The Plot Thickens…

It seems the so-called “authorities” have been ramping up the vaccine campaign this past year, as evidenced by the following three articles which appeared in our local paper at strategic times.

This first one makes an effort to convince adults that vaccines are not just for children, and claims to debunk some so-called “myths” about vaccines by very authoritatively asserting some so-called “facts”. How many of my readers can personally verify that “Myth” #1 is, in fact, very true?


The second article is in the form of a survey, which claims to show that almost half of adults will not get a flu shot this year! Such a terrible thing, isn’t it? So many errant adults out here in Alberta!! Perhaps it’s because so many have had or know someone who has had nasty reactions to it, and don’t want a repeat!


And the third one is a political cartoon that makes a direct hit at the so-called “anti-vaxxers” who only desire to be allowed to make their own choices concerning vaccination. The vaccine pushers make it appear as if those who don’t vaccinate are responsible for all the pestilence that appears upon the earth! As if!!


Well, I have news for these deceivers, who are pushing this evil “mandatory vaccination” job: God himself said he would send pestilence (among other things) in judgment upon wicked men and evil-doers who won’t repent of their evil deeds! And here’s more news for them: the folks who are safely “hid with Christ in God” won’t be affected by these nasty plagues. (Please read Revelation in an authorized King James bible, ask God for wisdom, and seek him with all your heart to be saved from this wicked and adulterous generation.)

Then stand fast in the Lord, and stand up for your RIGHT to refuse any procedure, including vaccination, that you don’t want from “el medical mafia”!!

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  1. Easy to debunk their Myth#1 claim.

    Canadian study finds flu shot could increase risk of getting sick

    Flu vaccines start epidemics of influenza

    “6.3 (95% CI 1.9–21.5) times more aerosol shedding among cases with vaccination in the current and previous season compared with having no vaccination in those two seasons.”

    Flu vaccine results in 5.5 Times more respiratory infections

    The vaccinated are spreading epidemics

    Flu shots spread the Flu, turning the vaccinated into carriers who infect other people

    The inactivated Flu vaccine is still live and active

    Vaccinations increase the risk of Diabetes

    Exposure to HiB immunization is associated with an increased risk of IDDM (insulin dependent diabetes mellitus)

    Development of fulminant Type 1 diabetes with thrombocytopenia after influenza vaccination: a case report.

    Vaccinations may induce diabetes-related autoantibodies in one-year-old children.

    Vaccines and the risk of insulin-dependent diabetes (IDDM): potential mechanism of action.

    Autoimmune reactions are common enough to become a well-known problem.

    Aseptic meningitis after vaccination against measles and mumps

    “This retrospective study (1979 to 1986) investigated the possible etiologic relationship between vaccination and aseptic meningitis in 115 hospitalized children who became ill within 30 days of vaccination with the Leningrad 3 strain of mumps virus and the Edmonston-Zagreb strain of measles virus.” The Pediatric Infectious Disease Journal 1989

    The aim of this retrospective study was to evaluate the incidence and the characteristics of spontaneously reported aseptic meningitis (AM) in France following mumps vaccination with monovalent or multivalent vaccines containing the Urabe strain. Fifty-four cases of AM were reported to the regional drug surveillance centres or to the manufacturer from the time each vaccine was launched up until June 1992. Twenty cases were associated with the time off administration of a monovalent mumps vaccine and 34 with a trivalent measles, mumps and rubella vaccine (MMR). A mumps virus was isolated in four cases in the cerebrospinal fluid and an Urabe-like strain was characterised twice by polymerase chain reaction (PCR). A probable mumps origin was assumed in 17 other cases where the patients presented with other clinical or biological signs of mumps infection. The clinical outcome of AM was always favourable. The global incidence of mumps vaccine-associated AM was 0.82/100,000 doses, which is significantly lower than the incidence in the unvaccinated population. Even considering that the actual incidence of AM is much higher when assessed by active surveillance studies, the risk/benefit ratio of mumps vaccine remains in favour of vaccination. The incidence of mumps vaccines containing Jeryl Lynn (ROR Vax et Imu ORR) associated with AM needs to be evaluated. PMID: 9164005, UI: 97306738.

