The MIRACLE of Life.

If I’ve shared this before, I just can’t help myself, I absolutely MUST share it again here. It’s undoubtedly the most beautiful thing I’ve seen today! ENJOY!

This proves beyond any shadow of doubt that Creator God exists and is more powerful than any “god” man can invent!

The idea that blind chance could come up with something so miraculous is sheer lunacy, and was invented by sinful man to give themselves the illusion that they wouldn’t be held accountable for their sin. But that’s where they’re dead wrong. Everyone will stand before this Creator God on judgment day to give account of their life, and will receive just recompense.

Why not allow the MIRACLE of life to convince you that Creator God is real, repent of your sin and unbelief, cast yourself upon his mercy, and be forgiven, and receive a new heart — the second MIRACLE of Life?

2 thoughts on “The MIRACLE of Life.

  1. Hey CW…..go to any evolution, genetics, biology, chemistry etc forum and let the experts educate you on your ignorance.


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