Letter From Alfred Schaefer, Imprisoned for the Truth.

Hello all!! Here is the promised letter from Alfred Schaefer,

in which I have retained all mistakes as they are in the original,

to keep the authenticity of Alfred’s letter intact.

It is plain to see that he is staying on top of things, not allowing his forced

vacation to get his spirits down. If you desire to write him,

here is his contact information for your convenience:

Alfred Schaefer, Hindenburgring 12, 86899 Landsberg am Lech, GERMANY


I encourage all who support Alfred’s courageous stand for truth to send him a line,

and tell him so. We truth-tellers must stand together in this fight, there is no riding the

fence in this one! You are either on the side of Truth, or on the opposite side. There is no

middle ground. Silence amounts to acquiescence with the wrong side. Those who oppose

evil must speak out loud and clear! I apologize for the crazy double spacing, but something

is not working on my ipad right now!

Now I quote:


Thank you so much for your letter dated Dec. 13, it arrived in my cell on 27.12.2019.

It’s great to hear that Monika also had a lot of fun at her Muppet Show. Thats what Muppet

Shows are for, to laugh and have fun. I almost peed myself from laughing at my last Show.

The disease is at its end. Like hysterical little brats who are screetching for candy. Monika’s

Victory is symbolic for the “Wende” or “Tack”, direction change, Paradigme Shift. It is

happening EVERYWHERE! I’m very happy that you went to see her show, and that you

wrote me that letter, because it supports what we observe everywhere now. The butterflies

are coming! I get butterflies in my stomach just thinking about it. We are at the point now

where the spineless slithering worms will be eating each other up in the mad scramble to

present themselves as being higher than a spineless mindless slithering worm. Step on the

other worms to elevate oneself. Or bleet something about “Oh, I knew that even before You

did!” That worm gets to be minister of education. You know what these Muppet Shows are

also good for? Not only laughing and fun, but to remind oneself how desperate and sick our

oppenants are. One would not otherwise believe that a ‘grown’ person, over the age of 5,

would actually oppose us. Maybe they take drugs and are not themselves.
You would be surprised how many people write me and somehow feel sorry for me

because I sit in a tiny cage like an animal in a zoo. It is a zoo here with lots of wild animals,

and its good that the other animals are in here and not on our streets, for a while, but the

time in here is still infinately better, more valuable, than sitting on a soft couch, eating

sugar, watching Jew propaganda on T.V. I have a radio, and if I hit the off button fast enough

when they start talking I don’t have to clean up my cell from the vomit.
In your letter you ask how my move was. Fantastic! Stadelheim was getting a bit boring

because we were all in Synch. Lots of great stuff happened there and I had a great scout to

check it out 6 months before going there myself. So moving to Uncle Adolf’s old home was a

challenge at first, because I had to learn which snakes bite and how do we get them to be

less aggresive or even lethal. I won’t go through all the details now, but suffice it to say, the

move was a priceless boost for our cause. Only one small detail: I got the irrifutable PROOF

how Star Wars was used for major indoctrination against us. And keep in mind, Star Wars

had the power of a cult over us. Now, this place is coming into synch with me, just like

Stadelheim did. The greatest fear for any individual is to be cought with their pants down

on stage when the curtain is lifted. The last Apparatchik to sell his soul to the devil for a fist

full of Sheckels. Those are the suicide candidates for after the shift if they don’t get killed

before. Keep in mind, it will not be you or me doing the killing. It will be the Next to Last

that will be killing those whom they perceive as being the last, in order to prove to the

winning side that they do in fact belong to the winning side. It’s about honour, about

proving ones own value to hope for a place on the lifeboat called Truth. There is no lifeboat

by the name of Lies, it is full of holes and sinking fast. When you climb onto an occupied

lifeboat you kick those behind yourself, with your feet, in the face. You, …, are at the helm of

a lifeboat, you will not be kicked in the face.
The description above may help to visualize Eustace Mullins prediction of a biological

