ANTI-Social Distancing: What it Means…

ANTI-Social Distancing: What it Means.

This whole idea of “social distancing”, which is much more accurately termed “ANTI-social distancing”, comes with some serious ramifications! Has anybody thought this out? If not, please allow me to help…

1. It creates immense distrust of one’s friends and neighbours.
2. It causes one to fear others who may (or may not) be wearing a mask!
3. The ugly spectre of suspicion is rising in people’s minds: “What if s/he is sick, and not letting on…?” Or, “What if s/he is NOT sick, but might be?!” (These could be the same neighbours they invited last summer for a BBQ!)
4. It means that a husband and wife cannot enter the grocery store together, or lovers wanting to get married must have no more than 15 people in their party, and they must all stay 6 feet (2 meters) apart!
5. It means that you can be reported for not keeping your distance from others, when only last week (was it really that long ago?) it was perfectly OK to pass another shopper at close range in the toilet paper aisle!!
6. And may I ask, how does one maintain this ridiculous ANTI-social distance in the public washroom in any store, where the toilets in the stalls are not even 2 meters apart?? Wait! Perhaps they have blocked access to every other stall, that may be how it works… So now you have to wait TWICE AS LONG for your turn. Pity the poor person who is desperate… And hope the roll of toilet paper wasn’t stolen by the user in front of you!
7. It makes you fear eye contact, even. People are so afraid, they are getting grumpy and yelling at fellow town-folks for stepping into the post office while they are being served; and grown adults (size-wise, at least!) are scared to pass someone on the post office step to go in and check their mail!
8. One last tidbit: We read very recently (yesterday?) that our county may be enforcing the ANTI-social distancing until some time in JUNE!! Seriously?? Viruses don’t even have that long of a shelf-life!!

OK. I think we “get it”, at least I hope we do. This entire ANTI-social psych-illogical experiment is having detrimental effects on the minds of the masses. The insane length of time it is being enforced tells me plainly that the puppet masters want this to be deeply entrenched in the minds of the masses so that when (or IF) it is “removed”, at least officially, the distrust will remain.

How convenient! People won’t generally snitch on their neighbours unless they have a solid distrust in their minds, so the “ANTI-social distancing” was a masterpiece of brilliant manipulation!!

Meanwhile, the DV (Devil Vision) screens drone on and on, reinforcing the PROGRAMMING…..

But there is a plus side: I’ve never seen  public washrooms so clean as they are now!! 😅

5 thoughts on “ANTI-Social Distancing: What it Means…

    1. Ya! It would have been just too obvious!

      But get this: the Canadian government has issued a so-called “Climate Action Incentive” income tax refund for the exact amount of $666!!! Creepy, or what?? They are just getting so in-your-face about everything!

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  1. In the US, any hospitals who claim to have COVID-19 patients get $13,000. Number 13! If you look at the patent bill gates has for some enslavement technology for us, the patent number has 6 6 6 in it (separated by zeroes). If you ever read “Project L.U.C.I.D” by Texe Marrs, he goes into the numbers for LUCID, a pet project from Lucent technologies, a spin off company from AT&T.

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      1. Yes, that figure is paid to the scammers here in Canada, too! No wonder there is such an incentive for “diagnosing” coronavirus! Triple that number if they get stuck on a ventilaor that will likely kill them… “For the love money is the root of all evil…” (Holy Bible)

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