    Black S, et al. Risk of hospitalization because of aseptic meningitis after measles-mumps-rubella vaccination in one- to two-year-old children: an analysis of the Vaccine Safety Datalink (VSD) Project. Pediatr Infect Dis J. 1997 May;16(5):500-3.
    PMID: 9154545; UI: 97299143.

    Basson E, Di Maio M, Stamm D, Cagnin S, Berger C, Floret D. Arch Pediatr 1996 Apr;3(4):342-4 [Haemophilus influenzae meningitis following vaccination. Consequence or coincidence]?[Article in French] Unite de reanimation pediatrique, hopital Edouard-Herriot, Lyon, France.

    Forsey T, et al. Mumps vaccines and meningitis. Lancet. 1992 Oct 17;340(8825):980. No abstract available.PMID: 1357388; UI: 93023309.

    Fujinaga T, et al. (1991) A prefecture-wide survey of mumps meningitis associated with measles, mumps and rubella vaccine. Pediatr Infect Dis J. 1991 Mar;10(3):204-9. PMID: 2041667; UI: 91252105.

    A survey of untoward reactions, especially central nervous system reactions, after the administration of a newly introduced measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccine in Gunma Prefecture, Japan, was initiated soon after 4 patients were hospitalized for aseptic meningitis. Thirty-five, 6 and 2 children developed meningitis, convulsive disorders and parotitis, respectively, within 2 months after MMR vaccination during the 8-month period extending from April to November, 1989. The time lag between MMR vaccination and meningitis ranged from 14 to 28 days in the 35 cases of meningitis. Mumps virus, isolated from the cerebrospinal fluid in 13 patients with aseptic meningitis, was characterized by determination of the nucleotide sequences of the P gene as mumps vaccine strain. The incidence of aseptic meningitis with positive mumps vaccine virus was estimated to be 0.11% (0.3% as a whole) during the 8 months from April to November and increased to 0.3% (0.7% as a whole) in September and October. We conclude that the incidence of aseptic meningitis after MMR vaccination seems to be higher than that reported previously.

    There are also Polio epidemics across the 3rd world now that started from vaccines which began the epidemics. I think I mentioned those before in other response to one of your articles (regarding Polio)


  2. The people who I know who got a flu shot got the flu! Oh, and one of them got bleeding from their kidneys. If you read “Dissolving Illusions” by Dr. Susan Humphries, MD (a nephrologist) she said in her book that the flu vaccine actually CAUSED people’s kidney’s to shut down! Maybe that’s part of the reason so many people are having kidney problems and dialysis these days? I’m sure some of it is the GMO sugar beets, but not all of it. She also said that a great antiviral is cinnamon oil, drop about 10 drops into juice or other liquid, it’s supposed to protect against flu.

    They’re putting in so many weird things in the vaccines like NANOPARTICLES, and only God knows what else is in there! I’ve heard that they put in some vaccines for third world countries some sort of thing that sensitizes the women’s reproductive organs to attack any implanted egg, thereby rendering the woman sterile for life! What is to stop Bill Gates and his eugenics movement from trying to sterilize the entire world? That’s probably what they’re doing in regards to this bioengineered China flu pandemic they’re ramping up- global vaccine mandates and making everyone sterile, per the “Georgia Guidestones” “commandments” of course.

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    1. Yes, but people attack you if you try to tell them the truth about vaccines! Personally, we trust God, who created our bodies, and he’s doing a pretty good job, I might add.

      Are you aware that in Revelation, the true people of God are going to be protected from the plagues of the last days, which are for the wicked. God’s people don’t need to worry or fear! Praise God!!

