, but they can’t put them in my bag. 🤔 “But it’s out in the truck, and then I’d have to wait like a cow in that line again! No thanks, I’ll just buy a bag, and be done with it!” Then she had the nerve to ask me to return the basket to the door, but my hands were full because it didn’t all fit in ONE bag, so I replied, “My hands are full, sorry!” And walked out the door.

Maybe it won’t be like that at Superstore…

At least the doorway attackers weren’t there this time. You know, the ones who dive at you with what they call “hand sanitizer”. I got the three items I needed there without any hassle, and went up to the checkouts. This is where I encountered The Problem.

The “cattle chute” was still there along the entry point; fine. The “traffic control” man was there letting the “dumb cows” know when the next cashier was open; fine. As stupid as that is, it’s not the end of the world. But the lineup didn’t end at the end of the cattle chute. It kept going, all along the whole length of the aisle next to it, then all the way around past the meat department, then continued all the way back to the lobster tank at the very back of the store, where it made a hairpin turn on itself to continue for half the length of the milk coolers!! And every one in line had a heaping cartload of stuff! This did NOT please me very well, as you can imagine! For three, yes, only 3 measly items, I was pondering at least an hour waiting in line!

Someone commented, “It looks like everyone decided to check out at the same time.” Yeeeesss… Or perhaps it’s MORE because they have only ONE line of ONE-person-at-a-time service! Funny how quickly some folks just accept the current oppression!

“Would you move further away!” suddenly snapped a masked woman nearby. I jumped and exclaimed, “Oh! Sorry!” and moved away even further. But it seemed that wasn’t even far enough because presently she turned her cart further away from me with a glare of her fearful eyes.

So I sighed and set myself to wait (yes, I was exclaiming about how stupid it was most of the time), and pretty soon a pleasant older man got in line behind me, with the question, “Is THIS the end of the line?” “Unfortunately, yes,” I said. He was laughing and shaking his head, so I knew he was a sensible one. He said, “Then I guess I’ll just start eating,” and he opened something and began to munch.

Soon he asked me why I didn’t go through the self-checkout, and I told him I don’t use those, to which he said that this situation would drive HIM to use it! Then he suggested I go to Customer Service to pay, which I didn’t think they would allow, but on his insistence, and his promise to let me back in line in front of him if they refused, I decided to try it.

So I traipsed, from the “back forty” of the store, all the long way to the front, where I squeezed through the lineup for the self-checkouts, which was long enough, noticing as I went that there were only two, yes, 2(!) cashiers out of 12 in the main section, and three out of about 5 in the “express” section who were open(!!), past the barrier dividing the Customer Service counter from the main store, and up to the counter. Rather flustered by this time, I asked, “Can I pay for these items here? The lineup goes all the way back past the fish department!” To my intense gratefulness, they let me pay there, and as soon as I could manage it, I departed from Superstore with nary a backward glance, and a huge sigh of relief!

In answer to a comment I made to one of the managers I know there, she said with her own sigh of frustration, “Welcome to the new normal!”

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  1. Funny story, but someone I know said their son went to get icecream from a local store and forgot to bring a mask (deemed mandatory by our state health secretary who doesn’t know which sex he is) or not be allowed to get food (so in other words STARVE). He didn’t have one so they wouldn’t let him in. He didn’t want to drive home as it was a far trip, so he took off a dirty sock and attached it to his earbuds and they LET HIM IN WITH A DIRTY SOCK ON HIS FACE!! HA HA HA!! So he may get athletes face, but won’t get the virus….

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  2. Exactly. That is why there is so much contrary advice. I just added to on of my older posts about an experience I had in a store last week, I had to wait for my dad (he’s got cancer) and as I was waiting, one of the “comrades” or useful idiots as the Communist parties used to call their followers came up to me and made me put my mask totally on my face (I had it over my mouth only- which is acceptable in other stores!) or told me to leave. I was hopping mad inside, but I couldn’t make a scene or anything because I couldn’t leave my dad. I hate that store anyway, as their prices are way more than others and they have a rent-a-cop stationed in the store. Plus they say the masks do nothing anyway.

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    1. Wow! At least you didn’t get tackled! My best half just showed me a video of a lady with a small child being tackled and wrestled to the floor by 5, yes, you read that right, 5(!!) armed men, if you can call them that (!), for not wearing her mask fully on!! In the US of Soviet Socialist Amerika! Things are getting worse by the hour, and today we heard that masks are going to become a requirement here, too. What a power trip these people, if you can them that (!), are on!!

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    2. As for the masks doing nothing, that’s where we need to clarify. They do nothing to protect you, but they do a LOT to harm your health, which is why they are becoming mandatory. They cause you to breathe foul stale air, the stuff you are supposed to EXHALE. I personally cannot breathe in one for more than a couple minutes without feeling asphyxiated! 😷Gasp!

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      1. I know, it’s totally unreal. I went to a dairy queen (my dad eats terribly, sugar causes cancer but he doesn’t care) to get my dad something he wanted. The old, withered bat behind the counter said b*tchy-like for me to put my mask on over my nose (it makes me feel like I’m dying, also!). So needless to say they didn’t get a tip from the GERM INFESTED? tip jar they had. If I was a naughty person I would have swiped it, but I didn’t. Apparently these women are called “Karen’s”, but I call them apparatchiks. I doubt they have enough brains to even know what that means.
        The worse this scamdemic gets, the more people will become violent. Some guy threw hot coffee on an apparatchick clerk that went ballistic for him not wearing a face mask.
        Hubs took the kids to the grocery store and some medical type witch gave him some dirty look because he and the kids weren’t in Hazmat suits or masks- meanwhile the dummy was talking on a cellphone. So, I guess getting brain cancer and irradiating everyone in the vicinity with EMR is OK, because our Dear Leaders said it’s “safe”. This world has gone crazy.

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      2. Ah! Thanks. 😊 Soviet is an appropriate word, by the way. In the (CCcC) “Communist Clownshow called Canada” today, I was refused entrance into a pet supply store, because their maximum of 4 persons was already inside. But the biggest surprise was the overstuffed security guard standing sentinel inside the entrance. Really?? In a tiny pet store?!?


      3. We all need to pray to God for guidance and protection and ask to do His will. I’m confused though, as are we supposed to just do whatever the corrupt authorities say, or are we to fight against their plans to bump everyone off using (I’m guessing) a toxic vaccine from negative eugenicist proponent Bill Gates?

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      4. Glad you asked. As Christians, we really must look to God for guidance, but we can also know that the bible instructs us to “obey the authorities”. NOT, however, where anything they say goes against scripture, and NOT any unjust laws, which most of the recent ones are, by the way!! God has supreme authority, and we must obey God rather than man, if man’s authority in any way contradicts the laws of God. We MUST resist, and we have an obligation to disobey unjust laws, but not with violence. I hope this helps.


      5. It has been shown to decrease your O2 saturation. Not a good thing in any circumstance. Too bad people are so easily brainwashed by the self-contradicting and error prone “experts”.

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      6. That’s the magic of brainwashing combined with propaganda from “experts”. I’ve known some “experts” and they couldn’t find their way out of a paper bag!


      7. Speaking of being IN a paper bag, I saw a picture the other day of scared rabbits, I mean people, who had themselves and their children wrapped up in PLASTIC BAGS!! Now when did it become safe to cover onesself with a plastic bag…?!??!? Every bag has a warning on it “this is not a toy. keep away from children. suffocation may occur. etc., etc., etc.” And now adults (?) are wrapping themselves and their children in plastic bags to “keep them safe”!? 🤔


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