Vaccines Contain Dormant CANCER Cells: Published FDA Report!

As if those of us who are awake to this evil vaccine agenda didn’t already KNOW this years ago, the FDA has apparently published an article suggesting the “newer” vaccines may have cancer cells in them. What a surprise! Oh, and they plan to find ways of detecting them, so they can make vaccines “safer”.

Well, I’ve got news for you. Vaccines are not, and have never, been safe! Please inform yourselves about these poisonous injections, and stop taking them, and PLEASE don’t inject your vulnerable precious babies with them, AT LEAST until you understand the very real risks; and then, if you are still bound and determined to take that unnecessary risk, that’s your own responsibility, and can only blame your own stupidity for any adverse effects.

Please read the following article for yourselves, courtesy of and at least make an INFORMED decision. Don’t let them scare you into being injected with poison!

FDA Shocking Study: Cells Used In Vaccines Contaminated With Serious Viruses Including Cancer

In my opinion, the FDA is trying to cause so-called “vaccine hesitant” folks to feel more comfortable with the idea of vaccination. I do not believe they have any intention of making vaccines “safer”, or they would have banned aluminum adjuvants and thimerisol (mercury) LONG AGO, just for STARTERS!!

More Real History Revealed: Germany Did NOT Start World War II ! — Northerntruthseeker

Growing up as a young man, I remember spending time in libraries (Yes, long before the time of the internet, we had real libraries with real books!) and reading up on so much “written” history… 5,449 more words

via More Real History Revealed: Germany Did NOT Start World War II ! — Northerntruthseeker

Once again, it is my pleasure to share an article from NorthernTruthseeker, who shared an article from Paul Craig Roberts on the TRUTH of Germany’s place in WW2.

I, myself had the privilege of growing up with this truth, as my dad somehow had access to sources that weren’t controlled by the Jews. My parents home educated me, albeit with government curriculum, but they made sure to correct the false “information” presented in the history books. Admittedly, as a youngster, I was more than less confused about it all, but kept seeking the truth on this issue (and others), until I could come to my own conclusions.

Then I had the immense satisfaction of passing the same truths on to my own children via their personalized, NON-government home education, for which I will be forever grateful!

Last Requiem for Palestine’s Christians, and Jewish Privilege.

I came across the following links at another truther’s blog here on WordPress, Larry’s Musings, , and have to share them: first, because the tragic condition of the Palestinian Christians MUST be made known, and secondly, because Jewish “superiority” MUST be exposed for the evil it is!

So-called “Christians” who support Israel must be aware that they also support the idea that Palestinians are “not human, and must be killed”??!?!? These “Christians” also don’t seem to mind that their “god” Israel, is the entity promoting pornography around the world?!??!? How can people even call themselves “christians” and continue to support this anti-christ “state”?!?

Palestinian Christians

Jewish Privilige

9/11 Revisited, by Dave McGowan.

And now we come to the final three episodes of Dave McGowan’s excellent analysis of the 9/11 tragedy/travesty (!!).

From his masterpiece we can only conclude (unless we’ve had our heads firmly buried in the sand) that 9/11 was totally an inside job, with the help and expertise of the Jewish Mossad. There is NO WAY that any of this terrible tragedy could have happened without months of careful preparation. Buildings don’t just fall into their own footprints by chance.

Thanks to all who have been faithfully reading these posts. Please enjoy the last three.

September 11, 2001 Revisited: Act IV, Part IV

September 11, 2001 Revisted: Act IV, Part V

September 11, 2001 Revisited: Act IV, Part VI

The MIRACLE of Life.

If I’ve shared this before, I just can’t help myself, I absolutely MUST share it again here. It’s undoubtedly the most beautiful thing I’ve seen today! ENJOY!

This proves beyond any shadow of doubt that Creator God exists and is more powerful than any “god” man can invent!

The idea that blind chance could come up with something so miraculous is sheer lunacy, and was invented by sinful man to give themselves the illusion that they wouldn’t be held accountable for their sin. But that’s where they’re dead wrong. Everyone will stand before this Creator God on judgment day to give account of their life, and will receive just recompense.

Why not allow the MIRACLE of life to convince you that Creator God is real, repent of your sin and unbelief, cast yourself upon his mercy, and be forgiven, and receive a new heart — the second MIRACLE of Life?

Sodom and Gomorrah on Steroids!

The gender insane agenda push is becoming so much more evil by the minute, it truly surprises me that the judgment of God has not fallen upon our depraved land already by now! How much worse can it get?!? The following links will inform and sicken. 😝😝😝

The REAL Homosexual Agenda

From is the following article.

The Real Homosexual Agenda

And from Vigilant Citizen, we have this article, featuring an ad by Sprite Argentina, an affiliate of the Coca-Cola company (a MAJOR supporter of Israel, by the way, if not outright owned by the jews) depicting parents and grandparents happily helping their children cross dress! 😝😝😝

Sprite Argentina Ad Features Parents Helping Their Children Cross-Dress

Coca-Cola and all its affiliated corporations should be blanket boycotted, if not for the fact that they are a MAJOR supporter of Israeli terrorism, at least for THIS!!

The Gift of Life: PASS IT ON!!


My best half and myself have just recently watched the film called, “UNPLANNED: What She Saw Changed Everything”.

This movie, which was made in Texas, was banned from Canada (what else is new?) but somehow it got across, and what do you know, some of the first theatre owners to present it here were sent death threats courtesy of Planned Parenthood. But these courageous folks went ahead with the showing anyhow, and now there’s no stopping it, as public libraries have it in their possession. Which is precisely how it came into our house.