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  3. It certainly is everyone’s choice of course but I also think that medicine can be a gift from God. During the Polio epidemic children suffered horribly. I had a great aunt who was a nurse during that time of Iron lungs and crippling outcomes. The Polio Vaccine saved thousands of children. That is a fact. Yes there are always risks but sometimes the outcomes outweigh the risks. I personally feel that people who work tirelessly to find cures are guided by the divine.

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    1. Have you ever done any of your own study on the topic of vaccines? I have. Unbiased looking into both sides of the issue. And finding out that the propaganda used to promote vaccines is based on FALSE “evidence”. And choosing not to vaccinate, as a result. Please read the following article, which will give you some real facts, and hopefully help you see that the vaccine pushers have an evil agenda to push, as well. Thank you.

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      1. I know there are pros and cons and it’s everyone’s choice but it some cases the benefits outweighed the bad such as in the polio epidemic. It’s important to look at all sides I believe . As for this covid panic one thing stands out, Mother Earth is getting a much needed rest from our species! Thank you for your reply
        and will check out link.


      2. Going strictly by the scientific evidence, disregarding the narratives taught in schools and corporate media and by government, just the science itself, the Polio vaccine was a failure. It did far more bad than good because it did no good at all for the common people. Governments, schools, and mainstream media have played a game of historical revisionism and anti-scientific revisionism for decades with vaccines. You should keep in mind that the medical industry’s current business model doesn’t favour maintaining the health of the common people; they can’t earn a dime from preventing disease, they need sick people to sell their drugs to. If you aren’t sick, you don’t pay as much money. If you’re sick, you pay more. Doctors themselves vary, but the corporations don’t, and the medical authorities don’t either because the agencies of government are always in bed with the same corporations which they’re supposed to be regulating. It’s inevitable as a result of the huge amounts of money which can be waved around by those corporations. Doctors are discouraged from bucking this system, and many become motivated by the higher earnings of going along with it. Bureaucrats who get promoted are often sponsored by the same corporations.

        I find it a strange oddity of those who know that doctors can be corrupt in regards to prescribing unnecessary drugs can at the same time have blinders when considering that such corruption extends to the pushing of vaccines as well.

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      3. Ok took a look at his post and site and saw that he has no medical or scientific credentials nor is he giving a scientific reason for his claims . He doesn’t say too much about him in his About section either thus my questioning his credentials. However, I do see he is a colourful conspiracy theorist. As with Kaminski my opinions are also my own and I am also a writer (just a BA in literature.) I won’t venture a medical opinion. My biggest issue before was with drug companies pushing opiates. which was found to be true. I agree that research is important though it’s hard to find credible research on the net sometimes. In the end it boils down to our own choices.


      4. Science has become a god in this modern age, and people won’t accept factual evidence anymore unless the one stating it has “credentials”. Truth can be spoken and written by plain old folks who simply just have enough perception to see what others cannot. That doesn’t make them “conspiracy theorists”. “Credentialled” people can lie, and often do, so the fact that they have what some call “credentials” doesn’t give them a corner on truth.


    2. NO THAT IS NOT A “FACT”. Polio vaccine didn’t even work, and saved nobody. Not one life was saved by the Polio vaccine, it did in fact result in more Polio cases – and is still doing so in 3rd world nations. Regarding the Polio was eradicated by Polio vaccine lie; Dr Jonas Salk stated that the Polio vaccine used in the USA was the cause of the Polio epidemics in the USA from 1961 onward;

      The 1st polio vaccine received FDA approval and licensing after only 2 hours of review – the fastest approved drug in the FDA’s history. The vaccine was manufactured by Cutter Laboratories, within days of vaccination, 40,000 children were left with polio, 200 with severe paralysis and ten deaths. The CDC doesn’t even mention this fact.

      The Polio vaccines have a nasty history of horror

      More polio cases now caused by vaccine than by wild virus


      Current Polio epidemic in India is due to the Polio vaccine being used;

      Polio used to be rare until they introduced vaccines for it, the vaccines now spread Polio to places that rarely had Polio before

      Polio vaccine is causing it to become more virulent.
      The CDC admitted that vaccines were spreading polio and making it more virulent. Their response was lets declare victory and move on.

