The Funeral Nobody Will Ever Likely Experience.

This topic might be a little morose, but I’ve had funerals on my mind lately, mostly because someone near to me has recently died. I will not be asked to attend. Just as I was banned from attending another funeral of someone I dearly loved, for the reason that I “might say something”. So what might I have said that threatened them enough to exclude me? The only thing I can think of would be…THE TRUTH.

Which brings me to some thoughts that have been stirring in my mind for a week or so. What if someone actually DID speak the truth at a funeral, what would happen? Here is a likely scenario.

“Her father died, and she was not invited to his funeral, but she thought she would sneak in late and just sit at the back, unnoticed, after all others had arrived. She just wanted to say her last good-byes as quietly as possible, then slip out before it was over, unnoticed by all.

However, as she sat and listened, she realized something was terribly wrong. The person all the pastors and eulogizers were talking about was definitely NOT the man she had known. The name was the same. But that was about all. They were describing someone much, much different than the one she had known…

As time went on, she became more and more incensed over the obviously false picture these attendees were painting, and she felt that it was wrong to allow this to remain. She decided there was one thing she absolutely must do, or she would be just as guilty as all of them…

Instead of slipping out the back before it was all over, she very quietly rose from her place in the rear of the building, and walked slowly to the front, under the glaring looks of those who had told her to keep away. But their surprise at her audacity kept them quiet, and she took her stand at the microphone, and began to speak.

“”Friends, I didn’t come here to speak, only to say my last good-byes and leave as silently as I came. But every one of you have caused me to stand up here today. How is it that when someone dies everyone who goes to the funeral becomes a liar?”

By this time nobody could speak, if they would, because they were all too much shocked to utter a word.

She continued, “This man whom you all have painted into a saint was no such thing! Yes, he could be very nice at times; but he was abusive to my mother and us kids. Yes, he was very generous to many; but he was also a drunkard, a liar and a cheat! Yes, he maybe was a pastor; but he was also lazy; and when angered, could beat up his own wife, my mother!”

Some jaws had fallen open at these words, and she could see her mother’s face was red and angry, possibly ashamed.

She went on, “How can you all stand here before God’s eternal judgment, and claim this man was such an angelic person?! Even my mother has betrayed her own humanity by agreeing to this falsehood by her silence!!”

People were glancing sideways at one another in wonder and confusion. Some looked down at their feet, ashamed of their own perfidy.

“Is this why you banned my coming here, so I wouldn’t speak the truth? For shame! Now I understand what Jesus meant when he said, ‘Let the DEAD bury their dead!'”

And with that she turned and left the building through the door behind the podium before the ushers could recover enough from their shock to forcibly escort her out. She just wanted to go find someplace where she could have a good cry, and prepare herself for the fallout that was sure to come.”

End of story.

Not likely any of you will ever attend a funeral where this happens; I haven’t ever seen one. But try to remember, if you attend any future funerals, that silence in the face of lies is just the same as lying… And maybe, like me, you won’t have to be banned because you simply CHOOSE to stay away…