“UNPLANNED…” was a very well done movie which tells the true story of a woman who naïvely joins up with Planned Parenthood (PP) in her college days, and who eventually ended up being the youngest director of a PP clinic in Texas. It’s a compassionate story, a very sad one, and one of redemption and forgiveness. It presents the ugly picture of the abortion industry and the devastating effects it has on those who choose that route, not only women, but men. I would recommend it for anyone 12 and over, with parental guidance.

But here is where I want to present my readers with another true story, of amazing courage and determination, self-sacrifice and love of life. This was told to me by a dear Chinese friend of mine: it is her story.

In 1980, or shortly there-before, the Chinese government had declared the “one child” law. Anyone caught pregnant with a second, or heaven forbid, a third child, would be forced to have an abortion.

My friend’s mother had become pregnant with her third child (my friend) shortly after this law came into effect. She loved her unborn child so much that she didn’t wait around for the government spies to find out she was pregnant with child #3. She decided to hide here and there in different relatives’ homes until the child was born. Thankfully, her relatives also supported her desire to keep her baby, instead of reporting her. But that was in the early days of this cruel and inhumane law…before the masses had gotten on board with it.

For nine months this courageous woman hid from the government and its stream of spies, going from home to home a few weeks here and a couple weeks there, until her baby (my good friend) was born. Of course, after the birth the government couldn’t do anything but penalize the parents financially, but the baby’s life was safe.

This woman ought to be blessed for her courage, and love for her unborn child. She valued her baby’s life much more than her own safety and comfort. She sacrificed her own convenience, and her desire to be with her husband and other children, to hide for the sake of her unborn child, rather than have it ripped away in a cruel, heartless act of violence. She and her husband were also willing to suffer the loss of perhaps her job, or take a serious pay cut in his, for the treasonous act of having had – gasp! – a third child.

What a special treasure an unborn baby is! There is nothing in this world as beautiful as birth; or like the scent and softness of a newborn baby! Life is so precious!

And for any of my readers who may be considering an abortion…you are here because your own parents valued your life over their own convenience.


Gender Insanity and the Public Shaming of Truth-Tellers.


Apparently, the heat is being cranked up in regards to the LGBT-PP gender insanity agenda, as we see from the following two articles.

In a Manitoba, Canada high school, a 17-year old girl was suspended for “hate speech” until after Remembrance day for refusing to wear a sick “rainbow” poppy, and for posting her reasons, according to Ethan Huff from Natural News, as shared by

It’s now mandatory to wear LGBT symbols or else you’re guilty of “hate speech”

And guess who is behind it all — as if we didn’t already know!!?! The NYT actually brags about it. 😝😝

NY Times: How ‘Real America’ Became Queer America

God’s word has this to say about them:

1 Thessalonians 2:~14 & 15
(KJV) …the Jews: 15 Who both killed the Lord Jesus, and their own prophets, and have persecuted us; and they please not God, and are contrary to all men:            (my emphasis)

For those who refuse to believe the bible: you would be surprised to find that it is 100% CORRECT about everything you are seeing in today’s world. And who is responsible. And at whose doorstep all these evils will be placed. And, and, AND…! Take the challenge I hold out to you; get an Authorized King James Bible and read it for yourself. Then take a wild guess as to why the jews hate the New Testament so violently?

9/11 Revisited, by Dave McGowan.

Here are the next three installments of Dave McGowan’s excellent analyses of 9/11, 2001. Some of it is actually quite amusing, given the outlandish theories people have come up with, which Dave rightly makes fun of. The official stories are no less ridiculous, considering that their “explanations” defy all known scientific laws!

Oh, that’s right. We live in the world of George Orwell’s 1984…

September 11, 2001 Revisited: Act IV, Part I

September 11, 2001 Revisited: Act IV, Part II

September 11, 2001 Revisited: Act IV, Part III

Truth is the Greatest Enemy of the State, by Jack Mullen, on James Fetzer’s Site.

A very timely article by Jack Mullen, from James Fetzer’s blog, on the topic of truth being the mortal enemy of the state, hence the absolute necessity of violently suppressing any dissent from the “accepted” political narrative.

Please note: The shape of the earth IS one of the political realities (lies) being foisted upon an unsuspecting population.

Jack Mullen: Truth is the Greatest Enemy of the State

Now I begin to see why “mental illness” has been pushed in our faces from every facet of life. There is nowhere to look that it isn’t being talked about in one degree or another.

And again, I strongly urge parents: GET YOUR KIDS OUT OF PUBLIC INDOCTRINATION CENTERS!! If it’s not already too late… Kids as young as day-care are being brainwashed with the political agendas that are destroying everything good and right in this world!

And when the LGBT-PP crowd added an “i” to their list of alphabet, I said, “Finally, the letter that stands for the truth of this agenda: “i” for insane!”

People, WAKE UP, ALREADY!! Turn off — better yet, SMASH — your idiot boxes (TVs) and start learning what real truth is! Even the common everyday LGBT folks have been deceived by the lies they’ve been told; they are victims just like everyone else who is deceived by whatever deception has taken their fancy: flat earth, moon landing, good jews, hollow-hoax, whatever!

We must not be afraid to examine what we believe for fear of finding out we were wrong; it’s better to find out that we were wrong and have time to change, than to hide from truth, and perish.