      Polio vaccine-derived epidemics in México;

      The current Polio epidemic in the Philippines is also due to the Polio vaccine being used – admitted by the WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION

      The Polio epidemic in Ghana is again due to the Polio vaccine being used – admitted by the WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION

      Also in Myanmar, again, the VACCINE STARTED THE POLIO EPIDEMIC

      These cases aren’t rare. They are common. I can cite a great many more.

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  4. yes yes, everyone has an agenda and governments are out to destroy their own people and get us all? Tell me if you will, what would be gained by any of this unless of course you are waiting for the apocalypse. “onlytheghosts” you are citing a few cases that had reactions to various vaccines- lets see the hundreds who had no reaction.

    “In 1963, vaccination against these infections became widespread, thanks to the development of a human cell strain that allowed vaccines to be produced safely. Globally, the vaccines developed from this strain and its derivatives prevented an estimated 4.5 billion cases of disease and saved more than 10 million lives.” – your same source by the way:

    Nothing is perfect and no system is perfect and yes I agree there are abuses but lets look at the big picture. I prefer to think that most doctors take the Hippocratic oath seriously and want to help people like my uncle who was involved with doctors without borders. and as for “depopulation agenda” (?) let’s face it, humanity has been a blight on nature. Chinese “wet markets” were a health crisis waiting to happen.
    Open minds? We must learn to respect the environment and each other. But Happy Easter to all and a prayer for peace and tolerance. We all are trying our best to live fulfilling lives.


    1. Rather misleading misrepresentation of what I presented there; I didn’t cite a “few cases”, but apparently you’re going to be a stick in the mud anyway so here’s some more as promised.
      Have fun going through the list, all of the countries where THE VACCINE STARTED THE POLIO EPIDEMIC

      29 November 2019 archive: Circulating vaccine-derived poliovirus type 2 – African Region
      28 November 2019
      Circulating vaccine-derived poliovirus type 2 – Pakistan
      24 October 2019
      archive: Circulating vaccine-derived poliovirus type 1 – The Philippines
      6 September 2019
      cache: Circulating vaccine-derived poliovirus type 2 – Republic of Ghana
      22 August 2019
      Circulating vaccine-derived poliovirus type 1 – Myanmar
      31 July 2019
      Circulating vaccine-derived poliovirus type 2 – African Region
      6 June 2019
      Circulating vaccine-derived poliovirus type 2 – Cameroon
      27 February 2019
      cache: archive: Circulating vaccine-derived poliovirus type 1 – Indonesia
      20 February 2019
      Circulating vaccine-derived poliovirus type 1 – Papua New Guinea
      25 January 2019
      Circulating vaccine-derived poliovirus type 2 – Mozambique
      30 October 2018
      Circulating vaccine-derived poliovirus type 2 – Niger
      8 August 2018
      Circulating vaccine-derived poliovirus type 2 – Nigeria
      10 July 2018
      Circulating vaccine-derived poliovirus type 2 – Democratic Republic of the Congo
      2 July 2018
      Circulating vaccine derived poliovirus – Papua New Guinea
      17 May 2018
      Circulating vaccine-derived polioviruses – Horn of Africa
      9 March 2018
      Circulating vaccine-derived poliovirus type 2 – Somalia
      13 June 2017
      Circulating vaccine-derived poliovirus type 2 – Democratic Republic of the Congo
      13 June 2017
      Circulating vaccine-derived poliovirus type 2 – Syrian Arab Republic
      25 February 2016
      Circulating vaccine-derived poliovirus – Lao People’s Democratic Republic
      29 January 2016
      Circulating vaccine-derived poliovirus – Lao People’s Democratic Republic
      21 December 2015
      Circulating vaccine-derived poliovirus – Myanmar
      15 December 2015
      Circulating vaccine-derived poliovirus – Lao People’s Democratic Republic
      12 October 2015
      Circulating vaccine-derived poliovirus – Lao People’s Democratic Republic
      1 September 2015
      Circulating vaccine-derived poliovirus – Ukraine

      You can find the links here;

      Simply put, despite the headline claims of “vaccines saving lives” in some studies put there so the authors can get their papers published, the papers themselves often show in detail how the vaccines DON’T WORK AND NEVER DID. You need to read all the way through them.

