FINALLY!! A TRUE Account of Corona Virus From a Friend In China.

Well, here it is, finally: an absolutely TRUE account of what is happening inside China, a witness we can trust. This friend of ours has sent the following email, and a sad situation it paints for sure. He has had to permanently close the restaurant due to this plague. We are very very sorry for him and his wife, such lovely people!  😦
To protect his privacy, and ours, I have taken out personal information, and only shared the parts that pertain to this continuing tragic saga. I have left it intact otherwise.
My best half and myself are so very thankful for this report, not only for that we now know how our friends are doing, but that I can post some REAL information at long last. I have also heard a small snippet from another contact in Edmonton, Alberta, that there has been one case reported as being there, and a couple of cases in Calgary, Alberta. Just to keep my readers up-to-date. It sounds like this thing is for real, after all…
And now, the situation as presented from inside China…
“Hello ~~~ and ~~~
how are you
flights out of China has suspended until March 28th. This date could still change to later if Corona virus epidemic gets worse.  I will need to be quarantine for 14 days in Beijing  before I could get on the plane to the next stop, when I return to Canada it’s highly suggested that we quarantine ourselves for another two weeks. Right now the city I am staying at is at a total locked down. No transportation could go out, only few vehicles could come in to drop off food. The building I am living is also locked down. It’s like being in jail! The government gives every household food tickets to get supply in restricted areas. There are people in my building that are sick with this virus, I am very worry we could be effected.  My wife and I are very stressed. I really don’t know when I could possibly be back to Canada. I feel there is a force majeure to stop me in continuing business with ~~~. We are saddened and feeling very helpless, since we had put in a lot of work and saving into this business.
Regretfully our detention in China has caused irreparable damage to our restaurant business due to the negative perception surrounding coronavirus.  Circumstances dictate that we can no longer continue with our lease agreement and in good faith we have already conveyed this to the ~~~ ~~~. Just let you know our restaurant business completely closed.
Thank you,
S W”

2 thoughts on “FINALLY!! A TRUE Account of Corona Virus From a Friend In China.

  1. While I do not doubt that there is some kind of a “real” – albeit man-made – virus, I believe that the reaction to it is completely out of proportion and that the whole situation has been created to serve an agenda. The strength of the reaction does not prove the existence of a lethal and threatening disease. The disease has been created and hyped to distract from and provide a “reason” for imposing martial law, collapsing the economy, shutting down civil society, and quite possibly imposing a mandatory vaccination/poison.

    I am very sorry to hear about your friends’ plight, and that they have had to shut down their business.

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    1. Yes, Monika, I tend to agree with you on everything you said about the latest virus. I totally know they can use ANY illness, be it common colds, regular flus, pneumonia, or other respiratory illnesses of the season to inflate the numbers out of proportion, claiming “corona virus” in every case. The simplest trick on the planet! Same with deaths from any source: all they have to do is claim the dead died from “corona virus”, and Bingo! they have an inflated death toll, as well. Which creates panic in the brainwashed masses…

      Thank you for your condolences on behalf of our friends…


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