response being triggered for what he could already observe and understand before 9-11,

over 20 years ago. This is not a game. This is not a drill or an excersize. It is Real! Through a

trans-generational slow but steady infiltration, subversion, and demoralization to reduce us

to our lowest instinkts and base animal instant gratifications, we have lost our ability to

uphold even the legacy of our own ancestors who built our civilization from nothing. We

can only speculate and surmise how the plague now tormenting us, has taken down past

civilizations going back thousands of years. The death blow has traditionaly been to open

the gates and flood the remains with barbarians to pick the body to the bone. (Then the

disease scurries out the back door with the loot)
However, this time will be different. It is global, no place to hide. And the endangered host

brought into the picture digital technology. The disease thinks it can control this new

variable but it has erred. Everything the disease❌ plague❌ cancer❌ Jews✔️ now do to

drive their agenda to exterminate the white race forward will only define the pain of the


The only thing stupider than picking on the white race by dividing it to conquer it and then

try to finish off whats left of it, is to now continue with this mother of all genocides, as the

victime wakes up out of this deep dark nightmare.
This time the Jew has bitten off more than it can chew. Plus, all the variables have changed.

Their magic wand has morfed into a 16 year old stinking fish bone. A Thunefish bone. The

finish line has morphed from unimaginable wealth and power and world rule, to a cliff at

the bottom of which is the fire of hell. Who will they pass the stinking fish bone to, to run

over the finish line? Who is that stupid? They need to be even stupider than those who now

carry it. And they want to rule what?!? The earth? Ha ha ha ha ha ha…+6,000,000 ha ha’s. Is

this for real? Must be a bad dream.
So you see why we are the most fortunate and luckiest people on earth. Because nobody can

point a finger at us for being truly too stupid to see through their utterly pathetic criminaly

stupid evil plan.
I would much much rather be dead than that stupid. (my ex-brother is that stupid)- he is

what we call “the walking dead.” He parrots the stuff that has been shit in his head and

thinks that is where the comfort zone must be. The contempt for zombies like that grows

rapidly as the paradigme Shift is left behind and the lies become ancient history.
Never ever, not once, has power been able to sustain itself when everyone and everything

beneath it has only revulsion and retribution for treason in mind for this power. There is no

easy soft way out. Only hard or extremely hard. Or death.
I could write pages and pages of why I believe we are on the right track, but I want to get

this letter out to you. Say hi to Monika and give her a Robert Faurisson Hug for me when

you see her. His 88th birthday Hug, I gave her most of it, but still have some left. You can

pass it on to her please.

Sincerely yours



Great Interview With Monika Schaefer, Jan Lamprecht on History Reviewed.

The following is the link to a great audio interview with Monika Schaefer on Jan Lamprecht’s web page, History Reviewed, here on WordPress. In it they discuss Alfred Schaefer’s sentence and his upbeat attitude; the deliberate attqck on whites; psychological warfare; Henry Hafenmayer; among many other interesting topics.

I had to laugh right out loud (in the library!) at one point: when a lying jew made the claim that she had “survived” being shot from behind because she had heard the bullet coming in time to jump out of the way!! 😄 Only a jew could invent such a ridiculous story!!

I first saw this interview posted on Monika’s own web page, freespeechmonika.wordpress.com, so please be sure to look over there, as her post includes links to other interviews, as well, which you may also enjoy.


And I happen to have a fresh letter from Alfred, which will be posted as soon as possible. Please look for it in the near future.

Virginia False Flag Coming Up…? 🤔

This configuration of news reports is very, very interesting, indeed! I just happened to  stumble upon both of them in the same order you see them here, which makes me want to say, Be ready to hear of some kind of “mass casualty event” in Virginia on or near January 20.

Th first report is courtesy of http://www.stateofthenation.com, and the second one comes from http://www.fromthetrenchesworldreport.com.