      Here’s a game for you to play; find a peer reviewed scientific study that shows vaccines actually protect someone. The study must include control groups of vaccinated versus unvaccinated. This must be randomised and double-blind tested as science requires. Bet you will never find such a study for real. I tried. I tried for over 10 years. Nobody can cite such a study. Nobody ever has produced such a study, as far as I can find anywhere.

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      1. this is my understanding of it as far as underdeveloped countries go and yes very sadly Vaccines don’t work for some people obviously I agree, but I will still stick with own belief that they do for the vast majority. Again you are quoting WHO and so am I.

        World Health Organization:
        “On rare occasions, if a population is seriously under-immunized, an excreted vaccine-virus can continue to circulate for an extended period of time. The longer it is allowed to survive, the more genetic changes it undergoes. In very rare instances, the vaccine-virus can genetically change into a form that can paralyse – this is what is known as a circulating vaccine-derived poliovirus (cVDPV).”

        Unlike you and wildflower I don’t see this as a plot to hurt people but believe the vast majority of medicines and innoculations are meant to help people. If the Bubonic Plague were to have occurred last century would you have protested the use of penicillin? There can be severe allergic reactions against that too.

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      2. PS: you don’t hear about Polio today do you? My father had it way back. It was a much feared epidemic during the early 20th century. There are only about three countries now where it still is found and yes, they are on your list above. Polio was pretty much eradicated here. That’s proof enough for me.


    2. ” I prefer to think that most doctors take the Hippocratic oath seriously”

      – I prefer to simply accept the evidence. I’ve known a lot of doctors, most weren’t honest, and the Hippocratic oath has been dropped by a lot of medical schools as ‘antiquated’. Doctors aren’t magical angels, they aren’t saints, they aren’t pure and white as snow. The Hollywood portrayal of the caring doctor is from another era. Doctors also can be misled, lied to, indoctrinated, and taught false information.

      For example as this doctor explains;
      “in medical school, we were taught[…]the scientific method……so I blame my medical school training…on what I’m about to say……We were trained…to create a question…go through the steps…of evaluating the answers to that question…and be willing to look at the data…and not eliminate it…if we don’t like it…and then come to some conclusion about our original question…even if we don’t like…the conclusion we come to……The scientific method…requires us to think, and ask a question…even if it’s an uncomfortable question…… *In our current state of affairs…we’re not allowed to ask the question* …That’s not science anymore…that’s ideology and dogma.” – Dr. Larry Palevsky, M.D., board certified pediatrician

      If you have the time, have a good listen to Dr Toni Barker;

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      1. yes you’r right about the oath though many still do take a modified one. I guess my point was that most of those wanting to go into the medical profession would most likely do so for altruistic reasons. I like your explanation on the scientific method vs ideology and dogma.

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  5. Easter Monday musings. one more thought to everyone who thinks the government is out to get us, enslave us, take away our rights etc. During my lifetime, I noticed that when the recession began around 2008 , Canada did not lose as much as the USA because our banks have regulations set out by the government that are meant to protect the people’s money to the best that they could. I did not have to wait for a surgery that ultimately saved my life because our medical system leans more toward a socialist program and thus I did not end up owing anything to the doctors. It was covered. My daughter was accepted into a teaching program on a scholarship meant to help those whose finances may not cover everything. We are allowed to protest unlike in some Communist countries or in Chile where thousands of young anti government students simply disappeared. Canada has shown itself to be honourable in many world wide crises. No it’s not perfect. There have been abuses and it’s good to protest them. Ms. Schaeffer had a few books taken at the border and tries to make it into an international incident. Protest is fine but really everyone, lets look at the bigger picture.


