Disney the Devil-Channel

Who hasn’t grown up on Disney movies and stories? Who hasn’t loved the oh-so-cute fairy godmother of Cinderella, not to mention the funny dragon ancestor-spirit of Mulan? Who hasn’t been totally deceived by the innocent-looking Disney cartoons?

Almost nobody, from my parents’ generation onwards, including myself. How could you NOT love these absolutely cutsie-pie creatures who always came to make life a little easier for their favoured one? After all, they were GOOD — weren’t they?

Recently, I and my best half were discussing the sneaky, underhanded way in which Disney has deceived almost all of us into thinking that devils and demons were good, loving entities; and how most parents in their ignorance, keep perpetuating the idea by allowing their own children to watch all the Disney “latest”. (Sigh! Including myself.)

But this is a serious WARNING to all parents, especially parents claiming to be Christians: please take the time to cnsider what you are allowing into your child’s spirit. From http://www.leftcult.com, is this very timely warning about Disney’s “latest”, but it should give you pause for thought about ALL that came before, from generations back. Disney is just getting bolder and more blatant today, now that they have so many nostalgia-loving followers…


Has anybody noticed that most Disney stories also promote rebellion against proper, God-given parental authority; something the Bible calls witchcraft, as well. Does anybody care??  Will anybody take this as seriously as it requires, to protect their children from further indoctrination into devil culture??

May God have mercy on our former ignorance, and give us all grace to repent and turn from this evil called “Disney” (and all TV programming, by the way)!!



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  1. Disney, ugh. If you know what to look for, you can spot the 666 (cursive) in Walt’s name. I was looking for illuminati symbols in movies (there are lots- I even got a screen shot of one in the one Pink Panther movie at the 1 hour mark, just before Peter Sellers and Diann Cannon go into her apartment, on the far right of the screen you can see an “obelisk” with a pyramid on the top. There is also one in one of the Alien movies (1st or second, I forget which) where you can see some sort of evil eye with wings on it. I think the sites are illuminatisymbols.info and illuminatirex.com. They also mention the evilness of Disney.

    My kids hate Disney now, LOL! I didn’t disguise the fact that Walt and Co were very evil from them. The sneaky way they put sick stuff in their movies (like the Aladin” movie poster with phallic symbols in it) shows how depraved they are. They bought out the Star Wars franchise, and they “re did” the original trilogy, they basically tried to ruin it. They added gory stuff that was NOT in the original movie, e.g., in the second movie where Luke Skywalker was stuck upside down in the icecave while the snowmonster was eating his Taunton, in the original you didn’t SEE the thing eating it. In the “disneyfied” new version they show it bloody and ripping it apart. I hate dismal Disney. I notice that even the spellcheck capitalizes his evil name!

    According to “Brice Taylor” in her epic tell-all book, “Thanks for the Memories, the Truth Has Set Me Free”, she said that Disney in California is used for torture of intergenerational mind control sex slaves. “Brice” was a high level “presidential model” who was able to break free from the horrific programming that they did to her from infancy on. If you’ve ever read “The Franklin Coverup” by John DeCamp, this stuff meshes together. The Discovery channel was all set to run a special about the Reagan/Bush Child sex ring that was going on in Washington, D.C. An hour before it was ready to be shown, some men in dark suits and darker glasses showed up and made an offer the producers “couldn’t refuse”. They bought them up, basically and took all the tapes….except the raw footage which had been put up on youtube decades ago (before evil google bought them out). They also had a thing about Boys Town, and how they would use that as a way to move these sexually abused children and have them be sex slaves for Congresspeople and the like.

    Thank you Canadian Wildflower for revealing the evil truth about Disney!

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    1. Speaking of “evil eyes”… Have you noticed the headlights on all the newest vehicle models? They all resemble evil serpent eyes now! I hate them! I believe everything is being used by the devil to degrade humanity.


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