Vaccines Contain Dormant CANCER Cells: Published FDA Report!

As if those of us who are awake to this evil vaccine agenda didn’t already KNOW this years ago, the FDA has apparently published an article suggesting the “newer” vaccines may have cancer cells in them. What a surprise! Oh, and they plan to find ways of detecting them, so they can make vaccines “safer”.

Well, I’ve got news for you. Vaccines are not, and have never, been safe! Please inform yourselves about these poisonous injections, and stop taking them, and PLEASE don’t inject your vulnerable precious babies with them, AT LEAST until you understand the very real risks; and then, if you are still bound and determined to take that unnecessary risk, that’s your own responsibility, and can only blame your own stupidity for any adverse effects.

Please read the following article for yourselves, courtesy of and at least make an INFORMED decision. Don’t let them scare you into being injected with poison!

FDA Shocking Study: Cells Used In Vaccines Contaminated With Serious Viruses Including Cancer

In my opinion, the FDA is trying to cause so-called “vaccine hesitant” folks to feel more comfortable with the idea of vaccination. I do not believe they have any intention of making vaccines “safer”, or they would have banned aluminum adjuvants and thimerisol (mercury) LONG AGO, just for STARTERS!!

6 thoughts on “Vaccines Contain Dormant CANCER Cells: Published FDA Report!

    1. Just WHO is spreading “disinformation and lies re vaccines”?? The mainstream media is lying to you, Jim, via the idiot box (tv) and the so-called “news”papers. Why don’t you find any parent with a vaccine-damaged child (and there are MANY) and try to learn the truth.


  1. Oh, I missed this. Show/shock me with your vaccine-injured children? You state there are “MANY”. So cite those many examples buttercup 🙄


    1. Hello, Jim. Here is a quote from one of your many blocked comments which serves to prove YOU the one in the wrong.

      “like Monika you continue to recede into your cult like world where only kind, laudatory, decent and profanity-free comments that praise or prop up your anti-Semitic, Holocaust denying, anti- vaccine beliefs.”

      As a matter of FACT, many many of your own critical, childish name-calling, hateful and indecent comments remain on my blog, proving you the liar. You were given more than a fair opportunity to keep your comments clean. Nobody ever asked you to stop being critical, hateful, childish, etc.

      So go start your own blog, where you can be as profane as you please. Nobody is going to condemn you for it. It’s only right to give others the same freedom to decide what goes on theirs.

      And if you hate my material that much, stop reading it. It makes no sense whatsoever to keep wasting time reading a blog you cannot like or agree with!


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