    1. Dune Mouse, Communism may have some good attributes while it’s the soft butter and gravy you want, but if you have eyes, you can see the teeth of it beginning to show in this world-wide lockdown we’re in right now. Once it bites, you will regret having allowed yourself to make a pet out of it. Getting anything for nothing only makes folks willing to “play the game”. So pretty soon, in order to keep recieving the soft butter and gravy you want, you will have to do more to get it, and because you have come to depend on it, you will do it. It’s a trap, and well do the unlawful powers that be know how to use it to their own advantage! My Chinese friends, who were born under the communist regime way back when, can recognize it here right now. Too bad so many people here are so blind! But it’s because the soft hand of communism has been used first… Think about that for a while.


      1. time will tell, but go live in the States then and suffer with their terrible and non existent health programs where you end up owing thousands of dollars or not getting needed medical help. There is good and bad with all systems and I believe Jesus certainly seemed to present a more socialist view of equality and love. But I get confused with some of the extremist viewpoints presented such as greed and capitalism as practiced by certain people who want to take over and who worship money, which then leaves us then with an alternative idea of perhaps “sharing the wealth” so to speak. We are not talking totalitarian regimes here or even “benevolent” dictatorships but a more “Christlike” or Buddhist philosophy and everyone being able to access education, health care etc. As I said I believe I am free, I have traveled all over I can come and go from our country without hindrance, I had a good education and health care. I can protest the pipelines if I wish. What exactly are you looking for? Why are you so discontent? I have been to a third world countries – that’s discontent and brutalization and oppression. You will see the difference.


      2. Dune Mouse, you don’t “get” me AT ALL! I am NOT “discontent”; I am warning you and others like you that while you may be free now to do what you like, you WILL NOT BE in the near future. Already, we cannot “gather” or take “unnecessary” travel, or even GO TO WORK!! 99.9% are NOT SICK, but ALL must “stay home”, we’re not “allowed” to take our children to play at the park, etc., etc., etc.! Are you free NOW? Don’t think this is going away; the control “they” crave, and now have partially attained because MOST simply comply without a whimper, WILL GET WORSE, and we will be just like those other countries you mention before you and others like you can ask, “What happened?” Communism doesn’t always come in by bloody revolution. Here in the west it has made its entrance softly, so the masses won’t suspect anything until the BITE comes.


      3. I think this is paranoia. It will end, Viruses run their course and quite frankly I am glad we have to keep social distance for the time being. This is not the norm but it was predicted as have been the terrible fires that sprang up in Australia and California etc. Mother Nature is fighting back after all our abuses.
        I would rather err on caution as I have a cousin in Italy and it has been devastating there. He is eyewitness to the spread and its not something to be taken lightly. Thousands have died there. He is not a liar. No one has been put in prison here for going outside. But you obviously think differently about it and that is your prerogative.


  6. PS: looking back on history I find Pierre Trudeau called on the War Measures act during the FLQ crisis sometime in 70’s. He was mightily criticized by his opposition and by many others. However, after they got those extremists in check everything went back to normal.


    1. This completely overblown reaction to a “virus” that could “run its course” in a month or so has been done on a GLOBAL SCALE, in case you haven’t noticed. And to perfectly healthy people. You may have everything all sewed up as far as food and finances are concerned, but there are MANY already who are suffering from not being “allowed” to work or do anything! All this “Mother nature” garbage is just a bunch of hogwash. Why won’t people read the bible? God’s word prophesied these things, but very very few people will even consider it. No, things will NOT “return to normal”. It isn’t “normal” to be forced to take a microchipped vaccine in order to function in society, and that’s what it’s coming to. The mark of the beast, without which no man may buy nor sell. Read it for yourself in Revelation 13.

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