Here they both are for you to decide for yourself.

RICHMOND, VIRGINIA 2020: Another “shot heard ’round the world”?


Where Will it End?!?

The LGBT-PP insanity only gets worse, and Worse, and WORSE!!!

A BC lawyer wrongly claimed it was “the law” for people to use so-called “preferred pronouns” in addressing gender-insane individuals, and was challenged by a person who knows better. But you can be sure they are pushing for this craziness to be enacted into law not too far hence. And when it is — because we all know they get whatever they want, no matter what we do in protest — I, for one,  will continue to use the correct biological pronouns!

And not only that, but people who insist on using correct biological pronouns can be charged big fines for hurting someone’s feelings?? Give me a break, already!!!

If you care to, you may read the following report from http://www.leftcult.com to learn more about the gender insanity increase.


We absolutely MUST resist unto bloodshed, striving against sin!! NEVER GIVE IN!!

Disney the Devil-Channel

Who hasn’t grown up on Disney movies and stories? Who hasn’t loved the oh-so-cute fairy godmother of Cinderella, not to mention the funny dragon ancestor-spirit of Mulan? Who hasn’t been totally deceived by the innocent-looking Disney cartoons?

Almost nobody, from my parents’ generation onwards, including myself. How could you NOT love these absolutely cutsie-pie creatures who always came to make life a little easier for their favoured one? After all, they were GOOD — weren’t they?

Recently, I and my best half were discussing the sneaky, underhanded way in which Disney has deceived almost all of us into thinking that devils and demons were good, loving entities; and how most parents in their ignorance, keep perpetuating the idea by allowing their own children to watch all the Disney “latest”. (Sigh! Including myself.)

But this is a serious WARNING to all parents, especially parents claiming to be Christians: please take the time to cnsider what you are allowing into your child’s spirit. From http://www.leftcult.com, is this very timely warning about Disney’s “latest”, but it should give you pause for thought about ALL that came before, from generations back. Disney is just getting bolder and more blatant today, now that they have so many nostalgia-loving followers…


Has anybody noticed that most Disney stories also promote rebellion against proper, God-given parental authority; something the Bible calls witchcraft, as well. Does anybody care??  Will anybody take this as seriously as it requires, to protect their children from further indoctrination into devil culture??

May God have mercy on our former ignorance, and give us all grace to repent and turn from this evil called “Disney” (and all TV programming, by the way)!!



The Plot Thickens…

It seems the so-called “authorities” have been ramping up the vaccine campaign this past year, as evidenced by the following three articles which appeared in our local paper at strategic times.

This first one makes an effort to convince adults that vaccines are not just for children, and claims to debunk some so-called “myths” about vaccines by very authoritatively asserting some so-called “facts”. How many of my readers can personally verify that “Myth” #1 is, in fact, very true?


The second article is in the form of a survey, which claims to show that almost half of adults will not get a flu shot this year! Such a terrible thing, isn’t it? So many errant adults out here in Alberta!! Perhaps it’s because so many have had or know someone who has had nasty reactions to it, and don’t want a repeat!


And the third one is a political cartoon that makes a direct hit at the so-called “anti-vaxxers” who only desire to be allowed to make their own choices concerning vaccination. The vaccine pushers make it appear as if those who don’t vaccinate are responsible for all the pestilence that appears upon the earth! As if!!


Well, I have news for these deceivers, who are pushing this evil “mandatory vaccination” job: God himself said he would send pestilence (among other things) in judgment upon wicked men and evil-doers who won’t repent of their evil deeds! And here’s more news for them: the folks who are safely “hid with Christ in God” won’t be affected by these nasty plagues. (Please read Revelation in an authorized King James bible, ask God for wisdom, and seek him with all your heart to be saved from this wicked and adulterous generation.)

Then stand fast in the Lord, and stand up for your RIGHT to refuse any procedure, including vaccination, that you don’t want from “el medical mafia”!!