ENEMIES of the PEOPLE, by John Kaminski.

The following is an essay written by John Kaminski, of http://www.johnkaminski.org, that very clearly and FACTUALLY presents the information that vaccines have never cured anything, and viruses have never killed anyone. Please read it for yourself.


I have to thank NorthernTruthseeker for posting it first, and here is his link if you wish to read his comments on it. https://wordpress.com/read/feeds/10858509/posts/2658593325

To answer his big question: Yes, I am HEARTILY SICK of the 24/7 “Covid-19”! But what can we do, when the controlling powers have turned off the light switch of the world to promote it?

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  1. John Kaminski says it like it is. An excellent writer who pulls no punches (is that the expression I’m looking for?). Thanks for sharing.

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