To Add to the “Plaguey” Confusion…

Mysteries Abound…

Early in January the Chinese people who ran our café went back home for a six week vacation, intending to return and re-open the café for business on March 1st. While they were away, there began to be heard strange news about a “corona virus” plague running rampant in Wuhan, China, and from there to other places. Chinese nationals were not being allowed to leave China, airports were being shut down, foreign borders were being closed to Chinese travellers, and people by the scores were being quarantined… We here began to wonder if they would even be able to come back.
Throughout all this hype, I have been thinking it’s most likely a setup of some sort to scare folks into accepting mandatory vaccination; and perhaps it is, to a smaller or larger degree… It does seem to be a deliberate warlike act of some type to shut China’s economy down, but there are so many angles to the whole thing that it has been rather trying to attempt to keep it all straight.
In the meantime, I have been waiting for the café to re-open, providing they could leave China, so I can ask them what it’s all about, and give my readers an “eyewitness account”, so to speak.
But there is one major obstacle to this plan…
So now I have more questions than before…
Is the “corona virus” for real, then?  Were they detained in China? Did they get sick with “corona virus”? Could the building owner have been unwilling to risk having them come back because of all the fear being mongered of “spreading the plague”?
And because there were other issues with the restaurant, there could be other reasons for their absence… Was this plague a convenient plausible excuse for simply “not returning” (for reasons not necessary to explain)?
And so we may never know the truth of why they didn’t return, or anything positively sure about the latest “pandemic”…
Mysteries abound…
but answers are rather scarce.

2 thoughts on “To Add to the “Plaguey” Confusion…

  1. Oh dear, that is worrying that they did not return.
    But about this corona virus, like you say, many theories about what is actually going on exist. The only thing I am positive about is that it is NOT natural. What I do think is that it is actually all about 5G. Apparently the symptoms that arise from exposure to 5G are the same as the symptoms of the virus. So, is this whole thing concocted to cover for the 5G weapon towers they are planning to put everywhere?

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    1. Thanks, Monika. But the symptoms are also strangely similar to ANY respiratory illness exacerbated by poisonous air, poor health, etc. 5G could have a part in it, as could chemtrail poisoning of our atmosphere, and vaccination!!

      Oh, yes, it is most certainly man made!!


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