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Originally posted on A few weeks ago I posted a simple question to survivors of domestic violence in a few online forums. The question was, ” Could you share?examples of bad counsel you’ve received from churches and counselors?” In less than an hour I had over 50 responses. Below are?just some the answers…

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I shared this article a couple years ago, but am sharing it again, because people need to be reminded that domestic abuse is very real, but most “advice” or “counsel” coming from the “churches” is deadly. Spouses (especially women) being abused need to seek help until they find REAL help that will recognize what’s happening.

To refresh your minds: Abuse is not only physical; it can be emotional, psychological, financial, spiritual, sexual, etc. Anything that puts the victim down, increases the power of the abuser over her/him. (Yes, women can be abusers, too, though it is more common for men to be, from sheer difference of strength.)

Emotional and mental abuse can be some of the most damaging because it is much harder to recognize, and does its dirty work in the heart and spirit where nobody can see it. Sexual abuse happens in marriage too, sometimes causing secret physical damage that is extremely difficult to talk about.

Abuse is ALWAYS WRONG, and those who think they may be experiencing it must try to get help, even if they have to keep trying and trying until someone believes them. Even if you have to go to some kind of domestic abuse support group connected to social services, as they RECOGNIZE the signs, and can offer more helpful information than most “christian” churches. I hate to say that, but it took me nearly 20 years to get help because NONE of the “christians” I knew could say anything better than what you read in the above article, and I didn’t know how or where to find help elsewhere. (By the way, ALL of the mentioned “christians” — but one –forsook me when I finally found REAL help and said “enough is enough.”)

Wuhan Coronavirus: Food for Thought.

So far I have not touched this coronavirus story because I have been waiting for more definite “news” before spending the time. All this time I have been thinking it’s all just a bunch of hype to scare more folks into getting vaccinated, and so it may be in part. But it may be MUCH MORE than that. Please read through the following (long) articles from for some really good analysis of this whole thing.

This first one points out the disturbing fact that HIV-1 inserts have been found in this coronavirus!

CORONAVIRUS BIOWEAPON UPDATE: Unique HIV-1 Signatures Confirmed by Team of Indian Scientists

The next article proposes that the possibly staged coronavirus attack is a deliberate distraction from the imminent 5G roll-out in none other than Wuhan city!

Wuhan Coronavirus Bioterrorist Attack Is China’s 9/11, Same Perps

And this last one discusses the combined effects of coronavirus, 5G, chemtrails, mandatory vaccinations, etc., as the most effective depopulation agenda to usher in the NWO One World Government; based, of course, in Jerusalem, that “holy” city! (gag!)

STAGED CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC: An International Criminal Conspiracy of Epic Proportions

All I can say is this: God’s word prophesied such devastating plagues and happenings 2 thousand years ago, but hardly anybody will give it any credence! It seems to me to be high time for folks to take God seriously. He promises to protect his own true people from these things, which are nothing but the wrath of God falling upon the wicked nations and people of the world.

So many truth seekers are seeking truth while rejecting THE truth, Jesus Christ, who came into the world to save sinners. It’s a strange combination… Jesus promised to lead his own true people into all the truth, if only they would turn from sin and walk in righteousness.

Will you?


Still Figuring Things Out…

Well, here I am again, but with no “news”, as such. We are so busy trying to finish constructing the house we are now living in (still no cupboards or stairs), that I don’t have much time left for the walk downtown to use the internet.

And then, me not being overly tech oriented, I’m still trying to figure out how to get certain things posted! I had a new drawing to post, but so far, technology is blocking my progress! Grr!  However,  as soon as ever I can figure out how to get it “available”, it will be posted. But then when I forget my passwords (sigh!), the complications increase.

But I do thank all of you who follow this humble blog, even when it bogs down, because it means you also are interested in the truth.

Until next time!